Friday, October 7, 2011

3D Movie Schedules

It's been the second day that we are on the 3D movie house, my kids and I, and again, we were not able to watch the 3D movie. Why? Schedules changed, price did, too, and even the time. My youngest is frustrated already. I am, too.

Since we are new in this city, it has been quite difficult to enjoy things we used to enjoy before. Such as watching 3D movies. Even theater shows change schedules at the nick of time. It ruins our schedule. And of course, our fun, too. I never thought that such things happen. But now, I know better. It is really best to check first or you might really waste your time and effort at something.

Since I am new here, I believe it would really be great to have a listing of phone numbers I need while staying here. can help me with this. It has a long list of phone numbers about the neighborhood. From theaters, to movie houses, from restaurants, to groceries.

Being ready always do keep me sane. Even just having the phone numbers of offices, stores, and shops I need to visit to purchase and enjoy things. At this point, I guess, I always have to have a list of phone numbers I need in every city I travel to.

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