Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update your contact list

Cleaning and updating your phone book is a task that needs time, but needs to be done if you want to contact persons you need to call whenever necessary. An easy and quick way to do this is checking if the number is still working and is still in use. You can easily connect the person's name to the number if it is still working. will help you just that.
A daunting task will become easier and breezier because of You simply enter the phone number you have and the information you need about the person is returned to you. You can then keep the number if you know the person who owns the number or just delete it if you do not know the name of the owner. It's all up to you.
You can also easily categorize your contacts into groups to make your search easier when you call them. Some categories would be:
  1. Family
  2. Relatives
  3. Friends
  4. Business Associates
  5. Hobby buddies
  6. Church members
  7. Services/Offices
Reconnect with old buddies and rekindle your relationship with them. Cleaning up and updating your contacts can prove useful and fun after all.

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