Thursday, September 29, 2011

Verifying Phone Numbers is Easy

Day by day, more and more new phone scams are being reported. Lots and lots of money are being taken from the poor victims. Disgusting and unruly, you may say, and so unfortunate, too.

One way to try to put a scam to this is by knowing more about the phone number calling you. Get the number from your caller ID or just ask the caller their call back number and do a number lookup to find phone number reviews and owner details. Always be safe. Do not get persuaded easily by callers. Get that phone number and verify in an easy to use and confidential  manner. You can access the details you need about the caller without any worries.

Some victims does not share what they have been through for the fear of being ridiculed. Although there had been cases like these, we must all be aware that these victims never liked to be cheated. But since they were, ridiculing them wont help. It only makes matters worse. Being supportive to them is much better.

Let us all help one another in stopping these telephone scams. Give out share. Support one another. Let us all get informed and be safe always.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Phone Scam Modus

Here is a list of some new phone scams happening around the globe:

1. Flight booking scam - The telemarketer will offer great travel deals with lots of perks and will charge your credit card. You will be charged without any booking confirmation at the end.

2. Cooking school scam - The caller will promise scholarships and lots of cooking freebies with a minimal registration fee to enjoy your full scholarship. Again, after you are charged, there is no scholarship whatever.

3. Distant relative scam -  The caller will call you and will sound so desperate seeking your financial help for troubles or for a relative being so sick. You will be instructed to wire the money to another party. (like a lawyer, police officer, or hospital)

If you receive such calls, keep your guards up.  If its about a relative, try to call them back to confirm that they are really in need. Always, get the phone number from the caller and verify it using the phone directory online to access all the details, reviews about the phone number. If your find the call to be fraudulent, report to proper authorities. Do not be deceived. Always be safe and share these stories of phone scams to others. The more people informed, the lesser the possibility of being scammed. Let us all do our share to lessen, if not totally eradicate, these crimes.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

International Cooking School Scam

To date, even cooking schools are being used in scamming people. Day by day, more and more scam scripts are being shared by more people around the globe. As much as we try to spread word on how to protect yourselves from being scammed, as we try to work double, the criminal are much doing the same and more. But such will not stop us to continue helping people get informed about the scams going on around the internet and via telephone calls. It is quite disgusting that even schools are now being used in cheating people. Particularly, the cooking school scam is being used nonchalantly. Maybe the hype is caused by more people getting interested in culinary arts and cooking.

My friend who loves cooking and learning recipes was the most recent recipient of cooking schools scam. She loves surfing the web for recipes, watching almost all cooking shows and contests like Master Chef and Junior Master Chef on TV, and attending all cooking lessons that she can hear of. A few days ago, she received a call from a telemarketer offering her a cooking school scholarship. She was so happy to get this call. The caller asked for some details about her and the final question is if she can be charged a little amount for the registration. And that this registration is the only money she needs to pay and she can enjoy the full scholarship at the cooking school with no fuss at all. She was adamant to give it but the waving hand of the scholarship sounds so "delicious", she said. So, she gave her credit card number and later discovered that she was charged hundred more bucks from what the caller said. And yes, no scholarship. She cried for 2 days straight. Thinking about it, she said that at first, it was the money. But later, it was the thought that she has been fooled. And finally, it was the nagging feeling of her being stupid. We consoled her and assured her that it was not her fault altogether. Soon, she was soothed. She said that how come she did not remember me always telling them (my friends) about these phone scams. She said that, it it true, those telemarketers really know how to get you into the hook. But with that, she said that this time she will be more careful.

Honestly, I really do not know how to put a stop to all these telephone scams. Although I always encourage everyone to learn more and spread the word, it still thrives. However, I am convinced that many people really do get their guards up when they learn about these scams. So, I guess, spreading the word really helps after all.

Finally, again, I wish to encourage everyone  to be be aware of telephone scams. These are all true and happening and have victimized a lot of people. Keep your guards up and be safe. If you happen to receive a scam call - verify the details of the phone number & caller and review comments by others. Access all the necessary details and report to FTC and the police. Inform your family and friends. Be vigilant.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of Your Child's Friends

Taking the liberty does not mean letting all things just pass especially if your kids' safety is the reason. Of course, they have the right to befriend whoever they like. But as parents, I believe and I am sure that it is just right and proper that we safeguard their well-being. Especially at this age of modern technology, where "friends"are just out there willing and waiting to befriend just anybody. It does pay to be careful and safe.

