Saturday, June 30, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Apple Mac Dealers

People love gadgets. Today, everywhere you look, it seems like everybody's busy with their own cellular phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and any latest gadget available in the market. With these gadgets come every available cool accessories. Many people are dreading to know what's the latest and in. One of the most popular gadget provider is Apple. The Apple Macintosh has been well-known especially to tech geeks and young professionals.  It has been a favorite for many.

Since buying a gadget is a hot market, it is also a favorite product to promote not only in television but in billboards, magazines, and other print ads. Another way of promoting it is via telephone marketing. Here's the catch. A telemarketer will call you asking you if you could join the survey the company is currently conducting about the Apple Macintosh. If you take the time to join in the survey, you can have a chance to win the latest Apple Mac that will come out soon. Of course, you get excited and agrees to join.

What happens next is the caller asking you some questions from the "survey". After about 5 or more questions, he will ask for your personal data. He will tell you that he needs the data to support your taking part in the survey. He will stress that this data will also be used in choosing for the winner of the brand new and latest Apple Mac. This is the part of the spam where you are being victimized for identity theft.

The first thing you should first do in these instances is to verify the phone number calling you. Do a reverse phone lookup to check if the call is really from the company the caller he is representing. After that, make sure that the company is really conducting a telemarketing promotion or a phone survey. Assess the legitimacy of the call.

Remember that any unsolicited call should be considered as a spam. Because of this, you should be careful in dealing with them. One more thing, make sure that you do not entertain it and most importantly, you do not give out any personal information about yourself. Be vigilant and keep your guards up at all times.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Is Identity Theft Rampant Today?

Identity theft is becoming more rampant today especially during tax season. Many are surprised and very disappointed that when tax season comes and they are to file their taxes, somebody has beaten them to filing already. Their Social Security numbers have been used to file taxes under their names. Tax preparers reported that this case has been growing in number. When you ask these people why or how could their numbers or personal identities have been stolen, some of them reported instances of being in a grocery or shopping mall and being offered discount cards, freebies, or vacation sprees and were asked to fill up forms. Most reported unsolicited phone calls they have entertained in the past where their personal numbers were asked from them.

Unsolicited phone calls have been one major cause of identity theft and money stolen from private citizens. Identity theft has been more networked today as reports show. When criminals get your personal data and numbers, lots of transaction under your name becomes possible for them. One is the stated instance above in filing taxes. Others are able to make credits and loans under your name. Another is purchasing goods in your name. These are very frustrating. These criminals are able to do this when you are not careful.

When you receive unsolicited calls, drop the call. Make sure you do a phone number lookup and verify the number that called you. Get the details about the number and report to the FTC. Callers can use many tactics and reasons to fool you. Do not let your guards down.

Identity theft has become rampant not only because these criminals keep on finding ways to spam people and keep honing their skills to do so but because there are many who have not stood up against them. Victims tend to keep to themselves what happened because of shame. You are not supposed to shy away, instead, be bold in telling what happened to proper authorities and sharing your story so that more people may know and be more careful. Another reason is that people think that these things are just hearsay. So, when they get the call, they just go with the flow and before they know it, their identities have been stolen already.

Again, there are agencies that can help you protect your identity. Involve your family, friends, and these agencies in the fight against identity theft. Keep yourself informed and always be safe.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Tax Service Offices

Identity theft is more possible and usual during tax season. Private citizens get shocked and dismayed when they are to file their taxes and find that someone else have filed it for them already. This is indeed frustrating. Many have reported being a victim of identity theft during the tax season.

One way criminals get your personal numbers stolen is via a phone call. The caller will present himself as a worker from a Tax Service Office and will offer tax filing for your convenience. Of course, since you know how tasking filing taxes are, you grab the offer. This is when your identity gets stolen. When you get the call, do a reverse phone lookup to make sure that a tax service office is really calling you. Do not give out your personal numbers readily. Make sure that the transaction is legal and real. Better yet, go visit a tax service office personally. If you cannot do so, make sure you have verified the number that called you and you did necessary investigation about the call and the caller. Give your personal numbers only when you are the one who called the office and ensure that you are talking to the official representative.

