Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Health Services Offers

Health workers, besides their regular jobs, also accepts private duty services. They either work for another service agency or work as a freelancer or an independent contractor. Of course, they have to market their services. They do online and offline promotions. One way they promote their services is via telephone calls especially to nearby areas.

To ensure that you do not get cheated by phone calls coming from "health workers", verify the phone number that called you. It is not because the call came from a professional would mean that it might not be a cause for telephone scam. An unsolicited phone call should always be subject to verification. It is a safety measure that to check out the phone numbers calling you, especially unsolicited ones.

As with any other people or offices offering services via phone calls, health services offerings can also be used to spam private citizens. Therefore, it is also crucial to do phone number lookup and verify the identity of the person making the call. Be secure by not giving out any personal information or making any payments at all. Crucial also is that you inform your family of the incident.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Mobile Companies

Mobile phones are being used by almost everyone worldwide. It has been a part of our daily busy routines. It has made communication easier. It has done a lot for most businesses and personal needs. Mobile phones have become a necessity.

However, there are spammers out there that use mobile phone companies to cheat people. A "mobile company representative" will call you to contact a certain number, usually 2 digits with the # sign. Once you do, they can have access to using your mobile phone number and transact businesses using your sim number. If your number is a postpaid one, you will be incurred with many calls that you have not made. You suffer from paying calls you did not make.

Be careful and make sure that you do not entertain this call. Do not do what the caller is asking you to do. Reverse lookup the phone number that called you and make sure you immediately report it to FTC and the police. Be safe at all times and never let your guards down.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

To Verify Phone Number Is To Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

Giving the benefit of the doubt in a situation where you are having doubts is helpful for you to arrive at the best decision. Whenever we are faced with a doubtful question or situation, our first recourse is to check whether our doubts have any basis or not. Most of the time, we check or investigate first before we give an answer or take an action. It is like a defense mechanism on our part or a way by which we try to protect ourselves from possible danger.

It should be the same way whenever we receive unsolicited phone calls. Giving the caller the benefit of the doubt should be our first barrier in answering the call. While its true that telemarketers have their way of persuading customers into buying what they offer, and the criminals have their way of getting you into the trap, keeping the doubt in your mind might save you from paying for hings you might not even receive or losing your identity. When the cloud of doubt is there, listen to your intuition and act upon it accordingly.

The first thing you can do is to reverse lookup the phone number calling you. As what you will do when you are demonstrating benefit of the doubt in person, you keep on asking questions, right? Sometimes, you just keep quiet and ignore the person or the situation. Other times, you walk away. Do these very same things to the person who have paid you that unsolicited call. You can drop the call, ignore the caller, or ask as many questions as you can until the caller is caught off-guard.

For situations like this, even old tactics such as giving the benefit of the doubt do work. Situations that might really affect you badly like being identity theft or your money being stolen should belong on your doubt shelf. Its one that should be there to protect yourself and to keep yourself safe.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Scholarship Grants

My brother wanted to apply for a scholarship grant abroad. He wanted to pursue his Master of Science in Economics. He searched from the internet and asked his friends for a possible scholarship grant or assistantship. The application for a scholarship grant offerings are mainly for schools in the United Kingdom. Well it is not that easy. The requirements he has to produce ranges from simple Transcript of Records to passing in a language qualifying exam.

It took him almost a year to receive a reply from the many scholarship providers he applied.  They required him to immediately reply if he is interested for the grant. A decision should be made immediately but carefully as well. He has to verify if the scholarship grant is really true. A right decision should be made because accepting the grant will entail another expense for getting a passport and for the processing of visa. Good thing there is a way to check if the grant provider is genuine.  Good thing the reply letter of the scholarship provider has their office phone number. My excited brother consulted to prove if the phone number is true. 

Verifying phone numbers is a great way of protecting yourself from fraud and spam. Using it to keep safe is a wise advice and thing to do. I have used phone verification in many ways and found my self safer doing so. I was not victimized by any spammer when I checked on the phone numbers that called me. I also look for latest information on how to protect myself and my family from telephone scams. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Double Check Your Caller By Verifying Phone Numbers

Some people are so trusting in any situations. There is definitely nothing wrong with that. Some even think that when they are cheated, it is the cheater who will have to bear the load of his crime. It is very true, too. However, keeping ourselves safe at all times should not affect on how we trust other people. Not because you are not trusting others, especially strangers, already means you are not a good person. You should know how to feel persons and situations.

There are times when we make mistakes on our judgments. The best thing we can do about it is to make sure that we check first and foremost of the situation and the person. In cases of unsolicited phone calls, double check the phone number and the caller. Verify the number and do not just accept whatever the call is telling you. If the caller claims he is someone you know, double check the identity of the caller. If he is telling the truth, then, good. If not, at least, you are safe.

We should be careful in all our dealings, be it personal, via online, via mails, or via phone calls. The crimes committed through the modern technology has become rampant and is continuously increasing. The best thing we can do is to keep our guards up and double check on things. Involving our family and friends is also crucial. We do not know where these crimes might take us. It should be safer and better if our family knows the situation.

Reporting promptly to the police and the proper concerned authorities, in the case of phone scams, the FTC, can help us in more ways than we can think of. Lets get ourselves informed and involved in these situations. This can help us fight the crime better when we are equipped with enough information.