Sunday, May 22, 2011

Working overseas is promising.. or is it?

The promises of the greener pastures other countries give is so overwhelming it sweeps one on his feet just to get there. Especially when the economy at your end of the world is not so promising anymore and all you want is to prosper yourself or your family by working abroad, the temptation to land a job overseas can be so tempting. You go out of your way to search the web to find the perfect job overseas that your qualifications fit into. You ask neighbors and friends particularly those who have relatives working abroad if they can give you leads to where you should apply. You pass your resume to all the companies you find that can get you working abroad. After sometime, you get the call and get tested and interviewed. Then you have to decide now whether the package the company is offering you is real or not. It would be hard to know. You are at a point where you take the risk or not. This is the time when you can prove whether working abroad is something that really delivers what it promises.

But would it be better if you first check the background of these companies if they are really legit in what they do? Of course, you can always check with the government agency that governs these overseas employment offices. But knowing more about them is definitely an edge that you can benefit from. Checking out their background information is something you can do with just knowing their phone numbers and related reviews shared by others. With, you can easily investigate about the information of these companies. Doing so can help you whether the promises of going abroad would be less riskier at your end.

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