Friday, September 9, 2011

On Being Cheated

It is a dreadful feeling when you get cheated. You even come to a point when you can just hate yourself for being so stupid and careless. Why is it that there are so many vulnerable people in this planet? As they say, nobody will get fooled when they do not let it. But still, it happens. No one is exempted. And who's fault is it really?

I have had my shares of being cheated and fooled. And mind you, it is indeed painful and heart-breaking. You can just shout at the top of your lungs just so you might feel a bit better. But then, shouting just do not help sometimes. Life is short. Forgive. That is if it was your heart broken. That is if you cannot just really do anything about it anymore. But what if you can do something to change it? What if it takes only your courage to face the hurt to make something better out of the being fooled situation? Would you not do it? Not only for your sake but for the sake of many others? Would you not get out of your comfort zone to make a difference?

Being cheated has many faces. There are so many circumstances when you can be put at the end of the rope and be victimized. There are people who just sulk at their mistakes. But there are some who are brave enough to admit they are hurt and that they will do something about it. I admire and respect people like these. Although everyone has his own reason for acting or reacting when cheated, I still believe doing something good out of your bad experience is still something worth giving a try.

For those who have been fooled by telephone marketers and frauds of different kinds, stand up for your self. This kind of being fooled situation is not something you just forget without doing anything. If you cannot retrieve your losses, at least make a vigilant move to stop altogether this crime. One thing to do is to create awareness among peoples that telemarketing frauds do happen.

Use phone directory online to check phone numbers of those who wronged you. Get all the pertinent details about the caller and do your move to make sure that the incident is reported to proper authorities that can help you in your case. FTC and the police have programs that help victims of this fraud to gain what they lost, treasure and dignity. If by chance, you were not able to retrieve your money, get your dignity back. I think it is more important in the long run. It will heal your heart more than the money.

DO not sulk at one corner because you have been cheated. Instead, take that broken heart to help others.Be a torch to others. Spread the word.

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