Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Online Merchandise Suppliers

Having an online shop is fast becoming a trend. Who does not want to have an online shop when you can save much on renting a physical store? And since most people are now doing almost anything on the web, even shopping, having an online store is one business everyone is trying to have an online store already.

Once you set up an online store, next thing you need to do is to find a good supplier of merchandise and items you want and can sell. Sometimes, online shops just act as middleman store for these suppliers. So to have a good reputation in the online store industry, you need to find a good supplier so that your end clients will love your products and services as well.

There are telemarketers who will give you a call to offer you great wholesale packages for reselling. There are so many out there who are competing against one another to supply your online store needs. However, there are bogus suppliers out there who will only cheat you out of your money. Be careful. Although suppliers are in the net, sometimes, the thought of having a supplier who is just around the corner is tempting because you can actually see the products they are selling. But you must first make sure that they are genuine suppliers especially if they are just offering you the products via phone calls.

To verify the phone numbers of these telemarketers,  reverse phone lookup the numbers. The site is easy to use and can provide you with important, basic, up to date information about the owner of the phone number. There are so many spammer and scammer out there. Being careful and safe should be a habit especially for business owners like you.

Yes, it is true that seeing your merchandise in person has a big advantage, but bear in mind that you need to keep your guards up before entering into any business deal with these merchants, online or via phone calls. Be safe always.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Real Estate Groups

Support groups for any interest can be very helpful. You can share learning, ask questions, seek help, support and guidance as you pursue your interests. They can help you a lot in your endeavors to enhance and succeed in your chosen field. You can also give of your self to them to satisfy your needs for applying your learning and sharing your time and talents to them.

But there are groups that only fools you into joining them and squeezing money from you. Be very careful There are instances when they will invite you to attend their group via a phone call. If you do not know anybody whom you have known long and you do not know anyone you trust from the group, do not join. Or if you are to join, be sensitive on what's going on. Better yet, join groups who have established clean reputation or they are known to really just do their calling as what their group was intended for. When you receive such a call, verify first and foremost the phone number via VerifyPhone.com. The site can help you get the necessary details about the owner of the number. You will need this information in reporting the call to the police and the FTC.

This incident is something you need to share to a lot of people so that many will be informed that there are people and groups out there who uses support groups as excuse in victimizing unsuspecting and innocent people, like most of us. As we always advice you, be very careful and never let guards down during unsolicited calls and from any other calls from strangers.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Real Estate Brokers/Investors Seminars

Like any other business and investment ventures which offers seminars and mentoring, real estate seminar is one way to prey. These kind of seminars have been going on for decades already but still work in victimizing lots of innocent people. The mentors or gurus are so charismatic you would really fall if you are careless. Some of the things going on in seminars like these are the following:

1. Telemarketers will call you and inform you that a real estate seminar is happening in your area and that it is for a limited time only and that they offer limited seats for this. Beside verifying the phone number that called you by doing a reverse phone lookup, bear in mind that such calls are most of the time scams. Be very careful and run away as fast as you can from such fraudulent seminars.

2. If not calls, these people will come to your area and market the event the same way it was promoted by telemarketers.

3. During the seminar, the attendees will be pre-assessed to know how much they can invest in real estate. They are marked according to the amount they can invest. Those who are "very rich" are given priorities while those who only have few money wont be given much effort.

4. The real estate mentors are bragging much about their properties, but in reality, they do not have any. But since they are so charming and convincing, how are you to know. Keep your guards up very, very high.

No matter how tempting the offer, never, never just give in. Invest your money in trusted financial vehicles only so you wont be sorry at the end. Everybody has the dream to succeed financially, but being safe always is one vital and crucial character you should have to protect your hard-earned money. Thoroughly research, learn and know more about the venture you are to take part of and about the people behind it before making any decisions.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Real Estate Marketers

Real Estate is a truly profitable investment. There is no doubt it can give you huge returns. Managed properly and purchased at the right time and right location, it can really grow your wealth. Learning a lot about it and enhancing your skills in doing it can take you places. Finding the right mentors can help you succeed in it.

It is important to be very careful in doing this business, however. There will be people who will try to persuade you into buying or investing at wrong properties, or worse, bogus properties. When you receive unwanted calls from real estate marketers giving you great deals in buying real estate, make sure you do your homework first before putting your money into it. Research thoroughly about the property and the real estate firm and agents offering it to you. Investigate about it. Make sure that the property being offered is real and worth buying before giving out your personal numbers, identification, and doling out cash. Keep your guards up and scrutinize the call. Never decide right away no matter how convincing the caller is. If you get bogus offers, do reverse phone number lookup, get the information about the call at verifyphone.com and report promptly to the authorities. It is also important that you inform your loved ones and your friends about the call you got. Share to others the incident to warn people that these real estate scams happen and that everyone should be careful in dealing with them.

