Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Verify Phone Number of Wedding Coordinator Agencies

At this time of the year, when every woman dreams to be a June bride, wedding coordinator agencies come up with many great packages to offer couples. These packages come in affordable prices best for those who have beautiful weddings but are in a tight budget. Packages usually include gowns, venue and arrangements, invitations, photos and videos, and food.  They make the package sound so exciting and cheap that any couple will not have second thoughts on grabbing them.

Problem is not all of these agencies are legit. What you can do when you receive a call like this is to verify the phone number. Do reverse lookup to make sure that the caller is really calling you from a phone that is really connected with the agency the caller says he or she is representing. What’s more important is that you do not give your personal numbers or data to the caller. Furthermore, never purchase anything from the caller. Never make a reservation or a down payment for any service offered to you. If you are interested in anything being offered to you, make the necessary reservations and arrangements from the agency’s office itself.

I believe you already know the many phone spams going around. What is amazing about these criminals are they tend to use every opportunity they can get to victimize private citizens. The best weapon against them is to keep you informed of what’s going on. Be prepared and equipped with how to use proper defense techniques whenever you receive calls, especially unsolicited ones and those that comes from telemarketers. Keep yourself always safe and secure.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Tutorial Centers

During the opening of the school year or throughout the school year, tutorial centers in your area code may give you a ring to offer tutorial service packages for your children. This is part of their promotions and marketing strategies. They usually offer services at cheaper prices or offer freebies for each service you purchase from them. Especially if the tutorial center is new, it usually boosts its enrollment by giving away many nice offers.

Before grabbing their offers, make sure you verify the phone number. Do reverse lookup to make sure that the telemarketer is really calling you  from the tutorial center he or she is claiming to be connected with. Never give out any personal number or pay anything via the telemarketer. If you find something that interests you, do the final transactions at the office of the tutorial center.

There are so many spams going around and you should be very careful in dealing with them. Sometimes, the offers are so good that you get tempted to just purchase right there and then. Keep in mind though that you have time enough to buy the offer at the proper place and through the right transactions. Never get swayed easily by the lines that say the offer is for a limited time only or if you buy now, you get this and that. Do not let your guards down ever.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moving to a New Neighborhood

Is your family moving to a new neighborhood? Do you think you have the need to check out the vicinity before moving in? If you feel this is a safe thing to do, there is no reason why you should not be doing it. There is a way to check this out especially if you are getting unsolicited calls regarding your moving.

If you receive unwanted calls which are particularly concerning your transferring house, it is best to do a phone look up so that you will be able to check phone numbers calling you and identify the caller. There are other things you should consider when you are transferring especially those that concern your family's safety. First and foremost, since you are new to a neighborhood, you better check out the surroundings including residences and shops around. Familiarize yourself with these establishments so that when you receive telemarketing calls in the future, you have a data about the nearest stores around you. Also check if anybody in the neighborhood as any criminal record.

Consider your safety whenever you receive any calls from strangers. Have presence of mind whenever you have to deal with these unwanted calls. If you have heard the many telephone spams going around today, it is good to keep yourself safe by holding your guards up when necessary.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Therapy Centers

Almost anything and everything are being offered online and via telemarketing campaigns. Who can blame these  offices, companies, and entrepreneurs? It is a tough business world out there. Any means to promote their products and services will be utilized. Telemarketing is one proven means of bringing in sales. This is one reason why it is being used by many companies. However, it was also been used as a means to spam others.

Telemarketing calls happen like so many times in a day to an average American. Most of the time, the calls are irritating already. As said, the calls were the culprit for many identity theft and millions of dollars robbed from private citizen's pockets. Telemarketing has become a nightmare instead of a means of making decent sales for companies and for convenient shopping for consumers. Its real purpose was tarnished by ill-meaning criminals.

When you get telemarketing calls, one can be from a therapy center especially if your family is known to have a member who needs it, be careful in dealing with the call. As much as possible, directly connect with the therapy center itself instead of dealing with a telemarketer who claims to be representing the center. Do a phone look up to verify the number. Do not be vulnerable to spams by being careful and smart. keep yourself informed about such calls and how you can deal with the telemarketers properly.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Pharmaceutical Companies

Ever since telemarketing has been chosen to be one medium of promoting and marketing products and services, it has helped many to have convenience in shopping. Bad news is that it eventually became an avenue to spam people. It has been one of the medium of criminal activities robbing private citizens hundred millions of dollars annually. This has caused tremendous alert to the government, concerned agencies, companies and private people.

