Thursday, June 30, 2011

Various News about Telemarketing Frauds

There are many news in the papers particularly in Los Angeles Times that report about telemarketing frauds. Here are some of them:
1. Robocalls. Robocalls send out illegal recorded calls nationwide to get people buy car warranties or apply for credit cards. Employees of the company are even told that they can be fired if they make mention of the company.
2. Tips for Telemarketing frauds. Do not buy over the telephone unless you know very well the company. Ask lots of questions and when the caller can not answer, hang up. Refuse to be pressured in making quick decisions. Ask for written material by mail and check out companies on the web such as Better Business Bureau, the attorney general, and the National Fraud Information Center. Once you become a victim of telemarketing frauds, you can never get your money back so better be extra cautious and careful. Get properly informed.
3. Lots of telemarketers and telemarketing companies facing cases filed against them.

With all these telemarketing frauds all around the papers, one can only be so careful. Another means of helping you out when you receive telemarketing calls is to verify the number using a phone directory online. This number lookup gives you sufficient and accurate details that you can report to FTC as soon as you can.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Identity Theft Legal Help

With all the frauds, theft, and schemes going around the internet and via phone calls stealing one's identity to make credits and loans under the victim's name, one should always be ready to face such situations. Identity theft is fast growing crime in the U.S.A. affecting millions of Americans each year. It causes an estimated loss of $51 billion to businesses, consumers, and financial institutions.

These criminals steal your identity in various ways. They steal your wallet, send misleading emails, plant spyware into your computer, skim encoded data from your credit card, or call you and make all kinds of lies to get you dishing out your sensitive data.

To help you with this crime, you can find numbers of lawyers that can help and advice you on how to deal with this problem. Perform an area code lookup for lawyers and or search the phone number of the lawyer by name. Get connected with the legal agencies that can assist you to face and resolve this problem.

You can also do the following should you become a victim of identity theft:
1. Contact credit bureaus such as Transunion on-line to request a free credit report and to put a fraud alert on your credit report.
2. Report to the police.
3. File a complaint to FTC and get a FTC ID Theft Affidavit.
4. Fill the FTC ID Theft Affidavit and with a copy of the police report, send it via certified mail to all businesses where you have opened an account.

Be vigilant in protecting your identity. There are lots of agencies that can help you with these matters. Get informed and always be keen on such criminal activities.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Identity Theft

Callers who are either professional or have the ready-made script will use various methods to convince you to spill out personal information such as Social Security number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, calling card numbers, and others. With the information that they got from you, these criminals can pose as you and commit crimes under your name. This will surely cost you considerable amount of money, headache, time, and anxiety to sort out all mess they have done. You will be the one to straighten out your credit rating and damaged financial situation.

Once you receive calls like this one that asks too much personal information from you, keep your mind open and ask as many questions as you can. Do not just dish out any sensitive detail. Try get the caller's organization address and phone numbers. By being so questioning, the caller might lose his guard and just hang up. Perform phone number lookup or reverse address lookup on the address provided to verify the claims made by the caller. Gather all the information you need and report to proper authorities. Share to friends so that more people will get informed and be ready to face these callers when it is their turn to be called up.

Criminals would do anything to bother and cause crimes and victimize private people. Be on your guard at all times. Make the necessary and relevant actions so you can also do your part in helping others not become victims of such crime.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jury Duty Frauds

Another latest telephone calls scheme is the jury duty fraud. This works when someone calls you and identifies himself as a U.S. court employee. The caller then will tell the victim that he or she was selected to become a jury and will be asked to provide his Social Security numbers and later asked for his credit card numbers. If the victim refuses to give these informations, he will be threatened to fines and persecutions due to non-compliance to jury duty.

A citizen should be aware that the Federal courts do not require any person to provide any information as sensitive as Social Security numbers and credit card numbers in a telephone call. If the Federal courts should wish to make a citizen a jury, it would be through mail, not a telephone call.

When you receive calls such as this one, do not provide your personal numbers and info. The caller might use your name and sensitive information to potentially apply for a credit card or loan under your name. This is an attempt to steal your identity. Verify the phone number of the caller using a reverse directory and try to get as many accurate information about him as you can. Check out the number lookup results for area code 732-224 here.