Being careful is very vital these days. Stolen money and identity among other crimes have been connected with telephone calls. Be on your guard at all times and do not readily trust anyone calling you especially if the call is an unsolicited one.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Tax Lawyers

Was your identity stolen during the tax season? Did your name get involved for any tax problems? You need a tax lawyer to help you do what needs to be done. During this time, you need professional help to guide you in doing the right and appropriate actions. This is also a time when you need to be more smart in dealing with people and offices regarding your case. Be extra-careful.

This is one telemarketing purpose used by criminals. They will call you as Tax Lawyers Office representative and offer legal services. What is surprising is how did these people know you are having tax problems?   This should get you to thinking real hard about it and take all the necessary precautions. Do not entertain the call. Reverse lookup the phone number that called you to verify that they indeed are what they claim to be. If you find anything suspicious, report to proper authorities. Remember the many cases of spams are going around today that originated from an "innocent" answering of a call.

During the tax season, many crimes and spams victimize private people. Be on your guard at all times. No matter how desperate your situation is or you are becoming hopeless for whatever reason, do not just grab any help that comes your way. Do proper verification and investigation of these calls. Do what is wise to do.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Housekeeping Service Agencies

Having a housekeeper is a good option when you are working. The house needs to be kept. Food needs to be cooked. Housekeeping is a tasking responsibility especially if you have small children to take care of. Its a huge role to keep the house in order.

Some homes hire stay-in housekeepers. There are some who gets housekeeping services from an agency just to have someone clean the house and do the laundry in some days of the week. In any case, most finds an agency helpful to provide the person who can give the housekeeping service. Agencies have a roster of personnel who can fit your need.

When telemarketers call you to offer housekeeping services, do a reverse lookup first to verify the number. Do not readily and happily accept what is being offered. Yes, this call can rejuvenate any mom who needs to keep the house together. The feelings of delight sometimes get the most of her and put her guards down. When the caller feel this, he starts to ask for personal information and even ask you to pay reservation for their in-demand housekeeping services least no personnel will be left available to do housekeeping for you. This should not be the case.

Any call, especially if its unsolicited, should be taken with utmost care. Take all necessary precautions and safety measures and ensure the authenticity of each caller. Report suspicious calls/people to the proper authorities as well.

Friday, June 15, 2012

How Not To Get Your Identity Stolen

Let me give you instances when persons get their identities stolen via unwanted telephone calls:

1. The call is unsolicited. Drop it.

2. The telemarketer always try to persuade you to give your personal numbers whenever he got a chance. In fact, all through out the conversation, it is what he keeps on trying to do.

3. The caller offers too-good-to-be-true offers.

4. The caller will identify himself as a distant relative, a long lost friend or neighbor, or someone who is in dire need, a situation that he makes sound like a matter of life and death.

5. The caller tries to touch your soft spot by asking donations or help for the most unfortunate people in the most desperate situations.

Those are actually just some of the tactics spammers use to steal your identity and money. There are still other ways/reasons. So, what do you do?

1. Again, as mentioned, drop the call.

2. Ask lots of questions. The caller will drop the call when you bombard him with relevant questions. Make him feel that you are in control of the conversation. Stay cool and calm. Be alert and on your guard.

3. Never ever give out any personal number or data about you. Never pay for anything. Never get threatened.

4. Share the incident to your family, trusted friends, and proper authorities.

5. Keep on updating yourself about situations like this and learn how to effectively deal with spams.

Always keep yourself safe.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Pilgrimage Organizers

Pilgrimages happen more at a certain season that any other. Usually, it is most common during Holy Week and summer. People, not only the religious ones, go to pilgrims. Beside the reason that they want to have a time and very suitable place for solitude and reflection, going on pilgrims is also fun and cheaper than going alone.

For people joining pilgrims for the first time, sometimes, they do not have an idea yet on which pilgrimage group to join. Some criminals know it. So, they call people to offer pilgrimage trips on very tempting prices. Sometimes, even those who have had experiences in joining pilgrimages get victimized. They grab the offer without thinking because they do not suspect the offer to be bogus since it entails a religious and spiritual nature. Sadly, these criminals will use any excuse, sacred or not, to get people's money.

If you receive calls like this one, be on your guard. Do a phone lookup to verify the information about the number that called you. If it so happens that the call is really from a legal pilgrim organizer, keep safe by not paying via the telemarketer. If you want to purchase the offer, get the details of the office's location and pay the pilgrim yourself.

