Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stopping Fraud Before It Even Starts

Today, it is reported that the fraud cost every year for telephone companies is about $80 billion. A mere incident of a fraudulent international call can cost $50,000 hit on the company's bottom line. That is how bad the damage inflicted regarding this problem.

There are means to protect your company with such fraud. Some companies without a sophisticated fraudulent system can be at a very high risk of being victimized. Some do their own manual process and ends up stressed with too much manual work and slow fraud detection.

There is a modern means that your company can use to help you get protected. The system can help your company by:

1. Monitoring network usage in real time.
2. Knowing suspicious activities.
3. Receiving automatic alerts.
4. Determining what is fraud and what is honest customer usage.
5. Investigating and managing cases dynamically and easily.
6. Intelligently solving cases by automatically disabling numbers to configure changes.
7. Recording fraudulent cases.

Those listed are just some of the benefits your company gets from using protective devices or methods to safeguard your telephone company. Research which technique you can use and which is most appropriate for your company needs.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Cruise Ship Agencies

During the height of the holiday season, many shops, stores, service agencies, and the like prepare and offer many holiday packages to boost their sales. Some gives discounts, offer lovely packages, create give away promos and contests, and many more. The best time for shopping is this season.

It is also the time of the year when people are rushing to get their most awaited vacations. This is why many travel agencies and cruise ships offer the best vacation packages. Same is true with hotel, resorts, and vacation houses. This is the season when almost everyone likes to have a rest from the year long work.

Of course, these companies and agencies might use the telemarketing as a means of promoting their services and packages. Awesome because you are able to get informed of the many options available to you and your family. However, keep in mind that any telemarketing call should always be subject to verification. Make sure you reverse lookup the caller and business from the phone number that called you. If you get interested in what the caller is telling you, opt to pay the vacation in their office yourself. Be doubtful when the caller insisted to have your personal numbers and when you are being so persuaded into purchasing the vacation package right away.

You do not want your vacation to become a disaster and a nightmare. Be careful in phone transactions. Verify the number and the caller and report promptly to the police and the FTC. Always keep your guards up. Inform your family about the incident as well.

For any unsolicited call you receive, make it a SOP to check it out. You can also protect your number by listing it to a protected registry so that unsolicited calls and unwanted calls get prohibited from dialing and calling your number. Be safe at all circumstances.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Embassies

Are you an immigrant waiting for permanent residence in the country you have chosen to live? It is a long process and a hard one at that. You have to know the ins and outs of being approved as a citizen.  You need the help of legitimate persons who will help you in processing your papers. If you do not have knowledge of how to go about the whole process, you need to seek help from trusted and reliable lawyers and agencies.

This is also true when you apply for a visa to visit or go to another country. If you do not know the proper way of processing your papers, better seek help and advice to trusted people and agencies that know how.

Be informed, however, that there are criminals who use these reasons to harass people. We do not know, really, how these people are able to detect and know people who are applying for visas or are waiting for citizenship. However which way they knew, they will harass you to get your money and/or your identity. What they do is call you and pretend that they are from the embassy and rob you of your cash, identity, and privacy.

What you need to do is to keep yourself safe. Drop the call altogether because you know that this affair is being handled by your trusted lawyer or agency. No matter what reason or purpose the caller tells you, drop the call. Do not let yourself be misguided. Do phone number lookup to know about he phone number that called you, check reviews & the person making the unsolicited call. Contact the lawyer or agency handling your visa to let them know.

During times like this, it is best not to panic. Trust yourself and your instinct. Never decide hastily on anything. Always keep your presence of mind and never let let your guards down. Know whom to trust and do your own research and homework. Being informed and knowledgeable gives you an edge to protect and defend yourself.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Survey Companies

I just chatted with a friend and she was asking me about a survey engine. She asked how to go about doing surveys and how to earn from it.  I told her that I registered for an account on a survey engine

As we were talking, I found out that she paid $30 to register to a survey engine. She has just received a survey and its been over a year already, she said. At first, she was hesitant to tell me that she has paid for it.

I felt sorry for her but did not show it. I just took it casually and told her I can send invites to her to the survey engines I am engaged in, which are all for free. She agreed. After our chat, I felt sad for her that she has to spend money on things which, legally, she can register at for free.

If you ever get the same call from a survey engine company asking you and promising you to earn much by just answering surveys, kindly do your research first. Do not readily give out your personal data especially your personal numbers to any caller. Verify the phone number that called you using reverse phone lookup.

There are lots of legal earning opportunities which you can do online and home based. It is just crucial that you do not just jump into the water without doing research and testing it Ask around and do not buy anything that you see without looking first if the offer is legit or not. If it is offered via  an unsolicited phone call, remember that there are many phone spams happening so you should be doubly careful.

