Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Be part of the crowd

Verifyphone.com helps people to connect with one another in trying to put a stop to prank callers and spammers. If you are receiving any prank calls or unwanted calls, you can leave details at verifyphone.com. This way, you can help other people who alse have the same problems with these unwanted calls. By sharing the information, others become aware of what they can do should they get these prank calls.

People who invade your privacy and disturb your businesses through these unwanted calls can really take of your precious time and as well as your peace. By helping one another through proper reporting of unwanted calls to proper agencies like FTC, people get information that can help them put a stop to prank callers that bother them day and night. Share what your experiences and other bits of information that you have about these prank callers and you might be helping someone in the crowd.

Verify the phone numbers that keeps on bugging you and after doing that, share your views about the phone number owner at the website. Join the crowd and have a move at least to putting an end to these prank callers that keep on bugging your personal lives and your businesses.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Finding the best boarding school

Your girls need the best and safest boarding schools to gain the most fruitful educational experience they can ever have. Getting them to a truly safe and healthy educational environment is a concern any mother could have. Letting them go on their own and learn how it is in the real world is scary. Lest they might be with wrong company, their future is at stake. As much as possible, if you can be able to keep them safe and secure especially when they are far from home for their studies, you will do anything to achieve it.

Beside inquiring in the net what and where the best boarding schools are, it would be better if you can search and talk with these schools. VerifyPhone.com provides you the phone numbers of a wide array of boarding schools by area code with recent reviews. Check them out and learn more about them.

With your children getting into adulthood, you can only do so much to equip them in living in the real world. Help them every step of the way by giving them the only the best. Inquire today and find those phone numbers that you need to ensure that, at least, you investigated first and trust your intuition that you get them to the safest, most secured, and most fruitful school life they can ever have.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tips to stop prank calls

Almost everyone gets share of prank calls, unknown numbers on caller IDs, anonymous callers, and unwanted marketing calls. Sometimes, we ignore them, but as the calls get more frequent, we move heaven and earth just to know who the caller is. When the caller used a land line, it is easier to locate, but when the caller used a cell phone, it is not as easy.

Verifyphone.com has now a reverse look up feature that that can make locating these phone calls less challenging. Reverse lookup directories are becoming popular today. It offers other things beside locating callers from anywhere in the country in minutes. These are:

1. Know the full name of the caller.
2. Determine the telephone company that carries the number.
3. Find out the caller's address.
4. Know the other phone number that might belong to the same caller.
5. Determine the exact location of the caller in the map.
6. Access unlimited phone numbers and information.
7. Find out what others have to say about via this phone number reviews

Next time you get these prank calls, you now know what to do.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update your contact list

Cleaning and updating your phone book is a task that needs time, but needs to be done if you want to contact persons you need to call whenever necessary. An easy and quick way to do this is checking if the number is still working and is still in use. You can easily connect the person's name to the number if it is still working. Verifyphone.com will help you just that.
A daunting task will become easier and breezier because of verifyphone.com You simply enter the phone number you have and the information you need about the person is returned to you. You can then keep the number if you know the person who owns the number or just delete it if you do not know the name of the owner. It's all up to you.
You can also easily categorize your contacts into groups to make your search easier when you call them. Some categories would be:
  1. Family
  2. Relatives
  3. Friends
  4. Business Associates
  5. Hobby buddies
  6. Church members
  7. Services/Offices
Reconnect with old buddies and rekindle your relationship with them. Cleaning up and updating your contacts can prove useful and fun after all.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

VerifyPhone.com Enables Consumers To Build A Database Of Confirmed And Trusted Phone Numbers.

Verifyphone.com seeks to empower and protect consumers from scammers, invading in their private space, by creating a phone directory online to find and share reviews about the strange calls they receive. Every number lookup, report of telephone abuse and business review adds depth and credence to the community, benefitting everyone.

In these days of super communication, it seems that there are an abundance of companies and individuals who have ways of getting hold of private phone numbers. Becoming unlisted used to be the answer, but in today’s intrusive society this no longer provides any guarantee. With reports flooding the media of social networking sites leeching private numbers from various smart phones, it’s now virtually impossible to make sure that only authorized people have access to private phone numbers. VerifyPhone.com is now using the public disquiet to help change this by offering a platform in which all members of the public can play a role by both taking and giving back.

VerifyPhone.com provides far more than just the usual phone number lookup and cell phone tracker. The main purpose for VerifyPhone.com is to create a one-stop site where it is possible to check out nationwide phone numbers and the credibility of local businesses, along with the option to report those who abuse the telephone system.

By creating an online community, VerifyPhone.com is giving the power back to the people!  Not only does the site give the ability to look up landlines, cell phone numbers and addresses, but by encouraging people to share their experiences, good providers and business will increase their excellent reputation and the not-so-good will be exposed for what they really are.  There’s a free online number lookup for both landline numbers and cell phone numbers, perfect for checking that unknown caller or strange SMS.  It is also possible to verify names and addresses with reverse address lookup and a reverse phone directory.