Put your money in genuine businesses and investments. Grow it right this year and be grateful and generous while doing it safely and bearing in mind that whatever sounds too good to be true is just that.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of VA Job Offerings

VA jobs are all over the internet. But there are modus operandi going around that VA jobs are also in your locality and that it is offered near you, via phone calls. The offer is also being presented with great benefit packages. It is so real and tempting.

If you are not very familiar with VA works and you get calls like this, verify the phone number first before jumping into the boat and find out caller's name, address. Do not just believe without doing research. There are bogus offers out there and you have to remember that being careful and safe will do you more good than harm. It is always good to handle things like this with precautions. As they say, better be safe than sorry.

There are legitimate ways of working from home as a Virtual Assistant. Ask trusted people and do researches about it before grabbing any opportunity put at your lap. Becoming a VA is a noble thing and criminals daunting its name should be stopped. As an innocent, private person, keep your guards up and be cautious. You can become a VA without being victimized with scams and spams. Do research and seek help from legal trainers and mentors only.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of VA Mentors

Are you a new Virtual Assistant? Have you just started your VA career? Do you need a person to guide you in your VA career? Although there are many VA groups in the net, newbies still have occasional hard time in being successful in their VA careers. Many VAs seek for mentors they can trust to guide them and help them in their VA walk. A mentor cum adviser helps them prevent making huge mistakes in their VA business, and provides sound advice in their VA decisions and choices.

Again, of course, criminals know this. And they use this need to cheat the new VA by offering VA mentoring services. Because the VA is in dire need, he or she just grab the offer without thinking twice sometimes. The VA just want someone he or she can talk to in her VA ventures. Any help available is help better than nothing. So the VA grabs it. Very wrong move! When you get calls like this, verify first the phone number  and find out if the offer is legitimate. Share your experience with others. Spread the word so you can contribute to the prevention of scams and spams prominent in the world today. Who knows what your comments can do? Who knows how it can help possible victims to prevent being cheated out of their hard-earned money?

Entrepreneurship is an adventure worth your while. It can do so much for the world's economy for today. Being a VA is a kind of entrepreneurship that you can enhance and contribute to the world. Do it with all sensibility and fairness. Be very careful in all your dealings. Keep your guards up for you do not know how many wolves are out there to just eat up your good intentions. Be safe.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of VA Training Agencies

Have you heard of Virtual Assistants? Have you read The Four Hour Work Week? Was your curiosity stirred by what Virtual Assistants do and why they are happier than workers who go to the office everyday, 8 to 5? Do you want to work from home, too, but is afraid to grab the opportunities you read in the web? You do not know where to start.

Then, here's a telemarketer calling you and offering VA Training in your locality. Sounds tempting. It promises you all the things that you hope for, working from home, owning your time, earning income that you decide yourself. Before giving out your personal details, before paying for anything, think many times. Do your own investigation and research. Verify the phone number that called you. Get the details you need about the phone number's owner, data that you can use to report the call incident to the police, FTC, and other concerned agencies about phone scams.

No matter how much you like something, make sure you get it from those who are really trusted in that field. Be very careful in dealing with telemarketers. Even though there are phone offers that are genuine, it cant be denied that there are more telephone scams than real ones. So keep your guards up at all times. You need to be safe in your transactions especially with people you do not know, particularly with unsolicited calls. DO not get victimized. These criminals have already pocketed millions of dollars from innocent and unsuspecting victims. Do you share not to become one of those victims, And do your part in spreading the words about scams like this. Guard yourself and guard others.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are now becoming prominent part of any workforce in the business world today. Virtual Assistants are people working for a company/partners of a businessman doing their jobs virtually. If you are a business owner, you can save money in salary and operations expenses. Virtual Assistants basically offer services in writing, administrative works, internet marketing, researching, data entry, and more.

Virtual Assistants can work for you even from the farthest locations. You only have to communicate via email, web conferences, Skype or IM, and other internet means of communications. Most people also opt to work from home now instead of going to the office. This is especially true for mothers and retirees. Even yuppies choose to work from home and own their time. No more traffic, no more office apparels to think and spend for, no office politics, no guarding bosses.

