Monday, October 31, 2011

Travel Arrangements

Traveling is supposed to be fun. But traveling can bring inconveniences too. Especially if you are not able to plan and prepare well for your travel, the pleasurable travel might turn out to be disastrous. Plan your trip ahead. Here is a checklist that can help you to make the travel enjoyable and hassle-free:

1. Prepare and get your documents ready. (passport, visa, credit and debit cards, phone book, and other important documents)
2. Reserve in advance hotel or guest house to stay, transportation arrangements, restaurants and events arrangements.
3. Prepare emergency contact numbers. Make arrangements for house keepers, pet keepers, and the like.
4. Have somebody trusted to look after your affairs while you are gone like paying bills, house repairs as needed, car keeper, etc.
5. Pack only essential things you need like camera, enough clothes and a special clothes in case a formal invitation arises.

And through all your plans and preparations, make a back -up plan as well. This is to ensure that you do not need to worry about anything and you can just concentrate on your travel plans and enjoy it.

For arrangements, you can check out for telephone numbers, addressees & reviews you need to make necessary reservations. And if you do not want be disturbed doing travel arrangements, you can contact a travel agency to make the arrangements for you. The site also has a long list of travel agencies you can inquire from. Dial their numbers today and see which agency can best meet your travel needs without the hassle of making arrangements by yourselves and saving you time and effort.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Telemarketing Scam

Not all telemarketers have something to do with the scams going around the internet and phone calls today. Some telemarketers are also victims themselves. They were promised to be given jobs as they were trained to become telemarketers. They are given simple tasks and easy to sell products so that even if they are not yet fully knowledgeable to really making sales, they can be able to sell cheap products. The criminals do not really care about the small amounts of products being sold. Reason? They get manpower for free and with the many telemarketers they were able to work, At least a few of them are able to sell and putting their sales together is still money in the criminals’ pocket.

In this situation, you can expect two types of calls. The first is you are being offered a telemarketing job which you can at home. You are required to sell products and you get commissions selling them. Be careful. You might not be selling anything at all to your family and friends, you get the blame and you won’t get any commissions at all. Do not accept this job even if they assure you of anything and try to show you how valid and legitimate their business is.

The other call would be you will be offered products to buy, at reasonable prices topped up with great freebies and raffles. The offers look so good. However, you might find that some telemarketers aren’t very proficient yet in selling. This is because these telemarketers are the ones who are in the “training” mode. They are actually being victimized themselves in this situation. Getting their phone numbers  may point to the criminals if these trainee telemarketers themselves were able to get hold, hopefully of the criminals’ own numbers, which may be made confidential by the masterminds.

However, getting hold of the caller’s phone number will help you get somewhere in the instance you file a report about the incident. From the phone number, get the pertinent details about the caller in confidence. Use these data in reporting to the police and the FTC. The agency can help you with the investigation and can be able to solve the crime appropriately. However, precautions and being safe matters most. So, be vigilant and keep your guards up.

Due to the ongoing world economic crisis, there are people out there who would not think of doing good things to help ease the problem. Rather, they would even use this unfortunate event to cheat innocent people and get money for themselves. They will use the weaknesses of these private citizens in this case for their advantage. Also spread the world by sharing your experience about the caller.

So, even if you are offered a job to become a telemarketer or offered products to buy, think many times before jumping into anything. At this age of scams and schemes, prevention should be your first defense.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Work from Home Scams

After the recession in the U.S.A., and at this point, the country is still in the process of rebuilding its economic stability, and the near recession in Europe and euro losing its value, many businessmen and workers are in a stage of confusion and doubts on what is to happen to the world’s economy. Will the value of money go down so low that even a million euro or franc won’t even buy bread? This happened long ago, when a worker got paid after half day of work with a sack of money, enough to buy lunch, and then to work again in the afternoon to earn another sack of money to buy dinner. And the cycle goes on. And the worker would not even know if a sack of money will have the same value the following day.

