Sunday, January 1, 2012

verify Phone Numbers of New Year Membership Offers

With the start of the new year, different clubs offer promising membership offers. Each club has its own package to offer with lots of freebies and discount privileges to different shops and stores. The membership offers are all so tempting you would wish to join almost all of them.

If you are to renew your membership to a trusted club, that will be fine because you already know. But if you are one who is being called by a telemarketer offering a club membership, which you have not heard before, do not just jump into joining just because of the many wonderful packages and discounts offered to you. Do not give out your personal numbers. Verify first the details given by verifying the phone number. Make sure that the company do exist and that the offers being made are genuine. No matter how tempting the offer is, think many times first.

It always best to be safe before deciding on anything especially if the offer is being made via a telephone call or an email only. Although there are offers made that are legit, it is still best to keep your guards up, do some research, and then decide whether the offer is true or not, if it is worth purchasing or if you will just waste your money when you join it.

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