Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Car Financers

Banks offer car loans. Car companies offer car loans. But some of them can be a pain in the neck asking for so many requirements and even collateral before you get approved. Although it can prove safe to be required of so many things, it still would be better if the process is at least easier. Sometimes, the conditions they impose seem impossible, too.

In such cases, criminals take the opportunity to use this excuse to spam people. They use the tactic of offering car loans to unsuspecting victims. They promise easy and simple processing of car loans without collateral and without much requirements to pass by the applicant. They make the car loan processing sound so easy and promising.

They might ask for some processing fee, a little amount, they will say. They might ask for personal numbers, too. They will offer freebies and other wonderful packages that you will find hard to resist. That is the catch. If it is to good to be true, it probably is, remember?

So, do not readily give away any personal number. Do not pay for anything. First verify the phone number to make sure that the detail match up with what caller is saying. See the comments left by others about this phone number. If you find anything suspicious, get all the details you need to report the call to FTC and the police. Be careful in dealing with such callers.

There are so many people who gets victimized by schemes like this one. Keep your guards up. You might find applying for a car loan at a trusted agency better despite the sort of complicated processing protocol than lose your money and get your identity stolen with bogus car loan offers. Be safe.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Verifying Phone Numbers of News Agencies

News are everyday part of any person's life. Everybody is affected by news happening around them in one way or another. Almost anyone wants to know what is going on, what's the latest happenings, and what's on at the other part of the world. We all want to know issues and news going around the planet, whether in politics, economy, business, sports, show business, and others.

Since we all want to know the news, being part of it or being a source of it can be something you can be proud of. In this instance, news agencies might call you for news which they claim concerns you. Do not get overwhelmed and lose your guard. Legal news agencies do not just call you up to ask you to be interviewed. If you receive such a call, never ever give out your personal numbers. Hang up or ask the caller for details about the news agency he represents, ask him lots and lots of questions. Ask him for legal company profile and data. Also important is you verify the number that called you. Keep these data because you will be needing it for future reporting of the incident.

Share your story to family and friends. Everyone should know the news that there are scams going around using the names of news agencies to steal your identity. Be careful and vigilant in fighting such crimes. No matter how convincing or threatening the caller sounds, be brave and courageous. These incidents should be reported promptly to the police and the FTC. Do your part to put an end in such cases.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies play a vital role in any business or career especially those related to media, show business, fashion, and consumer products industry. As a whole, advertising services is needed and works for almost all business industries. So, its services is one that any business owner would like to get for their business promotion and marketing campaigns.

If you want to get advertising services, do not readily sign up for any telemarketing offers given to you. There are offers via telephone that seemed to provide quality advertising services as they claim but does not really deliver what they promise. Worse, when you pay via your credit card, you wont get any service at all. Suddenly, the company folded up. And you wont have anybody to get refunds. No matter how busy you are with your business, it is still best to get services like this in person. After all, you would want to see what kinds of ads and promotions they can provide you which is best suited for your business needs.

In such cases, it will always be best to verify phone numbers that call your office to get basic information about the number that called you. To know if it belongs to a legitimate advertising agency and also check out any reviews about them. There are so many telephone frauds going on around in any business today, offline and online. To save you from losses and problems in the future, be careful in all telephone transactions that you will encounter, personal or business.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Talent Scouts

Are you one of those Hollywood wannabes? Who would not want to become popular in show business. That is why audition lines are so long. That is why many people join talent search and contests like American Idol and the like. That is why many people get too excited when meeting show business people particularly talent managers and talent scouts.

With regards to becoming "scouted" by a talent scout, whether you are a model, singer, or actor, be careful when dealing with talent scouts or talent managers especially if they just pop out of the blue. Not only do they approach you in person, worse, they are now also using telemarketers to steal identity and money from you. The telemarketer will call you and offer you talent management offers. They wont care if you are into entering show business because they will presume you are and offer you huge offers no one would dare to resist, they will say.

After asking for private numbers, you wont hear from them again. You are now in danger of getting loans and credits under your name. Be very careful. Better not entertain these kinds of calls. When you get one, verify the phone number of the caller via VerifyPhone.com and report promptly and immediately to the police and the FTC. Never forget to involve your family in situations like this.

If you want to really enter into show business, go to the right agencies and people. Research very well. And bear in mind that talent shows give clear instructions on how you can audition to their talent searches. Do not readily believe telemarketers calling you in behalf of these shows and television stations. Ask the caller questions and make sure you get correct and prompt answers ad never give out any information unless it is the office of the show itself. Keep your safety in mind.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Legal Understudies

There are people who are concerned citizens especially if peace and order in the community is concerned. These people are easy to give out information needed from them when asked regarding resolving cases. This is good for a community. However, there are disadvantages to this attitude. These people can be victimized by criminals as well.

A telemarketer will call up this person and introduce himself as a legal understudy. The caller proceeds on telling stories that will touch the person's too-concerned-for-peace-and-order attitude. Once he is at the hook, the caller will ask for personal information saying that such is needed for the documentation of the information the person gave. This is identity theft already, but the poor victim is unaware of it thinking that he is just being a superhero to the community he belongs to.

Later on, the person now is hit by the fact that he was cheated, seeing credits left and right on his name, and his credit card depleted. He cannot comprehend how it happened until he remembers the phone call with the "understudy"".

In this case, if you are the person who got the call, no matter how much you feel the urge to help and become a hero just for once, think again. Understudies never just call you, he sets up an appointment in person, because he knows that a phone call is not enough in complicated and sensitive situations like legal cases and investigations. Keep this information in mind.

When you get this kind of call, verify the phone number via VerifyPhone.com and immediately report to the police the incident. This is the right time to show and bring out your concerned attitude towards helping the neighborhood fight crimes. This is indeed a crime and you must be vigilant to fight it and put a stop to it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Are you really called for a jury duty?