With this ongoing rate of economic crisis, many people are thinking if the same scenario will happen in the future. And world leaders and economists are doing their best to try to prevent this from happening. However, hope is still seen since many industries are still doing well despite the economic situation.

What is disturbing is that in spite of this, many criminals are still on the rise even using these economic downfalls to their advantage. One scheme they plot is the work from home scam. Since many have been laid off from their jobs, they call and offer work from home jobs to these people. A caller will propose a job, like marketing, selling products, writing from home, data entry, even becoming a telemarketer, and will promise a good salary.

Now, there are two ways how these criminals will get money from you. First, they will ask you to pay a training fee before you can get started to work. He will say that the money is a small amount compared to the money you will earn when you start working. But once you paid the training fee, you won’t get any training, the company will disappear and so is your money.

Secondly, they will really get you started working but won’t pay you for your efforts. One more dangerous thing is if you are hired as a telemarketer. You are asked to call people and sell products or services. You are in the risk of being the front liner and when things get complicated because the buyers won’t get the products or services they paid for, you might be the one to get complained of and pointed as the criminal. And this adds to the worse thing of not being paid.

In cases when you receive a call like this, before making decision about taking up the job, check the company's credentials & validate the job offer . If you had the chance to get the phone number of the caller, check if anybody has reported scam related reviews about this phone number.  With all these crimes going around, FTC and the police are aware of such incidents and they would be very willing to help you and support you. And make sure you do not give any personal numbers to the caller and do not give any money to them. Keep alert and be vigilant. Inform others as well of your experience. Making more people aware that these scams are happening can help in stopping this crime.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scams in NGO and Semi-NGO Run Schools

In relation to NGO schemes, another modus operandi is getting donations from you for developing countries’ NGO-run schools. Here is what happens to your money:

1. The supposed “owner” of the school builds her mansions and villas.
2. The school lack facilities like library, play ground and play equipments, school clinic, drinking water facilities, clean comfort rooms, and other essential facilities to facilitate better learning.
3. The faculty earns meager salary and is not paid during holidays while students still pay the tuition fee for the whole month regardless of holidays.
4. The staffs are paid less. Reasons that the management gives for the too low salary is that when they pass financial reports to donors, they will be questioned why staff and faculty are paid high salaries. This is quite confusing as well since some big NGOs pay their personnel fat salaries (which is again questionable because the supposed beneficiaries do not get what is intended for them). So, is the management falsifying reports or what?
5. Students who are supposed to pay lower tuition fees if not totally pay anything at all pays as much as other private schools require. And this is supposed to be an NGO-run school?

This is usually what happens in some “NGOs”. Now, you receive a call and are sweet-talked to share to your less fortunate fellow human beings. Is it not easy to pity them and give what you can? Get the number of that caller, identify him, make necessary report of the incident to proper authorities and protect yourself. If we are to give to poor people, then, they should be the ones benefiting from our help and not those people who use their weaknesses and unfortunate situation to gain for themselves.

It is just proper to know where our donations go. Do not be easily swayed by pity and persuasions. It is our right to know whether our help really gets to the beneficiaries tables and houses and not just on fancy cars, high technology gadgets, parties and drinking of NGO people who might be confused on what roles they really need in the society. And especially, make sure your money goes to the right people and right organizations and not to those who just call and ask for donations and identify themselves as concerned citizens who wants to make a difference in the world when they all really care about is getting those money and donations into their own pockets.

Again, be safe and be vigilant in facing calls and scams like this. Get your better self into the situation, decide wisely, and act accordingly.

Monday, October 24, 2011 Warns Vacationers to be Wary of Travel Scams During The Upcoming Holiday Season

Scams prey on budget-conscious travelers looking for great deals on getaways. Be sure by first get your facts right at, an online phone reviews directory that helps consumers find out more information about unknown callers via reverse phone lookup and reverse address lookup, urges consumers to be careful when making vacation plans. Travel scams are on the rise and the criminals behind them are using sophisticated tactics that can dupe even the savviest of consumers.