Being careful is not advised only with online friends but more so, and especially, with friends who can call and text them. Because friends who can call and SMS can just really be near. Which means that they may just around the corner. And that may also mean that these "friends", if are not good, may and can cause harm to your kids. You might sound paranoid but explain to your kids that being careful and safe is something no one should look over.

Ask your kids the phone numbers of persons who wants to befriend them via text messaging them or calling them and look it up. provides you with confidential and professional reverse directory services. Its cell phone tracker can hep you identify the location. It is easy to use and also provides as many relevant and detailed information you need about a phone number. And because your transactions are confidential, you wont have to worry that the "friend", who might turn out to be good wont know you are investigating on him in a sort of way. So is the "not-so-good" friend out of future trouble.

Keep your kids safe. Be careful. If the friends turn out to be good, enjoy. But still, never, ever let your guard down. For your kids' and your own sake.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Checking Suitors

That may sound nosy, but if you have a new suitor, who just called you up and suddenly was professing love to you, would you not be careful? Everything is valid when it comes to people. Criminals will do anything to milk money from their poor victims. They can make up reasons and weave schemes just to get victims on their hooks. Even the sacred name of love is being used to get money from unsuspecting, innocent and naive victims.

If you get phone calls like these and the caller cannot identify who of your friends gave your number to him, or even if he can. Guards up, please. Investigate first about the person's background. There is nothing humiliating in keeping safe. If the "prospect love"turns out good, then, great! If not, better be safe than sorry.

To get the details you need about this "lover boy, all you need is phone number and you can access basic information, phone reviews, and know about his background. And because it is confidential, your "suitor"won't know that you are starting to investigate on him. Which, not for any other reason, is just to safeguard yourself.

Your safety is a responsibility that you can do something about. Be safe for your safety's sake.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Flight Booking Scam

My friend is a traveler. She simply loves to go visit one place to another. She always books her flights by just calling a travel agency or booking online. She is comfortable with it. One day, she got a call from a telemarketer offering her a wonderful travel package. Since she was used to just purchasing travel packages, she carelessly jumped into the offer. She gave out her card details and was charged the fee for the supposed travel. She was told that the confirmation, online plane ticket, itinerary, and other travel details will be sent to her email. She said fine and drop the call. She went out to a friend's house and was not thinking of the email or whatever. She came home that night and checked her emails. No confirmation. She called the number the telemarketer gave her. A recorded voice message was what she got.She was still unsuspecting and thought that maybe, since it was at the wee hours of the night so maybe, there was no one there to get her call.

Morning came, she checked her email again. Still no confirmation. She's beginning to get a sick stomach. She called her bank and confirmed if a payment was charged to her credit card. Yes, there was. She tried calling the number again, this time, the recording says that the phone number does not exist. She tried to call the telephone company. The service assistant said the number was a prepaid number and that the company does not have any idea of who purchased that prepaid sim card.

To cut the story short, she was charged of nothing. And until now, she just can't believe it happened to her. She was smart and seems to be so careful and organized. She said the telemarketer sounds so very professional she did not get a hint that it was a scam. The whole call sounds so totally, genuinely professional that even a person who is experienced purchasing stuff legally online and via the phone was faked. She just can't believe it.

The moral of the story? Yes, phone scams really sound so real. I guess it is not enough to say that telemarketers are really so good at what they do.Yes, that is to scam you. Be really prepared. How prepared? I cannot really say. Nevertheless, better be equipped and keep your guards up however used you are to transacting purchases and businesses via phone or online. Always be careful.

Should you receive calls like this one, make sure that you get the number and address of the caller. You can do so by asking and/or by phone lookup reverse. can help you do this without hassle. It provides phone number lookup services as well as verifying phone numbers by providing details of the caller like name, address, and other important information. Gaining access to these details can help you should teh call be a scam. You can report the call and the caller's data to FTC and the police. These agencies can help you in dealing with such crimes.

Such event can also be a valuable means of helping spread the word about telephone scams and helping other people not become victimized in the future. At least, being able to share your story might give information to others, thereby making them aware such crimes exist and can be prevented if only more people are warned and advised what is best to do and how to keep their guards up.