Many companies have been affected as well. Legal businesses have had their sales affected by the spams. The government and concerned agencies started to have massive information dissemination and protocols on how to prevent the crimes. Many concerned individuals also shared information to help others not to get victimized. Private persons become more careful in dealing with telemarketers.

Pharmaceutical companies also use telemarketing to make surveys about their products. If you receive calls, it is best to lookup the phone number first before indulging in the survey. Never give out any personal data no matter how the caller convinces you. Often times, they will even offer free packages from their company or give you discount coupons. Still, never give out any data until you have verified the caller and the company caller represents.

It is alright to entertain telemarketing calls but make sure you did your research first. Always be careful in dealing with these calls. Never pay for anything and never give out any information about yourself. Spread the word about the incident so that your friends and family are aware that such calls are existing in your area. Keep yourself safe.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Health Insurance Providers

You have life insurance, car insurance, fire insurance, pension plan, burial plan, and many more. Health insurance should be on your list, too. It is one very vital insurance you should own. You can never tell when you will get sick or would need hospitalization. You need general check ups to help protect your body from being sick and for staying healthy. A health insurance can provide you with minimal costs on your health needs so you need to have the best one.

Some health insurances are being offered via phone calls now a days. The telemarketer will offer amazing discounts and health insurance packages that one would seem foolish not to get. To add, telemarketers really have the skill to influence your decisions. They are so fluent in swaying you into saying yes and paying right there and then.

If you receive such calls, make sure you do a phone number lookup first to verify the phone number and check the reviews for this number. Other people may have received calls from this phone number and their reviews might help you to make the decision. Never give any personal data and number of yours. Never pay anything. Hang up or tell the caller firsthand that you are not interested. Do not give him or her a chance to persuade you. Keep your guards up.

To be sure of the health insurance you are getting, talk to your trusted insurance agency and health insurance agent. Even though the call sounds very promising, keep in mind that there are offers existing that are too good to be true. Be safe by not grabbing any telephone offer especially if you have not made any verification.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Health Agency Telemarketers

Since we are all concerned with our health and we want to have a truly healthy body, we tend to look for many options to gain the healthiest body we can ever have. This is the reason why we get curious with the many health products offered on the television, in magazines, in billboards, and yes, via telemarketers. We are not afraid to try any health product as long as it promises healthier body, fairer skin, reduce our weight, or lessen our fatty tissues.

This need in us is well-known to many marketing companies. This is the spot they try to hit you with health products that they think you would be very interested to get. This is one reason why everyday, you always get the telemarketing calls to persuade you to buy their products. There is actually no problem with that if you really like to purchase. Before you do, though, you have to make sure you make a phone lookup reverse of the number that called you. Verify the phone number first and make sure that you are really buying from the right company and the right person. Never pay out anything via the telemarketer or give out any personal data until you are sure of the call.

There are many other ways to getting spammed via phone calls. Year after year, many private citizens get victimized. Learn from these bad experiences. Be equipped with proper knowledge on how to prevent yourself from being victimized by such unwanted calls.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Police Officers

One more spam going around concerning telephone scams resulting in identity thefts is a telemarketer pretending to be a police officer. The caller creates fear in the recipient by telling the unsuspecting victim that he is being connected to one crime or offense. He will be asked for his personal data for identification or verification, the caller will say. He will be threatened for further offense if he will not give the details he asked for. At the end, the poor victim will find himself with debts he did not make because his name was used to make loans already.

In such cases, better check the phone number that called you. Do not get intimidated.  Find out to whom the phone number belongs to and from where the call the placed by using the phone lookup reverse. If the phone number is legitimate, you can contact them at their office for mored details. But if it is  scam, remember, you have agencies backing you up in this circumstance like the FTC. No one is spared from such calls, but you have the ways not to get victimized. One is to register your phone to National Do Not Call Registry. Another is to keep yourself informed and updated of the many phone scams going around and equip yourself with the proper means of dealing with phone scams.

It is sad that even the guardians of safety and security of the community are being used for crimes like these. The best thing you can do is to be aware and guarded at all times. See the things at all perspectives meaning that even if the caller introduced himself as a police officer, do not readily jump into any conclusions and decide on anything. Never panic because you might end up acting on things that might bring you more trouble instead of protecting you against it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Banks

Are you the kind that pays all bills and do online banking and phone banking most of the time? Are you doing this because it is more convenient for you and it saves you time which is very important for you due to your so hectic schedule? Are you able to diligently monitor all your transactions?