According to a recent report from Fox News, travel scams cost U.S. consumers more than $10 billion each year. And, of the 3,900 industries the Better Business Bureau monitors, travel consistently ranks in the top 25 of number of complaints received.

Before consumers book their next trip they should become familiar with the most prevalent travel scams that are bilking travelers out of millions of dollars.

Avoid Discount Travel Memberships or Clubs: Often surfacing on the web, these ads ask travelers to pay an upfront membership fee in exchange for having exclusive access to discounted travel deals. But in reality consumers pay the upfront fee only to discover that they get nothing in return but a dent in their pocketbook.  These scams can be easily set up by anyone with internet access and can be found in online classifieds like Craigslist and others.

Watch Out for Misleading Pricing: Some fraudulent businesses will lure consumers in with low prices only to discover extra charges on their credit cards and that their reservations have never been booked. By the time the victim notices that something is amiss the con-artists are long gone.

Beware of Timeshare Fraud: Timeshare scammers use high pressure sales tactics over the phone to dupe consumers into making hasty decisions without doing adequate research to determine if the offer or the business is legitimate.  Timeshare scams often come in the form of an unsolicited phone call, once they have a gullible consumer on the line they will tell them anything to close the deal.

Vacation Packages Targeting College Students: College students are often targeted by scammers because typically they do very little research, they rely largely on peer recommendations and they are drawn to the cheapest option available. All-Inclusive trips for a low rate attract co-eds looking for a memorable Spring Break or group vacation with their friends.  All too often these “good deals” are scams and can lead to students handing over what little money they have to scammers. offers the following advice to help consumers avoid falling victim to travel scams:
•    Use to investigate calls from unsolicited callers that are offering a vacation or timeshare deal.  Its phone directory online  helps consumers verify information about the people or businesses associated with the phone numbers.  Consumers can also search for reviews/complaints lodged against the number in question on for free. For example you can check the phone number reviews in area codes around you @ Los Angeles, California Phone Lookup. Make an informed decision once you have all the data in hand.
•    Use common sense.  Consumers should never let the thrill of a good deal pressure them into making uninformed decisions.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
•    If using a travel agency, consumers should always call the hotel and verify that the agency has made the reservation on their behalf.
•    Request everything in writing.  Legitimate businesses and offers will provide detailed information about vacation packages or timeshares in writing.  Do not give out personal information to anyone over the phone before seeing documentation of what they are selling.
•    Be very cautious when using online classifieds. Often they are not regulated which makes it very easy for scammers to offer bogus deals.
•    Always pay with credit card, which provides consumers with fraudulent charges. Never wire money or pay with cash or a cashier’s check.
•    Above all, share your experience by reporting it on’s free phone review feature so that nobody else falls prey to such scams.

About: is the perfect combination of an online public directory and a highly specialized service, offering its users access to all the information they need. From reviews of local businesses and reports of abusive callers to area code lookups & detailed lookups of landlines and cellphones, provides the entire range of services. Our goal is to provide high quality services with new & significant content every day. Visit our company blog for more useful tips.

For further information, please contact pr at

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of “NGOs”

Have you ever received a call from persons claiming that he or she is a representative of an NGO working for vulnerable children and against human trafficking? The caller will boast of the many good deeds the NGO did for children and victims of human trafficking. He or she will then inform you about their ongoing programs and projects and would ask you for voluntary donations, kind or cash. If you tell the caller that you will give cash, he or she will instruct you to deposit the money to an account number, ask your credit card number or ask you to wire transfer the money. You will notice that the account number is a personal account, and when you ask about it, the caller will alibi that it is the director’s account number. If you say that you will donate in kind, like used clothes, books, foot wear, toys, and the like, he will tell you that some people will come to pick up the stuff. And they will surely pick it up.

The question is, do your money and your donated goods really go to the beneficiaries? Or are there really beneficiaries? Worse, is that NGO really exists?

