Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting Unsolicited Calls?

The technology advances are getting better and better. We have more means of doing researches and searches with just some clicks on our computer. The internet age has indeed paved its way towards faster communication, better acquisition of information, and easy means to find people. This power can be overwhelming and should be utilized responsibly.

Used properly, it is  convenient and simple to utilize and very helpful especially if you have been a victim of unsolicited calls. A simple phone number lookup is helpful to find those unwanted or altogether, spam calls. Find the data of the person calling you by checking out the phone number used to call you. Reverse phone look up will do the search for you and voila! You now have access to the data of the person bugging you with unsolicited calls. This is a great way to learn who are responsible for these unwanted calls and how to prevent them from bothering us again.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Benefits of Verifying Phone Numbers

The prevalence of fraudulent activities are so rampant today. Protecting yourself and your family is an utmost concern that is very understandable. Why not? There is about millions of dollars each year being stolen by these spammers. Thousands of private individuals also have been stolen with their identities and have lost much due to credits made under their names or have lost their credibility because many have used their names and personal numbers for the various transactions involving lots of money. This is a very serious crime that the police, FTC, and concerned agencies are trying hard to combat each year.

With these incidents of telephone spams and identity theft, phone number lookup has been encouraged by the private individuals who have been victimized or were concerned with fighting these things. The benefits of doing number lookup can be listed as follow:

1. Protect you from spam calls.
2. If you are a business owner, you get validated data and increase your registered clients.
3. Help you determine where your calls come from especially unsolicited ones.
4. Maximizes telemarketing effectiveness.
5. Reduces fraud and data entry errors.
6. Provides geographic and demographic information.
7. Maximizes your time in assessing incoming calls which are valid and acceptable.

As you can see, reverse phone lookup does not only work for private individuals. It also works for businesses as well specifically those that use telemarketing to promote their products. They are able to have valid data and information from possible client base.

With modern means of helping you out with your business and with protecting your identity, better maximize its benefits for your own sake. Keep safe.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Do Not Call Registry

The Telemarketing Sales Rules (TSR) has been amended by the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) to help consumers decide on whether to receive telemarketing calls or not. About ten years ago, on October 1, 2003, private citizens can opt to receive telemarketing calls or not. Most telemarketers should not be calling your number when it is listed on the Do Not Call Registry for 31 days. Should they call you, you can file a complaint at concerned agencies.

The Do Not Call Registry is managed by the Federal Trade commission. It was created after 3 years of reviewing the TSR and seeing that it needed to be empowered to help private citizens have an option regarding telemarketing calls which have become rampant. It is intended to help the people protect themselves from unwanted telemarketing calls and possible telephone spams. Many meetings, and briefings were held by the agency to get feedback from parties that might be interested and reviewed over 64,000 public comments to assess whether to create the registry or not.

When you register your phone number to the registry, it will show up a day after. The telemarketers then will have 31 days to remove you from their list. If you change your mind after a while and decide to take your number off the list, you can request appropriate action for this by calling 1-888-382-1222. After the call, the registry will remove your number from their list and this will take effect the day after your call. Again, the telemarketers have 31 days to include your number again to their own list if they wish to add you.

You may also register by phone but you will not receive a confirmation. To verify, you need to register online at www.donotcall.gov to see if your number was listed in the registry or call its toll number at 1-888-382-1222, follow the prompts, and verify whether your number is registered or not.

When your phone number has been registered for 31 days and you get unwanted calls, you can file a complaint. You should know however, that even if your number has been registered, you may be still be called by political organizations, charities, and companies which you do business with unless you have asked them to stop calling you. Also, debt collectors may continue calling you whether you have been registered or not. If you have any complaint about a debt collector's call, make sure you know and research on conditions on which you can file a complaint against them before filing one.

The Do Not Call Registry is meant to help and protect private citizens against unwanted calls that can hinder their privacy and daily schedules. Make use of them properly and be informed on how it can help you and your family.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Online Entertainment Bookers

There is another ongoing fad today about entertainment for company parties and events. The fad is also being used even for private affairs and fund raising campaigns. This is the online entertainment brokers. They are mostly seen online offering entertainment to many interested companies and private individuals. The advertisements are really enticing and promising anyone who sees them will surely contract their services.

The best thing to keep in mind when clicking on these ads is to never give your personal numbers. Else, you will be bugged by many unsolicited calls offering you so many things and services you will not even remember having been interested with. When you get such unsolicited calls, first sensible thing to do is to reverse lookup the caller and the number that called you.

These online entertainment brokers do make legal business, if they are the genuine ones. If you need their services, it is wise to ask for recommendations and do extensive research. Sometimes, it is not enough to check out the portfolio. You should also background check to be sure.

You can only make yourself safe in contracting services via the internet and the telephone because of the many ongoing spam and scam today. Yearly, millions of dollars are being pocketed by phone scammers. Everyone should only be very informed and protective of himself and his family.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Dance Choreographers

Dancing is a great and entertaining form of art and most people really enjoy it. In local communities, there are groups of ladies, mostly belonging to the older generation, who makes dancing their hobby and form of exercise. It is a fantastic way to lose weight and enhance stamina. Beside the fact that it is a fun way of exercising.