Make sure you do monitor your payments, money transfers, withdrawals and deposits. If you receive calls from agents claiming they are your bank's representatives, do a phone number lookup first before transacting with them. Verify the phone number that called you. Check with your bank for any calls from them. Treat each call as unsafe until you have verified each call and made sure you have checked with your bank first.

Phone banking is indeed convenient and time-saving. However, you have to be careful in doing bank transactions over the phone. Moreover, it is crucial that you do not transact with individuals without authenticating them. Never do transactions with them when they are asking for your acccount numbers, credit card numbers, and personal numbers. Remember that your bank have your details already so it is uncommon for a caller to ask even though he is tells you that he is just verifying your identity. Of course, when you are the on who called the bank or its hotline, you will be asked to provide your number but not the other way around when it is the caller that gave you a ring.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Government Offices

Being part of a community might entail you to get invited to community gatherings or projects. This is a great opportunity to be involved. You must remember though that there are protocols that government offices follow for community projects and events. You have to be well-informed about these protocols so that you know when one invitation is real or a spam.

Usually, these offices have accredited persons and means of promoting and organizing their events. They do not usually dwell into representatives calling you. However, there are telephone spammers who will still use these government agencies as a way of going though you. They will try to steal your identity and steal money from you. Your shield is when you know the protocols of these government agencies so you wont be mislead. Always ask for a call back number. Reverse lookup the phone number you got the call from or find the phone number of the government agency the caller claimed to be calling from. Call them to know if they the call you got was legit or not.

In dealing with all these telephone scam, there is no better way to protect yourself than being well-informed and updated. If you have knowledge about these things, the caller will not be able to just convince you of anything. You will also know how to deal properly with these callers. Also, you will know the best steps to take if you get these calls to protect yourself and your family. Sharing what you know can help others so share the information to as many people as you know.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of a Reunion’s Organizer

Summer is always the best time for class reunions. Most people have their vacations so are free to attend one. Summer is also a great season for such occasions since it offers many fun activities the old friends can enjoy doing together. They can do the reunion at the beach, at resorts, and at other outdoor venues.

If you receive a call from your reunion’s organizer asking you to pay for something, be cautious, though. You do not want to sound like a miser but it is always wise to be safe. Before making payments, make sure that the he is the official organizer. Ask your batch mates. Tell him or her that you will be giving any money he or she is asking from you during the event itself. Never give out any of your personal data as well. Do phone lookup to check the authenticity of the organizer. You can also check the organizer by first name and last name. For instance you can check the phone owner details for area code 763-214 here.

Do not let the excitement of an upcoming reunion catch your guards off. Never give out any personal data  no matter how you think you know the person you are talking with. Do not pay out anything until you are sure of what you are paying. Be safe and cautious at all times. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Verify Phone Number of Cruise Tour Telemarketer

A cruise is something so exciting to do and experience. Just the sound of it already creates a feeling of enthusiasm to any one who hears it. It stirs the feelings for fun and excitement. It touches the emotion.

This is what the telemarketer use as technique when calling you. He/she touches your feelings and from there, convince you to pay instantly or to give out your personal data to him. This is where and when the problem begins. Without you even noticing it at once, you are being robbed of your hard-earned money and your identity which the caller can use to make credits or loans. This is one ongoing telemarketing spam you should watch out for and be careful of. If you receive a call like this one, check the phone number via The data you can get by verifying can help you in making decision about the offer and also reporting the incident to FTC and proper agencies if you find anything suspicious.

If you are planning to have a vacation cruise, make sure you book your trip with the right travel agencies. Take the time to book it yourself and do not rely on telemarketers. Your vacation might end up a nightmare if you do not plan it carefully and do not make necessary reservations and booking with accredited agencies or persons.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Summer Telemarketers

During this season, telemarketers offer summer-related packages and products that can stir up consumers’ interests. Most products and services they offer are those that are suited in the season. For summer, it can be vacation and tour packages, club memberships, hotel packages, theme park offers, and more.

Telemarketing offers are not always bogus or a spam. It is a wise precaution, though, to verify the number that is calling you. Do phone number look up and see who the phone number belongs to and if the offer is real. One very important thing to consider and remember is to never pay the telemarketer. If you wish to avail whatever is being offered to you, make a thorough research on where and how to legally purchase it.

Keep in mind that telemarketing offers can really be cheaper but you have to be safe in purchasing and in giving out your personal data. It is always better to be safe than sorry. No matter how tempting and how cheap the offer is, be extra cautious and do necessary research on what is being offered to you.