Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Is Identity Theft Rampant Today?

Identity theft is becoming more rampant today especially during tax season. Many are surprised and very disappointed that when tax season comes and they are to file their taxes, somebody has beaten them to filing already. Their Social Security numbers have been used to file taxes under their names. Tax preparers reported that this case has been growing in number. When you ask these people why or how could their numbers or personal identities have been stolen, some of them reported instances of being in a grocery or shopping mall and being offered discount cards, freebies, or vacation sprees and were asked to fill up forms. Most reported unsolicited phone calls they have entertained in the past where their personal numbers were asked from them.

Unsolicited phone calls have been one major cause of identity theft and money stolen from private citizens. Identity theft has been more networked today as reports show. When criminals get your personal data and numbers, lots of transaction under your name becomes possible for them. One is the stated instance above in filing taxes. Others are able to make credits and loans under your name. Another is purchasing goods in your name. These are very frustrating. These criminals are able to do this when you are not careful.

When you receive unsolicited calls, drop the call. Make sure you do a phone number lookup and verify the number that called you. Get the details about the number and report to the FTC. Callers can use many tactics and reasons to fool you. Do not let your guards down.

Identity theft has become rampant not only because these criminals keep on finding ways to spam people and keep honing their skills to do so but because there are many who have not stood up against them. Victims tend to keep to themselves what happened because of shame. You are not supposed to shy away, instead, be bold in telling what happened to proper authorities and sharing your story so that more people may know and be more careful. Another reason is that people think that these things are just hearsay. So, when they get the call, they just go with the flow and before they know it, their identities have been stolen already.

Again, there are agencies that can help you protect your identity. Involve your family, friends, and these agencies in the fight against identity theft. Keep yourself informed and always be safe.

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