My friend learned her lesson. I did, too, from her story. I hope more people will pick up the lesson and be more careful. And yes, ultimately, I hope the information will spread faster than the scam. Soon.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Skepticism is a Must to be Protected from Phone Scams

There are so many frauds going on today particularly online and via telephone calls. These frauds vary from winning lottery tickets, jury duty schemes, free travel and vacations, job hiring, donations for NGOs and organizations helping less fortunate people, distant relatives asking for financial help, scholarship grants, and a lot more. These frauds have victimized millions of Americans and lots of people around the globe. It has been such an alarming crime.

Federal Trade Commission is warning everyone to become skeptic when receiving phone calls that sound so suspicious. Be skeptic, the agency says. And yes, indeed, heeding this warning can help you get protected. These criminals are so good at what they do and the next thing you know, you have been victimized and drained with your hard-earned money. To help yourself
  • Read a lot about these scams and get your self informed. Being able to recognize scams can help you be aware and alert when you encounter such situation. 
  • You may also register your number to Do Not Call Registry to protect your number from being dialed by these criminals. 
  • Use phone number verification and reverse lookup services to know owner details, location and phone number reviews about the phone number that called you. Report appropriately to FTC and the police. 
  • Tell your friends and families as well to promote the awareness for such crimes and thus, helping others get informed and be ready for such incidents.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Values You Get From a Verifyphone Service

People asks what are the advantages of utilizing a phone number lookup service. It has more to offer than just verifying a phone number.

Reverse address lookup when you are called by a second party and were not able to get the name & location. Although it sounds a bit complicated, it is actually not. It is widely used basically by law enforcers and emergency services to know where a call for assistance was made.

Phone lookup reverse to know about the owner's name and more. Private citizens use this service when they are being called by unknown parties who gives them a ring and harassing them, one way or another. You can also check if anybody has posted comments on that phone number to help you know better.

Get phone numbers by name if you are trying to find the phone number of a business associate or long lost friend.

Although some people do not believe that they really need such services, a lot has agreed that this kind of service has been a great help for them. is one service provider that has been so trusted in this expertise. It has been able to help many by giving necessary information for a phone number that needed to be verified. The next time you might need this service, there is no need to have second thoughts about it. Using a trusted provider can lessen your worries and anxieties with regards to verifying a phone number, instead reassure you a service that is easy to use, confidential, and albeit really helpful.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of Organizations

There are many instances when you just want to help but end up getting victimized. And you suddenly feel that helping others would do you harm than good. I cannot blame you. There are people out there who have the nerve to use even the most noble hearts just to get money from others. These are people or organizations that abuse kind people by knocking on their generous hearts for donations that are ought to benefit poor and sick children or persons, in general. And I can not help but really get so fuzzed with these heartless creatures. They think that the generous donors are the ones they are robbing. But the poor people that benefit from these generous donors are the ones they are really victimizing. They are getting what are meant to make these poor people lives get better.

If you receive phone calls from "organizations" asking for donations from you, please as you use your kind and helpful heart, use your smart head as well. Know more first about the organization especially if it is a group that is not familiar to you. Check the phone number and research their details. Make sure that you are giving your help to the right people. Verifyphone can help you investigate on these organizations by providing important information about them. Access these information and keep them for future references.

It is so vital that we help others, but it also necessary to be knowledgeable on where your help will go to. Do not be left unguarded. Be alert always.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Story of a Telephone Fraud

Telephone frauds do happen around the globe. One of my students at English School shared this story with me. Her mother was victimized by a telemarketer. Her mother is a regular customer of a very popular grocery store in the city. One day, she received a call from a telemarketer who identified herself working as a Customer Service Associate for this grocery store. She said that the Mom won a family vacation to a famous beach resort in Phuket. Her mother was so excited to hear it. She was asked for her nationality ID number, which is like equivalent to a Social Security number. She gave it. As their conversation went on, she was then asked for her credit card number to deduct a "claim" fee for the prize. Her mother almost gave it had it not been for her Aunt who decided otherwise to confirm first with the grocery store about this promotion. Her mother just told the caller that she will call back after checking with the grocery store. The caller still tried to persuade her but her aunt got the phone and talked with the telemarketer. They did verify with the grocery and found that there is no promotion of that sort going on except for some grocery coupons which customers are readily given at the cashier when they pay for their purchases.

