Sunday, October 9, 2011

Backpacking and Bus Trip Schedules

Being a backpacker is a wonderful experience. One friend of mine always, year by year, backpacks to neighboring countries. He said he loves the thrill of it. He gets to know lots of people and see magnificent views. He said he experiences life in action every time he back packs. One lesson he always stresses to me whenever he tells stories about his adventures is how he always make sure he has all the phone numbers he needs in every city and country he will go to. Phone numbers of guest houses, restaurants, police stations, banks, wire transfer agencies, internet shops, tour agencies, embassies, clinics and hospitals, and all that he thinks he needs while traveling. He said this has helped him a lot, making his travels more convenient and easier.

As a back packer, most of the time, he rides buses and trains to get to the adjacent city or country. Sometimes, this takes a lot of his precious time. Because buses change schedules and his whole tour schedule is ruined as well. This makes his itinerary off schedule and he lost hours which should have been intended for more sight seeing, food tripping, and meeting new friends. So, he makes sure that number one on his phone numbers list is the phone number of the bus company and the train station.

To get a complete list of phone numbers you need for a better travel or back packing experience, try It can provide you with a long list of phone numbers you need for every city and country that you wish to visit. And as my friend said, it will definitely make your travels a breeze.

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