Saturday, March 26, 2011

Verify phone number before discussing important data matters

In this digitized world we are so dependent on our laptop, phone etc and being connected to the world all the time is a must. On a daily basis we not only exchange general updates about our day to day activity via these devices but we also do access important data like our bank records, credit records. We do hear from our bank or credit card companies about any suspicious transaction they want us to confirm. Most of the time this is  a legitimate call, but one needs to be careful. If you get any call saying it is from your bank and need to discuss with you about some transactions on your accounts, do get alert and first check if the person calling is actually what they claim to be. One of the first check that you can perform is to verify phone number. Its easy - Just type in the phone number from where you received the call and check out who the phone number belongs to. For instance the details for the Phone Number in St Thomas County, Charlotte Amalie can be found here. You can also see if somebody else has reported this any phone review for this number.  Once you know all you need to, go ahead and deal with the call as need be.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Report unwanted calls and enable others to avoid them too

It has happened to each one of us - in middle of something important and the phone rings, you pick it up just to get frustrated by the fact that it was another phone call by a tele marketer. We do wish that we do not get such annoying calls more but what to do we about it - Just by looking at the number one can not tell who is calling. VerifyPhone now provides an opportunity to its users to report phone numbers from tele marketers and add to its online public phone directory. The information shared by you wont only save somebody else the frustration but you may also get benefitted from what others have to say about an phone number you may have gotten a call from and wondering what to do about the same. For instance Phone reviews for area code 740-299 can be found here. So checkout users made online phone directory and decide for yourself what action you would like to take next time you get an unwanted call.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Check out details and related reviews for any phone number that looks suspicious to you on your child's phone.

Everybody likes to be connected to the rest of the world all the time - be it via internet or simply a phone. It not only keeps them up-to-date about others whereabouts but also let them, share if they are doing anything one. Difference may be who is one they are trying to be connected to. As adults we can make the correct judgment for ourselves but when it comes to our children we need to take a note who they are talking. We would like to think that they are talking to just their friends, but as responsible parents do keep an eye on it. Do check who they are talking to and if you do not recognize a number you can perform a Reverse Number Lookup for Area Code or for the Phone number - you can not only find out the owner's name and address but you can get to know if there has been any complaint or other kind of phone review available for that number. The phone number may belong to another friend or to a stranger with criminal background. Its better to take proactive measures to keep your children safe than to feel sorry later. So get on to VerifyPhone and find out all about any Phone Number. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011 - Building Trust in your Local Business Community offers innovative services to customers: the possibility to review the local business community and, at the same time, perform comprehensive phone number lookups.

There are two ways to do business: by respecting the customers and building a relationship of mutual trust or, unfortunately, by harassing them through unwanted phone calls. today announced the launch of its new website that offers to local communities the possibility to draw a line between those businesses that treat them fairly and the ones that invade their privacy and waste their time. is building maps of the local business community from cities & towns all over the USA and encouraging mass collaboration, also known as crowd sourcing, by providing visitors the opportunity to share relevant information that will help other members in online communities. Now users can add reviews of different businesses, products and services on, thus helping other people who are searching for reliable providers.

Everyone hates the telemarketers and scammers calling to offer products that no one needs, or even worse, trying to commit fraud. When people encounter a situation like that, they can simply report the number to By sharing small pieces of relevant information with others, each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a free public phone directory online. also offers it users whole range of phone number lookup services.’s phone reverse lookup can help users track down where a phone number is registered and also the owner’s name, address and more, with its White Pages Phone Number Lookup and Reverse Address lookup service. For example the phone lookup reverse for Santa Barbara is available at – California. When it comes to cell phone lookup, offers its users detailed data: carrier, line type, map, & more. Its cell phone tracker can be used to track the location of the cell phone number. also allows access to complete cell phone and unlisted numbers searches to verify an owner’s name and address.

By performing a short, simple search, customers have the opportunity to not only gather the information they are seeking but also discover other reports or reviews related to that phone number using’s Phone Directory Online. Users can even start a conversation on phone numbers. is the partner every person and community can trust – all the information you need, in one place.

About :- is the perfect combination of an online public directory and a highly specialized service, offering its users access to all the information they need. From reviews of local businesses and reports of abusive callers to area code lookups & detailed lookups of landlines and cellphones, provides the entire range of services. Our goal is to provide high quality services with new & significant content every day. Visit our company blog to know more.

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