In addition to this, there is the ability to leave positive reviews for local businesses. This ensures that anyone searching for a tradesman or craftsperson can check reviews from previous customers, ensuring that they find a business or service provider in which they can place their trust.

With the help of the general public, VerifyPhone.com aims to create a database which not only provides a business and phone directory online but address and cell phone number lookup as well; perfect for verifying a local trader or tracking down those nuisance sales calls.

About :-
VerifyPhone.com is the perfect combination of an online public directory and a highly specialized service, offering its users access to all the information they need. From reviews of local businesses and reports of abusive callers to area code lookups & detailed lookups of landlines and cellphones, VerifyPhone.com provides the entire range of services. Our goal is to provide high quality services with new & significant content every day. Visit our company blog to know more.

Contact :-
For further information, please contact pr at verifyphone.com.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Verify identity of future clients

Being a freelancer and/or consultant is not easy. Particularly when payment issue is the concern, getting honest-to-goodness clients can be difficult. There are times when you are not even thinking that they wont pay you what is due you and yet, those client prove to be those who wont really pay you any cent at all.

It is wise that you negotiate very well first with your client what he needs done and the time that he needs a project done. You negotiate also how much he will pay you. Before starting any project, lay all the cards on the table.

However, going an extra mile can prove helpful and safe for you. Verify your client's identity by investigating on his background more. You can easily do this with utmost confidentiality using verifyphone.com. Just type in the phone number of your client in the search box and every detail that you might find useful will appear at your screen. Giving the benefit of the doubt can be helpful especially with these kind of work when you need deliver what is expected of you, and you are not even sure if you will get paid or not. Although knowing a bit more about your client won't assure you of his honesty, trying to know more about him can help you analyze more whether to push with a project with him or not.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Working overseas is promising.. or is it?

The promises of the greener pastures other countries give is so overwhelming it sweeps one on his feet just to get there. Especially when the economy at your end of the world is not so promising anymore and all you want is to prosper yourself or your family by working abroad, the temptation to land a job overseas can be so tempting. You go out of your way to search the web to find the perfect job overseas that your qualifications fit into. You ask neighbors and friends particularly those who have relatives working abroad if they can give you leads to where you should apply. You pass your resume to all the companies you find that can get you working abroad. After sometime, you get the call and get tested and interviewed. Then you have to decide now whether the package the company is offering you is real or not. It would be hard to know. You are at a point where you take the risk or not. This is the time when you can prove whether working abroad is something that really delivers what it promises.

But would it be better if you first check the background of these companies if they are really legit in what they do? Of course, you can always check with the government agency that governs these overseas employment offices. But knowing more about them is definitely an edge that you can benefit from. Checking out their background information is something you can do with just knowing their phone numbers and related reviews shared by others. With verifyphone.com, you can easily investigate about the information of these companies. Doing so can help you whether the promises of going abroad would be less riskier at your end.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Check the company's details

Are you having trouble getting the right job? You have been hunting for a job yet you always end up doing stuff you have not even applied for. Or worse, you even get calls from people or companies who says that they found your profile from who knows where and promises you careers that are too good to be true.

The next time you get these calls and these offers, better check out first what the company really is. Maybe it will just ask you to sell insurances or credit cards that are fly over night and you end making sales to your friends and relatives that prove bogus in the end. Lots of companies are operating on these operations and most of the time, the poor job hunters get the blame because they are used as front liners.

Verifyphone.com helps you verify the phone numbers of these companies and the people who calls you in behalf of these companies. Enlist those numbers and verify the company's profile as well as the profile of the persons working there should you get their numbers as well. Doing this company check might prove very beneficial to you at the long run.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Know your applicants

It does not quite matter whether you are running a huge company, a big salon, or a small flower shop at the corner street, or just a housewife who manages her home neatly. Whenever you need human help for your business or your house, verifying the person's identity is not only a safety measure but a smart move as well.

Verifyphone.com helps you do just that. Verify a person's identity by searching on his or her information or details with the phone number he or she uses. You can have access to all the detailed information you need to know whether your applicant is giving you accurate and correct information about his persona. Being safe and smart these days, particularly in running your business and your house should not be put aside. Learn who is applying at your posts and before you hire them, make sure that you have thoroughly checked their backgrounds. The details you can get from just verifying their phones will definitely help you to choose who is the better person fit for the job.

Know your applicants background today. It is so easy, affordable, smart, and safe to do so.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Keep your business protected

There is one very important thing you should consider on how to protect your business. Something that other businessmen might miss or overlook. That is protecting your phones from prank and unwanted calls.
Verifyphone.com is a very helpful site that can protect your phone lines from getting unwanted calls and other calls that might affect how you deal and protect your customers as well.