Now, let me tell you where your money and your goods go. Your money goes to the pockets of the criminals who called you. Your goods are sold in other parts of the world, particularly the developing countries where used clothes, bags, and footwear from the U.S.A. and Europe sell like hotcakes.

Should you receive calls like this, get the phone number that called you and verify it by checking the basic details of the caller like name, address and crowd-sourced phone number reviews. Report the incident to proper authorities. Although it is such a good deed to help, we should also be careful in doing it because there are people out there who are more than willing to suck blood out from their clueless victims and benefit from them even using the less fortunate ones as excuses and reasons for gaining for themselves.

Somehow, this story is really sad. But it does happen. Do not support scams and schemes like these by being more vigilant and guarded. If you want to help, make sure that you are donating to organizations and people who really think of others before themselves. Some organizations even have their personnel earning thousands of dollars instead of the money being used for the many beneficiaries. Earning decently is good and being rewarded for your hard work is okay, but if it is earning more than what you can decently live on, while the people who should benefit more from the donor’s money are still poor and living below the standards, then you should start thinking again. And if these personnel are working in an NGO, would it not be proper if they are more concerned with the people they are helping instead of themselves getting cars and macbooks?

So, the next time you want to help, do it properly and make sure your donations really go to those who need your donations the most.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Computer Repair Services

Not long ago, computers could only be found in offices. Gone are those days. Almost all homes now have computers at home. Laptops and Wi-Fi spots are everywhere. Even children know how to use one. And it is funny that even the elderly are playing online games. The world is indeed fast changing in terms of technology.

Since the computer age is here now, new programs are being installed most of the time. Computer viruses have become rampant as well. And looking for a good computer technician should be on your phone book now just like an electrician, plumber, and you know who should be at your house when something went wrong. A computer technician is now part of the household, too, not in a literal way but for emergency cases.

To get an extensive list of computer technicians near your neighborhood and hear recent reviews from others about their work, go to It can provide you a list of technicians, their address, and contact numbers. It would be easier to call them personally and see what they can offer you. Now that computers are one of the most used electronics at home, you should be ready when something unexpected happened to it, if it conks out or to keep it running smoothly. Find a computer technician today to maintain that computer working efficiently for a long time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tips on Verifying Phone Numbers

With all the different ongoing frauds and scams happening today via the web and telephone, you can protect yourself from being victimized by these rampant crimes. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself when you receive SMS and phone calls that try to victimize you and get your hard-earned money.

1. Ignore the content of the SMS and get the number that texted you. Save the content, though, because you will need it as a proof. Investigate about the number by reporting to the telephone company. Report to authorities.
2. When you receive calls from telemarketers, hang up the phone at once. Or if you stayed longer on the phone, make sure that you get the number of the caller, via caller ID. And this is important, once the caller gives you a number to call, get it and verify at once.
3. is a trusted site where you can do a phone number lookup on suspicious calls and SMS. It can provide you with the information and details you need about the number including comments and experiences by others about the phone number. It is easy to use as well. Transactions you make are confidential, too, so you can protect yourself.
4. Do not give out your personal numbers like credit card numbers, SSSN, account numbers and others.
5. Confirm with the company that the caller is representing if there is really an ongoing promotion or contests. If there is, confirm about your alleged winning with the company itself.
6. Do not get over excited with any promotions offered to you. Always think that nothing comes for free. Do not believe any winnings that a SMS or a phone call claims you have won. Always use your common sense.
7. Keep yourself aware and informed of frauds and schemes and how to effectively deal with them. Inform your family and friends if you get SMS and phone calls that are suspicious. Do not deny or hide these incidents even though you feel you ought to be ashamed. First and foremost, think of yourself as the victim, therefore, you should not be ashamed. And if a family member got the SMS or call, be supportive to him or her and assure the person that you are there to understand and support him or her.
8. Always keep your guards up and be safe always.

