Thursday, January 19, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of VA Training Agencies

Have you heard of Virtual Assistants? Have you read The Four Hour Work Week? Was your curiosity stirred by what Virtual Assistants do and why they are happier than workers who go to the office everyday, 8 to 5? Do you want to work from home, too, but is afraid to grab the opportunities you read in the web? You do not know where to start.

Then, here's a telemarketer calling you and offering VA Training in your locality. Sounds tempting. It promises you all the things that you hope for, working from home, owning your time, earning income that you decide yourself. Before giving out your personal details, before paying for anything, think many times. Do your own investigation and research. Verify the phone number that called you. Get the details you need about the phone number's owner, data that you can use to report the call incident to the police, FTC, and other concerned agencies about phone scams.

No matter how much you like something, make sure you get it from those who are really trusted in that field. Be very careful in dealing with telemarketers. Even though there are phone offers that are genuine, it cant be denied that there are more telephone scams than real ones. So keep your guards up at all times. You need to be safe in your transactions especially with people you do not know, particularly with unsolicited calls. DO not get victimized. These criminals have already pocketed millions of dollars from innocent and unsuspecting victims. Do you share not to become one of those victims, And do your part in spreading the words about scams like this. Guard yourself and guard others.

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