With the fastet reverse phone look up and related phone number reviews & area code reviews verifyphone offers, you can also check first the callers that gets through your lines.  You can even offer this feature to your customers to let them know that you are after their welfare with regards to purely business calls that are truly important to them. By knowing where all your calls come from, you can protect your business. Now this is a good investment that you might not want to miss.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Set up the new business

You are setting up a new business. You have a great idea that you believe will be a huge success!
To get you started, you need people and service providers that can help you in setting up your new business.

1. Getting the business permits. What are the offices that you need to contact when you set up your business? Their phone numbers should come in handy to guide you start your business.
2. Would you rent a place? Or buy your own spot? Call that agent that can help you find the most appropriate spot for your success.
3. You need to make your business spot stand out from the rest. Now, find the number of that fabulous interior designer.
4. How about the internet provider for your business? Call them now.
5. Suppliers? Find their numbers easily now.
6. Business marketing and sales promotion? Get the help of that marketing specialist.
7. Signage? Look for the best artist now.
8. Security? Protect your business from burglary and theft. Check out the number of the best security provider in town.

All of the above are just some of the few people you need to contact to start and maintain that business you so dream of. Finding the best people to provide you with the best packages and services can be easier when you know where to contact them. VerifyPhone.com can help you by providing the phone numbers of all these people at the least time possible and also giving you the options on searching by People's names. What more you can also check out the reviews of services or phone numbers shared by others.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Want to know about a phone number?

Here is the catch. You keep on getting an unwanted call that you wish so hard would just stop. You cannot even trace where the calls are coming from. You used almost all the verifying phone numbers in the website that you hear of and have researched on. All that Google suggests, you have consumed but to no avail. The need for you to verify the phone number is so urgent but you feel like you do not have the exact solution to the problem.

VerifyPhone.com is the trusted site that can help you verify those calls that has haunted you for long. Why is verify phone different from the others?
1. It gives you the information about the phone number that keeps on calling you. All the information such as name of the owner, address, even relatives, and others details that can help you know who your prank caller is. For instance the Phone Number Results for Farner, TN can be found here.
2. All details come in handy and at real time as well.
3. It charges you a reasonable price because it delivers the service that you exactly need.

With verifyphone, your need to know and verify your unwanted calls is now your most effective solution.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Verify a phone number and have peace of mind

All you need is to have a relaxing night - finish all the house chores that needs to be done during the day. At night, you just want to have a sound sleep and get that tired body of yours the rest it badly needs, but suddenly the phone rings and that too not the one you would like to pick. These unwanted calls bother you, during the day, and worse, even in the middle of the night.

With verify phone, you can now detect where all these unwanted calls come from. You can finally have the peace of mind you so long wanted. Just type in the phone number at the search box, and instantly, find out all the details about the owner, location, comments from rest of the online community about this phone number, accurately and fast. The phone number reviews for Arcadia, California can be found here.

Verifyphone.com helps you solve your problems about unwanted calls and prank calls that keeps on bugging you. It is fast, easy and has all the details accessible to you. When you have the required information in hand,  you can take appropriate actions like report them to proper authorities that will assist you to stop all these unwanted calls. Now, have the peace of mind.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Verify phone number and reverse phone number

Two powerful tools are now available at the market to avoid being disconnected, minimize wrong numbers, track unwanted calls and check out reports on phone numbers. These are verifying phone numbers and reversing phone number as well.

Verifying phone numbers is done by simply putting in the phone number - landline or mobile. You can have now access to all the details of the phone number that you need to know. All data are accurate and up to date as well. There are other websites that may offer you free service for verifying phone numbers, but you will juts end up frustrated because despite the time you spend on entering the phone number, no appropriate or detailed information comes to you.

In cases when you need to know about the number that is calling you, you can now use reverse phone so that you will know who the phone number belongs to and if anybody has reported it a spam or suspicious phone number. This feature comes also with verifyphone. So you got two great features with just one effort and payment. And you get up to date and accurate information about the phone number you are verifying.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Make it safe

Lots of phone calls from numbers you do not know might cause worry at your end. Especially if the phone calls are getting regular, calling at the middle of the night, or many times during the day. When you answer, the caller hangs up on you or makes weird noises, or talks to you shouting or saying bad words or threats.

Verifyphone helps you solve this problem. Enter the phone number at the search box and you can have access to all the details you need about the prank caller. You can get the name, address, even criminal records, if any, of the owner of the phone number. All details come quickly along with any reviews and comments on phone number shared by others. When you get hold of all these details, it will be easier to report promptly these prank calls to proper authorities that can help and assist you to stop all these calls that are troubling you for so long.

Verifyphone.com saves you time and energy to learn about the phone numbers that keeps on bugging you at a very affordable price. You also get the details you need in a matter of minutes so you can act quickly on stopping all the prank calls you are receiving.