Monday, October 3, 2011

Internet Games Frauds

Children are getting so engrossed into online games. More online games are being offered day by day. Games become more exciting and fun. And children just want to always get the latest online games they can have their hands into, before their playmates and classmates do.

This frenzy again gave birth to another telephone scam. Awesome online games delivered at your homes when you purchase a great offer. The telemarketer will offer the package with lots of freebies. They will make sure you will fall into the excitement of purchasing these "latest" online games that your kids will enjoy. They will charge your credit card for a "reasonable" price for an "äwesome" package and you are in the hook.

If you receive this kind of call, do not get swayed easily by your children's excitement. Think logical. Verify the phone number and check reviews. If anything looks suspicious, get all the information about the caller and report to the police and FTC. Share the story to your family and friends. Inform others that this kind of modus operandi is ongoing.

Be safe in purchasing things via phone. Purchase only from trusted telemarketing companies that you know. No matter how outrageous the offer should be.

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