When we are vigilant with these incidents, we can somehow equip ourselves against these criminals and be able to put an end to these rampant treacheries that has left many victims moneyless and emotionally victimized as well.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Company Share Frauds/Stock Broker Frauds

Another fraud concerning investments is happening today. This is an investment fraud about the stock market. A criminal will call a private citizen and offer company shares or stocks to the individual. The caller will identify himself as stock broker for a certain brokerage firm. He will present data about what is happening in the stock market today. He will quote stock terminologies and figures and sound like he is somebody who knows what he is talking about.

He will offer stocks at lower prices and freebies. What is more interesting is he will offer a shareholders account amounting to a $5000 without you buying any stock. He will tell you that you just need some personal information about you and will ask for your credit card number to pay for a minimal processing charge. Since $5000 sounds so promising, you will then give out your credit card number that easily. Afterward, you will see that you have been charged an amount much more than what the caller said, and worse, there really is no shareholder account opened up for your name.

With the discounted stock prices, the caller will offer you company shares that are cheaper than the ongoing share prices saying that the said company offers only to some chosen stock investors. Notice that they do not even know if you are really a stock investor or not but they will shoot at the moon for if you really are an investor, they think that it would be easier to sell stocks to you because you understand and know already how to buy stocks. So, it is really just them trying their luck out. And if they are too lucky, they will find a victim who will be willing to buy stocks. Although, of course, the victim will realize that he bought a non-existing stock after all.

Lots have been victimized with this scheme. If you are one who really invests in the stock market, somehow, you will be able to identify that this is purely fraud. But if you are someone who never tried investing in the stock market before, you might believe this scheme. If you intend to invest in the stock market, make sure that you are dealing with legal and authorized stock brokers. Or if you want to do it yourself, make sure that you have made yourself informed properly on how to do stock trading and investing and do not really on anyone especially if you do not really know the person.

When you receive calls like this, get the entire caller’s information on phone directory online. Once you got hold of the caller’s information, report promptly to authorities like the FTC and the police. They will be of great help to you to fight these criminals. Share the story too, so that more people will be aware that such fraud is going around. Keep your guards up and be safe.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Real Estate Frauds

There is another new scheme going around today about selling real properties in hot offers. Since real estate properties are one great investment, many people, particularly who are just starting to invest and save just grab the chance of owning real estate especially if it is offered in great discounted prices and are sold at payment schemes that seem so light to the customer’s budget. Payments that require down payments and low monthly amortizations are what most people buy. Though there are legal and real estate offers like these, there are criminals out there who use these things to cheat people.

Real Estate telephone marketers will call you and offer you real estate deals and would require you to pay down payments so that you will be able to get the best offers by being the “first” buyer. These are professional criminals who know techniques of making people believe and buy what they are saying. They know when to bluff and get you into the hook without you noticing it.

But being aware that such schemes happen can help guard you against such crimes. If you are aware that this fraud happens, you will at least be protecting yourself by being alert when you receive a call of this kind. You can also spread the word to your family and friends so that they too will be careful in making real estate transactions.

When you receive the call, hang up. If you happen to have received and talked to the telemarketer, keep your guards up and do not give out any personal information and personal numbers to the caller. Get the number and verify it via The site can provide you all the details you need about the phone number. Once you have the information you need, report the incident to the police and FTC. They can help you deal with the criminal appropriately. Also share your experience with others via Phone number reviews.

Investing can be a really great thing. It is great indeed! But be very careful where you invest your money. Think very carefully and always see all the pros and cons. Do not be easily swayed by sweet talks and promises. Invest wisely. Investigate offers if they are genuine or bogus before dishing out your money.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

SMS Phone Frauds

This morning, I received a SMS stating that I won huge money. The message said I have won 2nd prize and that the price money is worth $500,000.00. It also states a name of a lawyer who I was supposed to call. This is crazy, I thought to myself. I have never been to a casino. I ignored the message and proceeded to what I was doing. After a few seconds, the message was resent again, and again. It was sent to me four times. I was getting irritated but ignored it altogether.