You can find lots of virtual assistants in the internet. There can be VAs at your locality as well. But be careful of telemarketers/people calling you and offering VA services. Because VAs are becoming popular, there are criminals who are using the word "VA" to trick innocent people. Mostly, VAs are in the net. However, if there will be VAs who will offer VA services to you via phone calls, might as well check out first if the offer is real or bogus. Do your research about the caller. Check out the phone number's owner and find basic details about the person. Do not just hire or make partner with the VA caller. Never give out your personal details or numbers, never pay for anything. Make a thorough investigation about the call first. Being safe is very important.

Going high tech in your business may mean a lot especially in a fast-paced world like ours today. But with the advancements, you must also be very careful in the transactions you make and be critical in the offers made to you. Entrepreneurship is rewarding and fun but should be done cautiously and with safety in mind.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Have a Scam-Free New Year

For a hopefully scam-free new year, bear in mind these things:

1. Be skeptic of job offers.

2. Make sure you review free-trial offers. See the hidden charges in it.

3. Do not entertain unwanted and unsolicited calls. Perform a phone number lookup and get the details you need to know about caller. Report the calls to the police and the FTC. Share let others know your experiences with these callers.

4. Never wire money to anyone you do not know.

5. Never give out any personal numbers. Be wary of identity theft and fight it.

6. Make all things clear through written contracts.

7. Three things: be safe, keep your guards up, and always have presence of mind.

The new year brings many opportunities, great and small, real and fake. Be wise to know what is right and best for you and never just dive into every opportunity that comes your way especially if it sounds too good to be true.

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year Scams and How to Avoid Them

Here is another list of New Year scams and how you can avoid being victimized:

1. Ponzi Scheme. Criminals will get investors' money by promising huge returns. Keep your money safe in bonds and mutual funds that can secure your money for you and return it to you irregardless of how small or how big you have earned or profited from it.

2. Identity Theft. This one goes on year-round. The criminal will steal your identity and use it to purchase and make loans under your name. Be very careful. Do not give out personal numbers. Verify the phone number that called you and get the information about the caller and report promptly to the police. Share your experiences about phone scams with others via reviews directory.

3.Over payments. Criminals will issue checks to the victims (usually landlords, small business owners, freelancers, etc) and ask for the extra amount back in cash. Later, the poor victims will learn that the checks have no funds and will bounce. Do not negotiate with people offering you over payments.

4. Processing fees to get loans. You pay for fees to be able to get the loan. After you pay, there is no loan at all. Do not give money for nothing. Try not to get loans at all.

5.You're a winner schemes. Like identity theft, this is a year-round scam as well. Usually, the elderly are ones being victimized here. The caller will tell the granny that he or she has won in a lottery and would need to wire money to pay for taxes. Hang up your phone when you receive such calls. If you have answered already, do not pay anything.

Keep your guards up always. Open your mind about all the scams and schemes going on around you and equip yourself with knowledge on how to avoid them. This new year, be more careful in dealing with people offering opportunities to you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Avoiding Top New Year Scams

There are so many New Year scams going around riding in the buzz of the enthusiasm the start of the year brings. Here are some of them and tips on how you can avoid them:

1. Job offers. The criminal will ask you for placement fee. Bear in mind that you do not need to pay any placement fee or that the employer pays for it. Or if you should pay it, you are not required to pay unless you are hired into the job, which means that you are inside the company already, reporting at the company office and working.

2.Debt payments. Loans are offered and you are asked to pay negotiation fees for your loans that the company or agency will charge from you. You will only accumulate more debts and interests if you bite this offer. Seek advice from nonprofit agencies that are real advocate for these problems. One is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

3. Foreclosure help. They will offer you modified mortgage settlements, but like debt relief schemes, you will only acquire more loans and interests. Seek help from legal organizations.

4. Work from home schemes. They usually offer jobs that entails you to encode data or phone clients. They will ask for registration fees from you. Do not bother. There are lots of legal online and work from home jobs. Learn first on how to work from home by buying a book or seeking help from those who already are doing this.

5.Bogus charities. This can be the easiest reason for you to dole out money. But don't. if you really wish to donate to charities, there are lots of charitable organizations where you can give your donations. You can also go to your church and local community office to know if there are ongoing charitable activities where you can donate.