If you have received the call and has already given your personal data, monitor all your credit card activities and account statements. Contact the local FBI office and report the incident because it is a crime to falsely represent one's self as a federal court official.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Health Insurance Telemarketing Frauds

Today, a health insurance program is being planned and implemented to help Americans get insurance benefits at a more secure mode. However, this health programs are being ride upon by some private health insurance companies that are offering fraud insurances. It might sound weird but there really are companies abusing the health insurance policy scheme to cheat lots of people, especially the old ones who needs insurance policies more than any one else.

To protect yourself from these health insurance frauds, before signing up or purchasing a health insurance policy, make sure that the company offering it is really respectable at the field. If it is a telemarketer offering the insurance, don't hastily give information or decisions. Verify first the phone number being used via Verify the insurance company and its operations. Make sure that the offer is valid and legitimate. Check out if others have given any alarming reviews/comments about offers from this phone number.

There are instances that insurance companies sound so sure and secure but in the end, it proves that what they offer are merely bogus. Be well-informed and do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you can before deciding on anything. Asking trusted people and agencies who really knows the ins and outs of this business would prove helpful.

Monday, June 20, 2011

You're the 10th purchaser of our product, you won lots of freebies!

You love to go shopping! It's your comfort hobby. Those sales! Ahhh! Blissful! You have already memorized where a shop is at almost all the shopping centers in the city. You even know which sells cheaper items and those who sells the best quality and those who just give huge bargains. You have even become the consultant of your friends on where to find items they themselves cannot find. That's you. You are Miss Shopping Girl. And you love the tag! It makes you an authority when it comes to getting the best quality at the best price.

Now, while waiting for the 4 o' clock snacks sale at the grocery, you need to buy chips and cookies for the neighborhood get together for the summer, the phone suddenly rings. And the usual bubbly you picked up the phone thinking it was one of the neighbors who might want to ask where you bought that Brazilian cacao seeds which you made to such a delightful hot choco drink the other weekend. The kids in the block loved it a lot you have to make another batch for everybody to enjoy.

The call was not from the neighborhood. It was from a bubbly and friendly guy who said you just won lots of exciting freebies from the grocery store because in an electronic raffle, you turned out to be the 10th purchaser of a new brand of jelly that they promoted at the grocery store a few weeks ago. Your mind thought fast if you have bought a new brand of jelly. Your kids are used to the same jelly and you are thinking you have not bought any jelly yet. But the caller sound so sincere and friendly. Maybe, you are just so lucky. Jelly or no jelly, you won a prize!

The caller, now convinced that you are in the hook now asks you for your credit card number to verify your identity. And because your mind is already at the prizes, without hesitation, you give it out.

The above scenario has been happening so often lately. Ordinary people who just live their lives and enjoying it as they should suddenly become victims of various kinds of scams not only in the internet but as well as in calls and other modus operandi that are becoming so rampant.

There are ways to lessen if not to totally eradicate these scams. Be aware of what is happening around and be alert. Be vigilant as well, spread words about it, inform others. By doing so, you might just give a big contribution in spreading the word out and make more people informed and warned. If you receive calls like this, hang up, or be alert, open your mind while talking to the scammer on the phone. Verify the authenticity of the business via phone number. Get all the details and report to proper authorities. Spread the word. These scammers would have tougher times convincing people because people are now more informed about this monkey business going around. Help out in dishing out helpful information to the public regarding these scams.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monkey business

Monkey business is up on the internet and phone calls. And yes, it is really indeed "monkey business". The problem is some people gets swayed by these businesses because of the proficiently sounding marketers that send the emails or make the marketing calls. They offer so many great things that makes one crave for them because it sounds so magnificent and awesome.

Many people have been victimized already by such schemes. Offers range from free trips to lotteries to gift items. One can really get hooked by the sweet words the telemarketers use and the irresistable offers they promise. You can not even bat in once you let them talk to you. The show begins once you entertain their calls. And its as if they are so really good at what they are doing they own the stage once you let them perform.

Information about these schemes have been going around to help people know better and not to get being hooked. If you are one who has experienced getting calls like this, share your story. If you get calls like  verify the phone number that called you or the address the caller provided via reverse address lookup. It has lots of important information that can help you get the caller nailed. Once you got all the necessary details you need about the caller, inform the proper authorities about the call you got and they can help you out with the appropriate actions you can take so you wont get victimized by these unwanted calls again.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Camps for kids

School is nearly ending. Lots of summer activities that you can let your kids join are being advertised everywhere. One of the best and most beneficial experience a kid can have during summer is going to summer camps. Maybe you've let  them join summer camps before and you can take them to the same summer camp last year. Or you may want them to experience new activities and meet a set of new friends by taking him to a new summer camp this year. This might sound exciting and fun.