Finally, if you think that answering surveys are what you would enjoy doing for extra income, you can call the companies and inquire from them. This way, you will be guided on which survey engine these huge companies contract and you will not be cheated the next time.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Courier Services

Courier Services can make taking or delivering things to other places or countries convenient. You do not have to  worry about sending good things or money to your loved ones far from you. This has made things easier for many. Instead of you going to a place personally to give whatever you need to give, you can just send it via courier services.

There are, however, things that you need to consider and take note of when you send or receive anything from a courier service.

If you are the sender:
- Ensure that you have given your correct information and that of the recipient at the courier service office.
- If you receive calls offering free picking up of the goods you want delivered, make sure the caller is really from the courier office. Reverse lookup the phone number that called you and make sure you are talking with the official representative of the courier company. It is important that you do such transactions only with trusted courier services. If it is a new company offering the service, do not just grab the offer even though the company gives freebies or discounts.
- If you are asked of your credit card number, it is better that you pay via money transfer to their account. Inform the sales representative that you will be the one to pay yourself. Ensure also that you get the correct account number that the caller gives you. Verify it as well before transferring money to it or depositing payments.

If you are the receiver:
- When you receive a call informing you that you have a package or that money was sent to you, check phone directory online to verify the number that called you if it is really from the courier service. If you are asked to pay an amount for charges so that you can claim your money or package, do not pay anything or give your credit card number. Check if phone number has any spam rating attached to it. Make sure that you verify numbers and transactions first.
- Ask from who the package is from. Call the person that the courier service said as the sender and confirm if he or she really sent something for you.
- Report to the FTC and police any suspecting transaction like when you are asked for your credit card number to claim our package.

There are so many phone spams going on, it is important that you keep yourself safe at all times. Do not readily believe a caller especially if it is unsolicited. Inform your family and friends as well so that they are aware of such incidents.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Jewelers

Do you love collecting jewelry? It is a good collection since its value goes up overtime. It is an all time  and classic accessory that goes fabulous with any fashion.You can also choose jewelry as your business. Its a promising business, be it fancy jewelry or genuine gold and stones.

If you are planning to start a jewelry business, it is crucial to learn the basic of it. This includes contacting jewelry suppliers, attending jewelry designing, knowing how to look at precious stones and gold, learning how to make jewelry. and more. Knowing people from this business can also help you start and keep it running.

You need to learn how to start and put up your business. How you will market our business will also count a lot. Your prospective clients are also identified and contacted. Another important thing to note are the licenses and permits you need to establish your business. You may also want to contact local shops where you can display your collection. You might also want to put up  jewelry trunk show to attract more customers.

Even if you are buying jewelry for your personal use or to start as a business, you might get calls from jewelers offering you great deals on jewelry. Some are calling to represent famous jewelry shops.  Despite the caller claiming he or she is calling from a jewelry shop that you know, it is crucial that you reverse lookup the phone number that called you first to verify the business and address. Never purchase anything from the caller and never give out your personal numbers.

You must know that there are so many phone spams going on. Jewelry can make you excited. However, hold yourself for any magnanimous offers given to you. Keep safe at all times. Once you verified the number, it is highly recommended that you report to the FTC and the police the incident. This way, you can protect yourself in the future for any same incident.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Local Media

Knowing people from the media is a big advantage to businessmen, albeit anyone on that matter. The media can make or break your business. Of course, media, most of the time can do good write ups for your business if it is really worth it. We know also that it will not do that if they see not so good things about it.

Since media is a powerful tool to create a good reputation, many people of power tries to have a good relationship with them. They give gifts to them and make them feel important so that they get good write ups most of the time. Media can somehow make or break you.

There is a power to the media. They know this. They can offer you a good review, good press releases, and more. They call you and offer services. What you need to do is to first verify if the call is really from the press and the office they represent. You have to be careful in dealing with these calls. There are criminals who use media as excuse to get an appointment with you. Reverse lookup the call and the caller. Make sure your secretary and personal assistant is aware of phone spams and be careful with the call.

Media is a powerful tool. Be sure to maximize it. When you get the chance to work with them, make sure you also stay careful lest you become victimized by the wrong people. Verify the number and the caller. It is always smart to keep your guards up on situations like this one.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Local Shops

Local shops may also call the residents of the neighborhood to offer whatever is new to them. If you belong to a small town where everyone knows everybody, the call can be considered safe. However, there may be some calls that can get to you and might use any local store's identity to cheat you. You can do a reverse address lookup to make sure the call is actually coming from your local store. This is for your own safety. You would never know, too, if you are helping the store from being used to illegitimate activities.

Verify phone numbers should be taken seriously. With the growing number of telephone spams around the country and in other places, you should always bear in mind to keep your self and your family safe. Whether the call is something that is not really new to you, it is still safe to make phone number lookup a call.

Being updated on community activities is also helpful to protect your self from being spammed. Be aware of sales or store opening in your area. Also, be aware of other businesses opening up such as schools and restaurants. It is also worth knowing of any upcoming events. If you are too busy for these things, just make sure you keep your guards up in receiving unsolicited calls so that you do not get caught off guard when someone offers you anything over the phone.