This is one reason why dance choreographers have made this one of their sources of freelance projects. It pays well and the ladies love their services. Of course, as with any other freelancing service, this can also be a reason for spamming potential clients. If your ladies group is interested in contacting a dance choreographer, for any purpose at all, make sure you screen and verify those that call you to offer their services.

You should not be too trusting as these people can talk you out of your wit. Spammer can be charming and deceptive so you should always watch your back. It is always safe to verify the number and the caller before contacting services. It is great also to just hire those trusted ones from recommendations of trusted friends and family.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Accounting Service Agencies

Accounting services is needed by any entrepreneur. It is a requirement in running a legit business. With accounting, legal financial statements are being prepared and accomplished. Tax reports are done promptly. Record keeping of income and expenses are done efficiently by a competent accountant.

There are companies that have their own company accountants. Some contract accounting services to take care of their financial statements. Some others hire a freelance CPA. Whatever option one chooses, there is an accountant available for a business' accounting needs.

Both freelancers and agencies might use telemarketing to offer accounting services. If you happen to get a call, you should always reverse lookup the phone number that called. If it claims to be an accounting firm, verify if the phone number is really from that office. Verify also the identity of the telemarketer if he or she is an official representative of the agency. If the caller says he or she is a freelancer, the more that you need to know and verify the identity and the phone number. 

Once verified, you may make a report to FTC and police if you find that the call is a spam. What you can do to protect your identity and yourself as a whole is to not entertain the call, not to give out your personal numbers, and never pay for anything or give your credit card number to the caller. This way, you protect yourself from being stolen of your identity and your hard-earned money.

Involve your family and your friends in the incident. Share to them what happened. This is crucial for you and your family's protection. This can also help them get protected form calls like this. This is a type of story that you need to share more to others so that people are aware of such spam. This can spread the word and maybe, with this step, incidents of telephone spams can be lessened and more people will be protected from this crime.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why To Verify Phone Numbers

There are people who know the importance of having to verify phone numbers especially unsolicited ones. The problem lies on how they are going to verify the number that called them. There are many ways of doing phone number lookup but understanding its importance would be the most crucial factor in truly appreciating its use. Your purpose and means may differ from others as each one has his own experience. Reading a lot can help. Relevant information is practical and vital in fighting crimes like this one.

Searching some forums and blogs, I came up with some of the soundest reasons and purposes for reverse phone lookup. While some may not be appropriate in some areas, generally, the reasons can be considered as an example in most cases. It is helpful to know your specific situation and try to search for instances where you can relay your problem and see if there are available solutions fit for you. If you do not find any, seeking help from concerned agencies can help you find answers to your questions. It is necessary that you know the agencies that help in these kinds of problems. 

Phone verification's most ultimate purpose should be that it protects your security particularly your identity and those matters that might get your money and business transactions at stake. Yes, even those that involve your personal transactions. The criminals' minds are indeed creative that there are times when we are so clueless and unsuspecting that we get caught unaware and totally unguarded. How awful for the victims to have waken up their debts in pile without them knowing who was behind all the transactions under their names. 

With this kind of dilemma alone, who would not want to know who is behind this crime? This activity that mostly points out to being "spammed". Either with unsolicited calls or emails, this activity can really take one into serious trouble. With the email, somehow, if you are already aware of the spam, you can have the time to think whether to open or not the mail or that a spammy mail goes to where it should go, the spam box. When you open it, you also have the time to think whether or not to believe what is written there or not. The point is you get seconds to minutes on reflecting on the mail and thinking of what to do about it or if you really need to do something about it in the first place.

Not with a phone call. Not when you are already caught in a conversation. Not when there is "actually" a "live person" at the other end of the line talking to and with you. It is totally a different story. When there is someone talking to you and convincing you into something, it is kind of harder to resist the tempting promises being put at your lap. You also do not have ample time to think over what is being said to you and you get into saying yes without really thinking about it. This is why telephone scams are more prevalent and are more successful in cheating people out of their money and identity.

Again, the simplest yet most effective means of combating this crime is being and keeping yourself informed. Read and listen to other people's stories and how they were able to fight their battles. It is worth noting and this should be something that no one should ever neglect, involve your trusted family and friends in your battle. Never dare fight this crime alone. There is nothing to be shameful of as you are the victim and not the offender. This is not your fault. You did not invite this thing to happen to you. Your phone number was just picked up randomly and whatever conviction made upon you to shell out your personal data and/or give your money, it is not your fault. These criminals are professionally trained to cheat people. They are so good at it that innocent people like you really get victimized. Again, it is not your fault.

So, go ahead and verify the name of that caller who has been bugging you for so long now. Check the phone number and report it promptly to FTC and the police. It is better to be paranoid than sorry. After all, it is your safety and security that you should be most careful of and that you should be guarding. Keep yourself informed and keep yourself safe.