Friends can suggest some summer camps their kids have attended before. You can also look up for the best summer camps that offer new activities to enjoy and offers other great and fresh ideas. One best thing to look up a summer camp is to find them via phone number lookup. lets you search via its area codes lookup and provides you with a wide selection of summer camp phone numbers that you can call to inquire. For example the phone numbers for Sunnyvale area code 408 203 can be found here. Having an initial information about the camp by calling them can guide you in choosing what summer camp can offer more for your kids this vacation.

Your kids can have the best summer ever if you take the time to call and inquire on summer camps via calling them. Pre-screening can prove advantageous so that this summer can be a "cool" summer your kids wont forget.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did the caller said you won a vacation trip to the Bahamas?

Did the caller said you just won a summer vacation to the Bahamas? Awesome! You thought of all the things you would want to enjoy there. Not only the sand and the beach but as well as the lively and hot parties you might enjoy and just dance the night away. Then the caller asked you for your credit card details because he said you will be charged just a tiny amount to pay for a membership to the vacation club or for whatever club. Or he might have asked you to pay for an amount to verify the booking and reservation at the hotel. But before he asked you for that, he had already set your mind to how lovely and wonderful having a vacation this summer at the Bahamas would be. And boy! He does sounds so convincing! He can actually make you feel like you are already at the beach enjoying the warm sun and the interesting people you can meet there. And all the wild parties Bahamas offer.

That's one "talent" this scammers have. They can really sound so convincing. And the better you can not say no but just go with the flow of his words. Being more careful than ever is what you need. When a call like this comes in, hang up the phone as fast as you can. Then, reverse lookup the phone number using area code lookup, you got the call from and get all the necessary details you can to report the call to FTC. You will not only help yourself but help other "victims" of these prank callers. Such calls are continuosly increasing around and being vigilant is what everyone can do to help stop these scams. also encourages subscribers to be one and share stories they have about these scams that they receive from their phones. The stories can help people be more careful the moment they receive the same calls. Spread out the word and let us all do our share to stop these "scammers" who are making themselves rich from fooling others.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Great summer get aways

This summer, you deserve only the best vacation you can ever have. After a year of hard work and hectic schedule, treat yourself to the best summer get away ever. You deserve a break, so don't waste this summer to relax and treat youself. Some suggestions for a fabulous summer get away you can enjoy:

1. The beach.
Always the most favorite pick for the summer is to enjoy the cool water and the summer heat at the beach. This time, create more adventures when you go swimming. Find the best beaches around and learn their latest and exciting offerings this summer. Will they offer new summer beach parties? How about snorkeling and other fun water sports? Do they offer a wider array of fish and seafood recipes? Check it out and plan ahead for an awesome beach adventure.

2. The mountains.
Another breath catching summer get away is to take a blissful rest at the mountains. You will surely appreciate the peace and quiet the mountains can give you. Be closer to nature as you relax in the serene surroundings. Inquire about mountain inns or rest houses that you can rent by looking for the phone numbers at the today.

3. The Islands.
Get some thrilling adventure by going to an island and experiencing life there. How an adventure of a lifetime experiencing island living, as if you are so secluded from the planet and just enjoying a simple and slow-paced life offered by a beautiful island in the middle of a lovely ocean.

3. Go on a tour.
What else can be more fun than going to other places or countries and seeing the wonders of the world? What places would you like to visit which you have never visited before? What things have you always wanted to do but never done before? Call travel and tour agencies in your area code 651-210, for instance, today and find out what's in and hot this summer.

Indulge yourself for the grandest vacation you can ever have. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Verifying phone numbers should not be complex

The unsolicited calls and almost non-stop telemarketing calls you frequently receive are all starting to get on your nerves. You just want to put an end to it all. You thought of verifying those phone numbers. However, when you search on the web of a verify a phone number service, all you get are complex explanations on how you can verify a phone number. The site gives you a lot of codes you do not even understand.

A simple yet accurate means of helping you verify a phone number is By simply putting in the phone number at the search box, you will see all the information you need about the owner of the phone number. Such information includes name, address, location, and even name of relatives. The reverse phone look up feature is also handy and you can get the details of the phone number calling you in no time at all. Check out the phone number details for Porterville area code 559-202 here.