Today, it is sad to say that even spiritual things are being used for criminal activities. We can only keep ourselves safe and protected by constantly informing ourselves of what is happening around us. Let us learn how to deal properly and promptly these situations and ready ourselves. Be safe.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Shopping Professionals

Professional shoppers, professional online shoppers, personal shoppers --- have you heard about these people? Ever since people have started to be so busy with their careers and businesses, even the time spent on shopping, which was supposed to be a happy activity, became a burden. It only adds to the already many things they need to accomplish in a day. Thus, as in any of the many roles they need to do, they hire people to do things, which they consider somehow petty, for them. Else, their 24 hours is not enough.

Of course, there are people who are not as really busy. Problem is although they find shopping essential, it is something they would rather not do themselves. These people knows they need to buy clothes, shoes, bags, among others, but are not confident with their taste or simply just do not find it enjoyable. They need someone who knows better and who loves doing it.

Now, these professional shoppers may give you a call. Some of them are freelancers while some work for an agency or a company. Do phone lookup  reverse when you receive the call. This is crucial for you to know who is making the call. This information is very important for your protection. Whether the call is legal, a spam, or an innocent call, you should know the whereabouts and the details about the person on the other end.

Be careful not to let your identity or your hard-earned money stolen. Always keep yourself informed of the things going around you including identity theft and telephone scam. It is nice and neat to have reliable people do things for you but you should be very careful in getting their services. Same is true when purchasing products from them. Keep your guards up at all times.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Debit Card Telemarketers

One of the most common telemarketing purpose made is that of offering debit cards. Debit cards have become useful in any household. It gives you the freedom of carrying a card that you can use to purchase without a credit card that incurs interests and charges or cash that is not so safe to carry around. Debit card then holds the power a credit card and cash have. This is the reason why people, especially mothers, are beginning to like using debit cards.

This is also the reason why many banks and companies offer debit cards. No problem with that if the callers are really official bank representatives. Among these legitimate telemarketers are spammers. They steal your identity by asking personal data and numbers about you. Before you know it, they are making loans left and right with your name. They are using your name in making transactions that involves money. It is a very huge problem.

In such case, what are you to do? Get debit cards personally at trusted banks or financial companies offering one. Never transact with telemarketers offering debit cards. Do a phone reverse lookup and verify the number that called you. Do not keep the call to yourself. Tell your family about the call. Report to the police and FTC as necessary.

Criminals will do anything and give you any reason to steal your identity or steal your money, do not let them. Equip yourself with correct and updated information. Never let your guards down ever.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Honeymoon Reservation Telephone Clerks

Last night, there was a report at the television about couples who were supposed to spend their honeymoon at beach resorts and ended up paying for nothing. The couple made a reservation via a telemarketer. When it was time for them to go to the beach resort, they found that they do not have any reserved cottage or room to their names. Even if they present their reservation number tickets, the beach resort will not accept the ticket claiming it is invalid.

Upon investigation, it was found that the telemarketer was able to get the couple pay for reservations and the payment was actually directed to the telemarketers account and not to the beach resort. The couple did pay but not to the right person or office. The telemarketer was reported to victimize many couples and was able to pocket thousands of dollars with this scheme.

If you receive calls like this one, drop the call. If you have talked with the caller already, do reverse phone lookup to get the phone number and the data of the caller. Make sure to report the call to FTC and the police. Tell your family and friends about the incident. Most importantly, never give out your personal data to the caller and never make any payment to him or her. With the many incidents of phone scams, be careful at all times and never ever let your guards down even for a moment.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Hotels

For your wedding venue, hotels can be your best choice. Hotels offer more room and space that can accommodate your guests. Hotel venues are also more comfortable and can provide basic amenities needed by both the wedding participants as well as the guests. Powder rooms, comfort rooms, gift shops, tea and coffee shops, rooms for guests that need to stay overnight, convenience shops, and others are just some of the available amenities hotels can offer to make your wedding not only beautiful but one that is comfortable for everyone.

Hotels still offer their best deals and packages via phone calls. If you receive one, better make a reverse phone look up to ensure that it is really the hotel calling you. Do not readily trust the telemarketer instead, do your homework in verifying the phone number. Also, do not give out your personal data or make any payments even though and especially if the telemarketer seems so eager to making you pay or reserve for anything. Trust your instincts.

It is better if you yourself make the reservation at the hotel’s office. Make sure that you are negotiating with the properly designated persons. Carefully plan your wedding if you are doing it alone. Make sure your desire to serve its purpose by doing transactions carefully and with the right persons.