In the afternoon, I received the same kind of message stating I won big bucks. This time, I won in a livelihood fund of a famous boxer. Wow! Again, it tells me to call a lawyer whose name was included in the text message.

The things I noticed in the message are:

1. It says my cellular phone number won via electronic raffle.
2. It says to call a lawyer (casino) or a department executive secretary, as in that government official really have time to tell you how to claim your prize. ( the name provided)
3. It states the government’s department of trade permit number that “legally” raffle draws like these.
4. The number that texts you is just a usual cellular phone number. Phone numbers from telephone companies (which are usually contracted to perform electronic raffle draws) use a number format different from regular prepaid or post paid SIM numbers.

What is saddening about such SMS is that some people do buy them. They actually believe these SMS and fall into the trap of these scams. Once the victim calls the person that the message tells them to call, then, the crime finally takes its toll. The criminal will surely sponge out money from the poor victim.

A friend’s elderly neighbor did fall into this trap. As the old man is excited to get his alleged winnings, being in dire need of money himself due to his dialysis treatments, he called the “lawyer” who was so fluent in persuading him to deposit an amount which is supposed to pay for government taxes before he can get his prize bagged the money from the desperate old man. It was horrible. The only money left for the old man’s treatment was taken from him mercilessly.

Whenever I hear stories like these, I really feel so angry and frustrated. I cannot understand how these criminals can even think of such felony without thinking of the welfare of other people. But I guess that is the sad truth to that, they don’t care. Now, this old man only has to seek help and support from family, relatives, and friends for his ongoing dialysis treatment.

If you happen to receive a SMS like this one, ignore the content at once. Get the number and verify it via The site provides you with details about the phone number and crowd sourced comments to help you know more about such numbers. Although most of SMS like this are from prepaid SIM numbers, it is still good if you can get the number and verify it.  Get all the information you need and report it to the concerned agencies.  I guess the best thing to do is to keep my guards up and always bear in mind to be safe. I personally thought of really spreading news and information about such things if only that can somehow help others be aware of what is going on with regards to phone and internet scams and frauds. And with such awareness, may more people be more vigilant in stopping crimes like these.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Backpacking and Bus Trip Schedules

Being a backpacker is a wonderful experience. One friend of mine always, year by year, backpacks to neighboring countries. He said he loves the thrill of it. He gets to know lots of people and see magnificent views. He said he experiences life in action every time he back packs. One lesson he always stresses to me whenever he tells stories about his adventures is how he always make sure he has all the phone numbers he needs in every city and country he will go to. Phone numbers of guest houses, restaurants, police stations, banks, wire transfer agencies, internet shops, tour agencies, embassies, clinics and hospitals, and all that he thinks he needs while traveling. He said this has helped him a lot, making his travels more convenient and easier.

As a back packer, most of the time, he rides buses and trains to get to the adjacent city or country. Sometimes, this takes a lot of his precious time. Because buses change schedules and his whole tour schedule is ruined as well. This makes his itinerary off schedule and he lost hours which should have been intended for more sight seeing, food tripping, and meeting new friends. So, he makes sure that number one on his phone numbers list is the phone number of the bus company and the train station.

To get a complete list of phone numbers you need for a better travel or back packing experience, try It can provide you with a long list of phone numbers you need for every city and country that you wish to visit. And as my friend said, it will definitely make your travels a breeze.

Friday, October 7, 2011

3D Movie Schedules

It's been the second day that we are on the 3D movie house, my kids and I, and again, we were not able to watch the 3D movie. Why? Schedules changed, price did, too, and even the time. My youngest is frustrated already. I am, too.

Since we are new in this city, it has been quite difficult to enjoy things we used to enjoy before. Such as watching 3D movies. Even theater shows change schedules at the nick of time. It ruins our schedule. And of course, our fun, too. I never thought that such things happen. But now, I know better. It is really best to check first or you might really waste your time and effort at something.

