Sunday, October 28, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Mobile Companies

Mobile phones are being used by almost everyone worldwide. It has been a part of our daily busy routines. It has made communication easier. It has done a lot for most businesses and personal needs. Mobile phones have become a necessity.

However, there are spammers out there that use mobile phone companies to cheat people. A "mobile company representative" will call you to contact a certain number, usually 2 digits with the # sign. Once you do, they can have access to using your mobile phone number and transact businesses using your sim number. If your number is a postpaid one, you will be incurred with many calls that you have not made. You suffer from paying calls you did not make.

Be careful and make sure that you do not entertain this call. Do not do what the caller is asking you to do. Reverse lookup the phone number that called you and make sure you immediately report it to FTC and the police. Be safe at all times and never let your guards down.

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