Monday, July 30, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Resort Club Membership Phone Offers

Club memberships are being offered left and right for many resorts and amenity clubs. This is an exciting opportunity not only for possible members but for these businesses as well. Club membership bring increased profits for business owners while consumers feel they have their money well-spent when they are members of a specific club. They feel the discount and privileges they get are all worth the membership fee.

However, rampant identity theft and money being stolen from private citizens have tarnished the clean negotiations that usually comprises offering and applying for a club membership. People have started to feel weary about club membership because the many false telemarketing schemes have robbed many innocent victims. They now feel that every membership offered to them is bogus.

While it is true that these things do happen, you can do your part not to let a great membership opportunity pass just because of fear. When you receive a phone call informing you a wonderful club membership opportunity do your part in doing reverse lookup and verifying the phone number that called you. It is also important to keep in mind the basic security measures you need in dealing with these phone calls. First is never give out personal number, second is never pay for anything directly to the marketer you are talking with. This means you should not give out your credit card number or pay anything via wire transfer or bank deposit to any bank account number he or she will give you.

Club memberships are great. Just make sure you get yours from trusted sources .

Friday, July 27, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Resort Telemarketers

Joining resort clubs can provide you the benefits non-members enjoy. You get bigger discounts, better packages, and more perks. When you sum up the many time yo visit a resort because you are a member, you will see that you can really save more. Especially if you are a person who loves the beach or who loves to have vacations, buying membership is ideal for you.

Some well-known resorts and clubs offer membership via phone calls. The telemarketers usually informs you of their offerings and club membership perks. However, it is important to note that they will never persuade you to purchase membership in a manner that you should buy from them right away. Be on your guard and listen to your intuition. Be mindful of what the marketer is telling you and be ready to drop the call if you suspect you are already being diverted into identity theft and spam.

The thing you should always keep in mind when you are dealing with a telemarketer is that you should never, at any instance, give out your personal numbers. Do not ever forget this and you might be saved from being spammed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Unsolicited Calls

It is good news to receive phone calls from long lost friends. It is exciting to look forward to seeing them again and hearing their stories. When you have lost contact with them and suddenly hear something about them, it is natural reaction to feel excited and elated. This is usually the emotion that spammers wait and grab to victimize private citizens.

To make sure that the one calling you is really the person he says he is, verify the phone number he used to call you. Sometimes, years of being apart might lead you to think that the person's voice has just changed normally. Leave no room for doubt. Make sure that the person you are talking with is really your friend. If the caller states that he is calling on behalf of his father, the more you should be on guard.

Do a phone number lookup in these instances. You should be able to trace the phone number and if the owner name is unfamiliar, do not get swayed by your feelings of excitement. Keep your presence of mind. While it is true that hearing from old friends is a delight, it is but proper and right to ensure their identity for your sake and safety.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Office Equipment Suppliers

There are office supply companies who make promotions via telemarketing. These companies are mostly the big ones and are known for their office products and services. They do promote their latest line of office equipment via TV commercials, print ads, and other means of marketing. They also make personal promotions via phone calls and also putting up booths in department stores.

With regards to phone calls, how do you know that the telemarketer calling you is really a representative from the company? To make sure you are talking to an official representative, do a phone reverse lookup. Verify the number and see if it belongs to the the said company. If the call seem suspicious, like when the caller is asking for personal data and persuading you to buy form him right away, trust your instinct and do not entertain the call.

Usually, telemarketers from big companies just inform you about the new products.  They will inform you of their upcoming promotional events and special offers regarding the product. If you say you want to try the product right away, they will politely instruct you on how and where to purchase. They will not drag you into buying to the point of asking you to buy from them right there and then. Be careful how you deal with telemarketers. Although some of them are doing legal work, some are not. So guard yourself against who are doing monkey business.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Beauty Equipment Suppliers

Beauty gadgets and equipments can be bought from department stores and beauty stores. You can have an assortment of beauty paraphernalia that you will find helpful to keep you attractive. With the many modern technology today, skin can become fairer, wrinkles get straightened out, fine lines disappear, warts can be removed, pimples will not leave scars, and many more. This is how it is easy to be beautiful in this age.

Beside the beauty section in a department store or a beauty store, there are beauty suppliers that will offer you different beauty equipments via door to door offers or phone calls. The offer is a lot cheaper than the the prices in the shopping malls. The packages can be very tempting. They will even offer spa and facial as freebies when you purchase the products.

Usually, these telemarketers do represent the company that manufactures these products. However, there are also callers who are not really who they say they are. The best thing to do is to verify the phone numbers calling you using a reverse phone lookup. This is a safe way to protect yourself from possible identity theft and being cheated with their money. Ensure your safety by not giving out your personal data to the caller.