Since I am new here, I believe it would really be great to have a listing of phone numbers I need while staying here. can help me with this. It has a long list of phone numbers about the neighborhood. From theaters, to movie houses, from restaurants, to groceries.

Being ready always do keep me sane. Even just having the phone numbers of offices, stores, and shops I need to visit to purchase and enjoy things. At this point, I guess, I always have to have a list of phone numbers I need in every city I travel to.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of Telemarketers

There are so many telemarketers calling every private person everyday. Each telemarketer has a different kind of reason of calling using ach and every different kinds of strategy that one can think of, and one cannot think of even. It seems that telemarketing has been a sure fire way of juicing money from innocent private persons. And everyday, these bogus telemarketers do get huge amounts of money from these victims.

These telemarketers are professional deceivers. They are capable of getting the victims are their hooks at a most unguarded time, which they can easily smell. And if that does sounds bad, it is. And beside being bad-sounding, it leaves the poor victims sucked not only of their money but dignity and self-respect as well. So many Americans and British people has been drowned into the holes of these telemarketers. What is worse, the victims do not tell others of their experiences due to the reason that they might be thought of as dumb. They will feel so humiliated. This will just, of course, add up to their agony even more.

Experts recommend, though, that these victims share their grief. This will help them go through the healing process better. This will also enable them to process their inner thoughts and feelings about the incident. Psychologically, victims of fraud are left with a scar of humiliation, agony, and deep anger, more to themselves than to their offenders.

Beside the psychological help that these victims need, there are also other support groups and government agencies that give their parts in helping them. FTC is one agency that helps in investigating these scams and do something to make the criminals pay for their crime. There are bloggers who write blogs to keep the public informed of what is going on and what they can do to prevent such crimes from happening to them. There are private companies that do their shares as well. Websites also offer help by providing phone reviews & verifying phone numbers of the telemarketers and gives you the important basic details you need about the number. These details are the things you need to report to the police and FTC. From there, they can help you investigate the phone number and its owner.

During these times of scams and frauds, it is a must that you always put your guards up. Prevention is always better than cure. Be vigilant and safe. If you have been victimized, after licking the wound, do not prolong the agony. Stand up and help by informing others. Your story might prevent another person from being victimized. Help others by sharing your story. It would be more hurting if others might get victimized as well because you kept silent.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Internet Games Frauds

Children are getting so engrossed into online games. More online games are being offered day by day. Games become more exciting and fun. And children just want to always get the latest online games they can have their hands into, before their playmates and classmates do.

This frenzy again gave birth to another telephone scam. Awesome online games delivered at your homes when you purchase a great offer. The telemarketer will offer the package with lots of freebies. They will make sure you will fall into the excitement of purchasing these "latest" online games that your kids will enjoy. They will charge your credit card for a "reasonable" price for an "äwesome" package and you are in the hook.

If you receive this kind of call, do not get swayed easily by your children's excitement. Think logical. Verify the phone number and check reviews. If anything looks suspicious, get all the information about the caller and report to the police and FTC. Share the story to your family and friends. Inform others that this kind of modus operandi is ongoing.

Be safe in purchasing things via phone. Purchase only from trusted telemarketing companies that you know. No matter how outrageous the offer should be.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of Customer Inquiries

Businesses always get calls from customers inquiring products and services of the company. However, not all calls are really just to inquire. Some calls tend to investigate the company's latest promotional activities and more. These calls are done by company rivals. If you are a company or businessman who wants to protect your business from such calls, it is best if you can know more about the phone numbers calling your information desk.

Phone number lookup is easy with Just type in the phone number that called and you can access all the basic details of the person like name, address, and even company affiliation. This is just for protection purposes if you need to protect your company's interests against idea theft and being able to always be the first in the market.

At this point when marketing schemes of companoes tend to over run and over turn one another, it is best to always guard your own company's marketing and promotional ideas. What's more, you can even find that inquiries can be really sources of good customer relations if dealt with properly and safely.