Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Debit Card Telemarketers

One of the most common telemarketing purpose made is that of offering debit cards. Debit cards have become useful in any household. It gives you the freedom of carrying a card that you can use to purchase without a credit card that incurs interests and charges or cash that is not so safe to carry around. Debit card then holds the power a credit card and cash have. This is the reason why people, especially mothers, are beginning to like using debit cards.

This is also the reason why many banks and companies offer debit cards. No problem with that if the callers are really official bank representatives. Among these legitimate telemarketers are spammers. They steal your identity by asking personal data and numbers about you. Before you know it, they are making loans left and right with your name. They are using your name in making transactions that involves money. It is a very huge problem.

In such case, what are you to do? Get debit cards personally at trusted banks or financial companies offering one. Never transact with telemarketers offering debit cards. Do a phone reverse lookup and verify the number that called you. Do not keep the call to yourself. Tell your family about the call. Report to the police and FTC as necessary.

Criminals will do anything and give you any reason to steal your identity or steal your money, do not let them. Equip yourself with correct and updated information. Never let your guards down ever.

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