My student told me that they wanted to verify the phone number but they do not know how. They tried seeking help from the telephone company but it said that although it gets the name of the purchaser of the sim card, it does not totally help victims because when they had an incident like this before, it turned out that the person who bought the sim card presented a fake nationality ID. Nevertheless, the company's till gave the name of the number's owner. When they sough help from the police, the police found out that nobody in that name is existing in the country.

I told my student that in the U.S., there is a site that helps private citizens verify phone numbers. I told her about We can only wish one is available in her country as well. I advised her what to do the next time they get the same calls in the future. I read a lot about these kinds of frauds and the practical tips one can do to protect himself from being victimized. I hope in the near future, more people will be protected by such frauds and crimes. I hope that more people will be aware of these crimes and be equipped with necessary means not to become victims.

Friday, September 9, 2011

On Being Cheated

It is a dreadful feeling when you get cheated. You even come to a point when you can just hate yourself for being so stupid and careless. Why is it that there are so many vulnerable people in this planet? As they say, nobody will get fooled when they do not let it. But still, it happens. No one is exempted. And who's fault is it really?

I have had my shares of being cheated and fooled. And mind you, it is indeed painful and heart-breaking. You can just shout at the top of your lungs just so you might feel a bit better. But then, shouting just do not help sometimes. Life is short. Forgive. That is if it was your heart broken. That is if you cannot just really do anything about it anymore. But what if you can do something to change it? What if it takes only your courage to face the hurt to make something better out of the being fooled situation? Would you not do it? Not only for your sake but for the sake of many others? Would you not get out of your comfort zone to make a difference?

Being cheated has many faces. There are so many circumstances when you can be put at the end of the rope and be victimized. There are people who just sulk at their mistakes. But there are some who are brave enough to admit they are hurt and that they will do something about it. I admire and respect people like these. Although everyone has his own reason for acting or reacting when cheated, I still believe doing something good out of your bad experience is still something worth giving a try.

For those who have been fooled by telephone marketers and frauds of different kinds, stand up for your self. This kind of being fooled situation is not something you just forget without doing anything. If you cannot retrieve your losses, at least make a vigilant move to stop altogether this crime. One thing to do is to create awareness among peoples that telemarketing frauds do happen.

Use phone directory online to check phone numbers of those who wronged you. Get all the pertinent details about the caller and do your move to make sure that the incident is reported to proper authorities that can help you in your case. FTC and the police have programs that help victims of this fraud to gain what they lost, treasure and dignity. If by chance, you were not able to retrieve your money, get your dignity back. I think it is more important in the long run. It will heal your heart more than the money.

DO not sulk at one corner because you have been cheated. Instead, take that broken heart to help others.Be a torch to others. Spread the word.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Helpful Tips on How to Verify a Phone Number

Of course, there are cases when you need to verify a phone number that keeps on bugging you. The call might be from a telemarketer, which most probably would be fraud, or from some kind of mysterious caller who wants to rock your peaceful existence. All kinds of these unwanted calls should be verified for you to have a way of gaining peace from them.

Here are some helpful tips that can guide you in verifying these numbers.
1. Make sure you use a trusted reverse phone lookup service provider. is a trusted provider that can give you the details you need once you verify a phone number through it. It is easy to use and is highly confidential. You do not have to worry that the party you are trying to verify will find out that you verified their identity. Especially if you are dealing with fraudulent persons, understands that you need to be protected.

2. Try to get hold of all pertinent data you need - mainly the phone number with area code. This can make verification easier and more result-driven.

3. Once you have the phone number, do all your best to access all the information you need about the caller - from owner's name, address, phone number reviews by others or even a background check. You need this so that when you report to authorities, you can give them the information necessary to do their jobs in detecting where the callers are from and to make the vital actions they need to take to help you.

4. Take courage. There are people who do not like to find phone numbers especially if it has victimized them because they thought that people will think they are stupid. So you are victimized. So what? You should realize that verifying phone numbers and doing something to put a stop to these phone frauds are actually a very wise thing to do.

Be vigilant and safe. Moreover, be kind! Share this to more people.

Monday, September 5, 2011 Warns Consumers to Watch Out for the “Jury Duty Scam” requests it consumers to check the credibility as con artists posing as court officials demanding personal information put consumers at risk for identity theft, a phone directory online resource that helps consumers find out more information about unknown callers via phone number lookup and phone number reviews, warns consumers of a phone scam that is currently gaining momentum across the United States.  The ‘Jury Duty Scam’ is duping unsuspecting people into giving sensitive personal information to con artists over the phone, making them extremely susceptible to Identity Theft.