If you receive calls like the ones mentioned above, lookup the phone number via phone directory online. The site has already helped a lot of victim of scams before by providing the necessary information about the phone number and its owner. Share your experience to others and report promptly to proper authorities that can help you in dealing with these scam criminals. Be safe this new year.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Verify Phone Number of New Year Opportunists

The excitement of the New Year does not only entail good opportunities, but of criminals who are taking the chance to cheat and victimize people who are in the mood for a positive and vibrant spirit for the coming year. We are all mostly positive and hopeful for the things to come during this  new year. We plan and make resolutions, we dream of a better year ahead. We prepare for the coming year with gusto and much enthusiasm. However, sometimes, these feelings are the ones used by the "bad" opportunists. They use these emotions to fool people and trick them into promising unreal getting wealthy opportunities. Sadly, there are people, who because of these "overwhelming" emotions of hope that new year brings, just jump into the offers without putting much thought into what is offered to them.

Since the criminals are smooth talkers, they will call you and promise you new year opportunities that can earn you lots of money. Some of these are work and businesses from home opportunities. The caller asks for a small amount of investment promising big returns. When the victims bites the bait, he or she will certainly lose the money. At first, the victim is not aware of what is really going on. When he or she pays, the positive feelings of getting rich this year because of this offered business is so crisp and fresh to her that it will take a while before the reality sets in that he or she was actually scammed.

When you get calls from unknown persons offering business opportunities, hang up immediately. If you have been caught on the line already, be alert and have the presence of mind not to dish out any personal number. Get the phone number that called you and verify it via VerifyPhone.com. The site can help you get the information about the number. Share the incident to your family and friends. Report it the police as well. Inform FTC of what transpired and seek advice and help from them.

It is good to have an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards the new year. But being safe and keeping your guards up to the opportunities that knocks on your door or rings your phone should not be entertained. There are lots of great opportunities that are legal and genuine out there. Ask from trusted people and investigate well before investing on anything.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Stock Brokerage Firms

During New Year, investors tend to buy stocks and add to their investments. New year is a time to increase stocks and shares, they suggest. The connotation is based on the belief that starting the year right will make the whole year better. Thereby, investing, making resolutions, planning businesses, and creating new networks are some of the important things that business-minded people consider prioritizing.

However, those who are not well-versed on such things can be swayed easily with sweet tongues and those who are proficient in making people believe in nuisance. It is unfortunate that people who wishes to invest becomes victims of frauds and scams. If you happen to receive calls offering good deals in stock marketing, think many times before diving in. Verify the phone number of the person calling you via verifyphone.com. Get the pertinent details and report promptly to the police. Stock brokerage firms do not call to offer services for free or for best deals offers. They legally and usually should be honest in telling the risks involved in stock market investing so they wont sweet-talk you into investing and promising huge returns. Be careful.

If you really are interested in investing in the stock market, go to your banks and ask or to a legitimate stock brokerage farm and ask from them. Go to the right people and educate yourself about such matters. Do not just believe any offers made to you. Always keep your guards up.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Motivational CD Marketers

The New Year entails enhancement of one’s self to most. Self-help books and inspirational books are bought more than ever. With the increasing sales of these products, more and more telemarketers are also flooding calls to private citizens to sell motivational books and compact discs. The telemarketers offer good discounts and promo packages that make the offer so temping that anyone who hears it would be swayed to buy the products. But bear in mind again that anything that sounds so good to be true must be unreal.

When you receive unsolicited calls offering motivational products, it is still best to verify the numbers calling you before deciding to buy anything from them or worse, giving out your credit card numbers and other personal numbers. It is wise to research first about the offers given to you. Verify the phone numbers calling you via Verifyphone.com. The site can give you the basic information the number’s owner. This way, you can have the edge to know whether the products offered are legit or not.

At this period when there are so many telephone and internet scams going around, it is always best to verify first information before deciding on anything, especially if it entails dishing out money from your pocket or giving out your personal numbers. Be very careful in dealing with these kinds of transactions so you will not regret anything. Always be safe.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

verify Phone Numbers of New Year Membership Offers

With the start of the new year, different clubs offer promising membership offers. Each club has its own package to offer with lots of freebies and discount privileges to different shops and stores. The membership offers are all so tempting you would wish to join almost all of them.

If you are to renew your membership to a trusted club, that will be fine because you already know. But if you are one who is being called by a telemarketer offering a club membership, which you have not heard before, do not just jump into joining just because of the many wonderful packages and discounts offered to you. Do not give out your personal numbers. Verify first the details given by verifying the phone number. Make sure that the company do exist and that the offers being made are genuine. No matter how tempting the offer is, think many times first.

It always best to be safe before deciding on anything especially if the offer is being made via a telephone call or an email only. Although there are offers made that are legit, it is still best to keep your guards up, do some research, and then decide whether the offer is true or not, if it is worth purchasing or if you will just waste your money when you join it.