You need to always keep your guards up especially now that phone spams are very rampant. Do not readily trust any telemarketer no matter how persuasive they he or she may sound or how great the offer is. Keep your presence of mind at all times.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Private Masseurs

It is very relaxing to have a massage. Going to a spa for one is a treat. Others, however, prefer to have a massage a home. There are professional masseurs who offer home services and they can be as good as or even better than those at the spa. You can ask friends for references about this service.

Some of these masseurs will call you to offer their services. While some really mean business, there are those who are not really masseurs but are part of a group of criminals. These people want to steal your identity and/or your money. Be careful in dealing with these types of calls most especially for unsolicited calls. If you can just drop the call, do so. If not, never give out your personal data or pay anything. Never let the caller catch you off guard. Lookup the phone number and verify the caller’s details. If it really is a suspecting call, report promptly to the police and the FTC. You have to remember though that all unsolicited calls should be treated unsafe and dangerous.

If you do not have a regular masseur yet and you want to have one, it is safer to get the services of one who was referred by a trusted friend or relative. If they themselves do not have one, call a spa and ask them if they offer home services. It is important that you check the person’s identity & background properly before getting the service. With the many crimes going around, keeping yourself safe is crucial.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Aesthetic Beauticians

Since aesthetic craft is becoming popular now, many have gotten their bodies pierced or tattooed. There are lots of aesthetic centers in many localities. There are private persons though who would like to keep to themselves that they got a tattoo or any other aesthetic service. They require home service where they can have the service in private.

You can ask for referrals for these people. You have to know though, that aesthetic beauty is a complex and wide branch of philosophy dealing with beauty. Although today, it is confined to tattoo, body piercing, and other artistic things done to the body. It is recommended to learn more about aesthetics first. There are experts you can talk to if you want to know more beside the ready references on the web.

For tattoo needs, there are people who will call you to offer their services to be done at the privacy and comfort of your home. Verify the number first and do not readily trust the caller. Solicited or unsolicited call, make sure that you do adequate, proper, and meticulous background check of the person. Be guided by safety measures in any dealing such as this one.

Identify theft case is continuously increasing. Same is true with being cheated with your money via phone calls. It is crucial that you keep on updating yourself with what is going on regarding these cases. Make sure you are equipped with proper knowledge on how to handle unsolicited phone calls. Be ready at all times.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Survey Telemarketers

Many surveys happen via telephone calls. Companies call you to ask for your feedback about their products. They will give you their products in exchange for the time you used to answer their survey. This is what full time mothers look forward to because there really are companies who do this and really give out products. How can answering surveys hurt you when you get the week's milk and juice supply for free?

While big companies do the survey without spamming you, there are criminals out there who copies this strategy to cheat you. Any unwanted call you receive should be checked and verified. You have to remember this every time you get this kind of call. Never entertain it even though the caller promises you great grocery packages or products you long want to have. Unless you are sure of where the call is coming from, do not take part in the survey.

You have to understand that even though surveys are real, you have to update your self whether these big companies are really conducting one. If you are into taking surveys, you have to do your assignment and research on what legal surveys are going around. If there is none, be on your guard. Do not just give out your personal information to any caller offering you surveys and promising goodies for free. Trust your better self.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Verifying Phone Numbers of Gadget Technicians

Beside cars, gadgets are what people are getting to love more than their husbands and wives. Of course, that is an old joke. You see people around with their cellular phones hanging on their necks or on their belts. Some people cannot even put down their phones and keep on typing on the pad to send SMS or at their ears like the phone keeps on kissing their cheeks. That is how "people" are to their gadgets.

Whatever may be the gadget, because of overuse or misuse, gadgets may break. If the gadget is too pricey and you have become so familiar with it, it can become hard to replace it immediately. What you do is look for a technician to fix it for you. If you have a regular person doing this, then you have no problem. If not, then finding one can be hard. Luckily, there are technicians who offer their services via telephone calls. Could you be lucky? Not always.

Let me elaborate. Unsolicited telephone calls can be a cause of spam. While it may be true that gadget technicians do telephone marketing, it is still best to verify the phone number and do adequate research about the person before contracting the services. Check out any reviews related to the phone number and the technician's work.Another thing, when you entertain the call, be on guard. When the person starts to ask you for your personal data, beware. It can really be a spam. Never give out your personal numbers and information to the caller.

If you can find a technician at the store itself, better to get that person's services. Being safe can do more for you. No matter how busy you are, find time to hire the services of a gadget technician who you can trust.