An article from the Consumer Awareness section of explains how the scam works:

“In the jury duty scam, the scammer, posing as a local court worker, tells you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest because you failed to report for jury duty. Since you probably had not received a jury duty notice, you will say so. At this point, the scammer will ask for your date of birth and Social Security number so that he or she can "verify" your jury duty notice. Of course, a Social Security number and date of birth are all the identity thief needs to make your life downright miserable. But wait, there's more. Depending on your willingness to give up your basic information, the emboldened scammer may go on to ask you for credit your card information.”

Officials believe the reason the jury duty scam is so effective is that the threat of arrest shocks and frightens victims into providing sensitive information without questioning if the call is legitimate.   By the time the victim has time to think about the call, they have already put their private information into the hands of identity thieves. offers the following tips to protect consumers from becoming a victim of the Jury Duty Scam:

•    Courts will never ask for personal information over the phone. If contacted by someone claiming to be a court official do not provide any personal information.  Request all official court business be conducted by mail, which is the correspondence standard for US courts.

•    Report suspicious calls to the local Clerk of Court's office of the U.S. District Court..

•    Never provide personal information to an unsolicited caller, no matter who they say they represent. Legitimate companies and organizations will offer consumers a secure method for exchanging information.

•    Ask more information like contact number and address from the caller. Use’s reverse phone lookup & reverse address lookup to verify the details the caller has provided. It would also be good idea to find phone number for the local court the caller said he/she belonged to and call them back. For example for Ontario, California you can check the phone numbers for your local area codes here @ Ontario, California Number Lookup. After obtaining  all information about the number in question alert other consumers about this scam by reporting it on’s free phone review feature.

About :- is the perfect combination of an online public directory and a highly specialized service, offering its users access to all the information they need. From reviews of local businesses and reports of abusive callers to area code lookups & detailed lookups of landlines and cellphones, provides the entire range of services. Our goal is to provide high quality services with new & significant content every day. Visit our company blog to know more.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Do you Need Psychological Help?

Psychological problems are being faced by almost anyone. Some can cope quite well while others cannot. There is still that nuance that people who have psychological problems can get crazy and it is not a respectable status for one to be tagged crazy or is becoming mentally ill. Of course, those who know the difference of being mentally ill and psychologically distressed are two unlike things. Nevertheless, people are still so careful not to let others know they are having psychological problems. This causes the problem to be more severe when it is left unattended the earliest time possible.

If you are having problems such as these, making it as confidential as ever is what you might want. This is one reason why people do not go in the open. And yes, if others see you walk in to a psychologist’s office, you might become misjudged. And problems may start getting worse than better when this happens. But truth remains that these problems need to be addressed on time.

Making the appointment with a psychologist can be confidential if you make the appointment, or to start, inquire, via a phone call. Getting the phone number of the psychologist is no worry as well.  VerifyPhone can provide the phone numbers of psychologist you may wish to contact and inquire. All inquiries are strictly confidential beside the fact that it is so east to use and is free. Access phone numbers you need and make it confidential as you wish it to be.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Looking for Professionals and Professional Services

Professional services provide you the essential and accurate help you need in whatever problems you might have. When you try to solve problems on your own, from the most serious like legal matters to the vaguest like fixing a faucet, you will find that you actually spent more than when you acquired professional services. Professional help, in the long run can, in reality save you time, effort and money.

However, there are professionals who are not as easy to find as others. But the fact remains that you need their services as much as you do with the other professionals whose offices are just around the neighborhood. How do you find the numbers of these people? How do you contact them? How do you know if whom you contacted is at least one of the best in their field? There are lots of questions you need to find answers if you like to get only the best help available.

If none of your friends, relatives, or acquaintances has had the same problem you have. one of the best advices you can get in finding a professional service is by inquiring to them about their services and what they can offer you. If can get the phone numbers of these professionals and reviews about their work, via verifyphone's phone directory online. It is easily accessible and without any cost, you can get the phone numbers you need. Plus all the information about the professionals you are trying to reach is available in the site.

The next time you might need phone numbers of a professional, you know now where and how to start. Give them a ring today and see how your problems can get solved with their help.