Thursday, June 2, 2011

Scam watch

Another new modus going around is people calling you and introducing themselves as bank officers or government representatives who will ask you for upfront fees to reclaim overcharged bank fees or overcharged government taxes. Beware of such calls. Too many have been victimized by such strategy.

When you get these kinds of calls, be aware that banks and governments will not ask for any upfront payments when they will give you refunds for overcharged fees or taxes. Why would they need upfront when they already have money to return to you? Another thing is they usually write you, as in send you notices for such instances. They would invite you to come to the office to claim refunds if you have any.

But sometimes, with excitement, and with these people having smooth tongues, we can easily get persuaded. Being aware that there are scams like these going around can help us think better when we come across these circumstances. When we receive calls like these, better verify the phone number and report it immediately to proper authorities like the FTC. is committed to stopping scams like this and requests you to share your experience about such scams via its phone number reviews for instance phone number reviews for 862-224 area code can be found here. It is a verify phone service provider that assists us to have access to information about the phone numbers that call us using this modus operandi. It gives up to date information at a very affordable price. It is simple to use as well and confidentiality is ensured.

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