Why should you bother yourself with too many complex instructions when you can do this task at a simpler way? charges a reasonable amount that is worth the updated and confidential information you get from those prank calls that keeps on bugging you day by day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Telemarketing frauds

Telemarketing fraud is a big crime that needs to be stopped. Telemarketing frauds range from sweepstakes and lottery frauds, offering club memberships, dream vacation frauds, overcharged bank fees, loan frauds, credit card scams, among others. These criminals use their phone to commit these frauds.

They are so good at this that there are people who falls into the trap and purchase from them. They will tell you anything to convince you that they work for companies that you are familiar with, or worse, companies that you trust. They will convince you to call you or contact you to process whatever it is that they are offering you. They will ask for upfront payments for services or processing fees that they can sugar coat and make it seem so legal that makes people just jump into the water.

Here are some common "lines" these "experienced telemarkers" use to convince their victims. If you hear these lines, just say "no, thank you" and hang up the phone:

" You have been especially selected to get this offer."
" You will get a wonderful bonus, for free, if you buy our latest product."

"You are one of the winners of three valuable prizes."

"You are the only heir to a very wealthy Uncle who has left his fortune to you."

"You've won big money in our sweepstakes."
"You've won big money in a lottery."

"You have to decide right now."
"You must make the payment right now to get your bonus gifts."
"You can never get higher return and lower risk anywhere else."

"You do not need any references or written information about our company."
"You do not need to check our company with anyone else."

Recognize these criminals by identifying them. First - Verify their phone number by a service provider like that can help you in getting the relevant information you need to report these criminals to proper authorities. Keep your mind open and stay alert. Do not be persuaded with these scams and keep yourself protected.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Verify a phone number first

For any apparent reason, unsolicited calls and unsolicited emails should be a source of alarm for anybody. Especially at this time of scams and bogus businesses and offers, sometimes, one can never be sure and becomes victimized. Telemarketers and even those offering even "good" things like charities or services use different tactics to get their prospects on the hook.

Whenever you receive an unsolicited email, do not open it or delete it at once. But with phone calls, out of being polite, you tend to answer it. When it turns out to be an unsolicited call, the first thing you should do before giving out any information about yourself or buying anything from them is to verify the phone number. Be ready with your "Let me think about it first." excuse. Verify the phone number and also check out comment shared by other about the phone number via to get all the things you need to know first about the caller and the company he says he represents. For instance most recent phone number reviews for area code 760-215 and more details about phone number can be found here.

One can only be extra careful with such calls. Too many people are getting victimized with such scams today. Good thing that there are helpful services like verifying phone numbers that can somehow help us in taking the appropriate steps to keep ourselves protected by these scams.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Is your number registered at the National Do Not Call Registry?

The Federal Trade Commission has enforced the National Do Not Call Registry. You might find being registered here helpful. What will you gain from being registered here?

1. Telemarketers call are mininimized, if not totally eradicated.
2. You can manage the calls you accept.

How would you know if your number is registered in the National Do Not Call Registry? You can verify it by going to the National Do Not Call Registry website. also assists you in verifying your and other phone numbers with area code reviews with its up to date and confidential means in verifying phone numbers that keeps on disturbing you and your business. With such help, unsolicited and prank calls as well as telemarketers may not be a problem to you anymore.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scam watch

Another new modus going around is people calling you and introducing themselves as bank officers or government representatives who will ask you for upfront fees to reclaim overcharged bank fees or overcharged government taxes. Beware of such calls. Too many have been victimized by such strategy.

When you get these kinds of calls, be aware that banks and governments will not ask for any upfront payments when they will give you refunds for overcharged fees or taxes. Why would they need upfront when they already have money to return to you? Another thing is they usually write you, as in send you notices for such instances. They would invite you to come to the office to claim refunds if you have any.

But sometimes, with excitement, and with these people having smooth tongues, we can easily get persuaded. Being aware that there are scams like these going around can help us think better when we come across these circumstances. When we receive calls like these, better verify the phone number and report it immediately to proper authorities like the FTC. is committed to stopping scams like this and requests you to share your experience about such scams via its phone number reviews for instance phone number reviews for 862-224 area code can be found here. It is a verify phone service provider that assists us to have access to information about the phone numbers that call us using this modus operandi. It gives up to date information at a very affordable price. It is simple to use as well and confidentiality is ensured.