The call for jury duty scam is still on going up to this writing. This has caused many private citizens to be on alert for such calls since more than hundred thousands of dollars many identity theft has been robbed from numbers of people already. This should b every alarming to the Department of Justice, FBI, and all related government agencies and private firms who have, in one way or another, relation to the justice system.

If you get calls informing you are a called for jury duty, be cautious. Never ever give out any personal details and numbers before doing reverse phone lookup on the phone number that called you.  Sensitive things like this one should be taken care with your guards up and presence of mind.

Becoming a jury is a highly sensitive issue so it should be common sense that being invited for such duty will entail much more than just a phone call. You will be receiving mail and most probably will be receiving authorized visitors with proper and authenticated identification to invite you for jury duty. Please bear that in mind.

For any phone calls that seem so huge, intriguing, or intimidating, make sure that you keep your guards up. Do not just believe what is being said to you, be it a huge offer or a frightful threat. Do not be distracted and never get into panic. Be safe and involve your family and trusted friends if you get such calls.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Identity Theft By Threatening Phone Calls

When all has been said and done by these "expert telemarketers" who are really criminals, from offering the most huge sales and prizes to knocking at your charitable heart, one of the last tactic they do is to threaten people with many scary stories and accusations. They do this to steal the person's identity and make purchases and credits using that person's information and numbers. This has worked especially to those fearful people and those who do not ask for help because they already believe the threats given to them.

Some of the threats these telemarketers will tell you are:

1. You have to pay for unsettled debts with a certain company because if you wont, you will be penalized and that you will have to talk already to the company lawyers to settle your balances.

2. You are being called to a witness stand. If you do not want to be a witness, you have to give out some personal information to make your waived statements. If you don't, you will have to be a witness and undergo many stresses and have to leave for work because of threats and everything scary involved in the case.

3. You are being sued for a legal case and you have to give your personal information. If you don't give the details asked of you, you need to face many other procedures which can disturb your personal life and career.

Do not be threatened with these calls. Never give out any personal information to the caller no matter how hard he or she threatens you. Instead, verify the phone number that called you and get the details about the number. Promptly inform FTC and the police about the incident. Involve your family and trusted friends as well. Be strong and keep your self safe. Be sure to seek help from people and agencies during this time. Spread the word as well to inform other people about such crimes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Harassing Calls

Some people tend to be so naive and unsuspecting or totally trusting whenever they receive unsolicited calls. It is not their fault though. But you need to address these questions when dealing with unsolicited calls. Harassing calls can be continuous, secretive, and obscene. It can be very stressful and scary. Generally, it is very inconvenient. Even if you only get a harassing call once, it is still a call for alarm.

If the phone calls that are unlisted/unpublished/anonymous/private, first thing you can do is to contact your telephone company for help in checking the phone number. Another thing you can do is to check it via VerifyPhone.com. It can help you, too, in accessing the details about the phone numbers that keep on harassing you. Keep your guards up and do what you need to do to stop these calls. Do not just get intimidated. Be assertive and tough in stopping these kinds of calls.

Harassing calls can happen to anyone. Equip yourself with the proper information on how to deal with them. Know people and agencies who can help you put a stop to these calls. Be safe always.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Telemarketing Merchants

Telemarketing merchants has had bad reputation because of the many scams and spams going around. The scams involving telemarketing merchants was able to drain millions of dollars out of private persons and online business marketers pockets. This has caused quite an alarm with FTC and concerned agencies. Legal telemarketing merchants also got very much affected with these scams because it has become harder to get people trust their services. The business of telemarketing is unquestionably helpful to online business or other businesses. But finding one legal merchant would be hard especially if you are new and inexperienced in using one.

The best advice is to ask those who are using one already. If you get calls offering you merchant services, better make sure you verify first the phone number that called you and the company that phone number represents.  Do not readily trust. Do enough research first before getting the merchant's services.

Telemarketing services can provide great business solutions. But be safe when choosing one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Online Payment Agencies

Online payments are available in the net. Payment merchants that almost all of us are aware of. These payment merchants include PayPal, Moneybookers, etc. For those unsuspecting, there are criminals out there who will call them and tell them nuisance regarding these payment merchants.

Some of the schemes are as follows:
1. Identity theft. The telemarketer will ask for your private information such as card numbers to verify your account. Do not give it out. Remember that such payment merchants already have had your information when you registered with them and they usually send you a mail to verify your address with the verification code included in the mail which you yourself will enter into your account with when you log in to their website. Payment merchants will not call you to verify your phone.

2. Bogus processing fees. The telemarketer will ask you for minimal fee for processing of verification, new promotion, and other reasons which the telemarketer can convince you of to pay that minimal fee. Never give your credit card number and never pay anything via wire transfer. You won't be asked by the payment merchant to pay verification via your credit card or wire transfer.

When you receive calls like these, drop the call. If the caller catch you still in the line, have presence of mind and never give out any personal information to unknown caller. Take note of the number that called you and do a phone lookup reverse. Get all the information you need about the caller and report it to proper authorities.  Share the incident to your concerned circle as well.

Keep your guards up especially that many scammers are around. Be safe always.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Resellers

Another problem of spamming happening today is the Reseller's Spam. Sometimes, money and good are being stolen by these professional criminals who pretend they are resellers for online stores, although most of the time, what they really do is steal identity of the victim. Because these callers are very good in what they do, remember, they are professional criminals, they can easily convince you that they only want to do business with you. And being a businessman, of course, every possible reseller is another opportunity for sales and profit.

However, you should bear in mind that being careful is of utmost importance. Do not readily trust the person at the other end of the line. Do not just give out any information about you especially your private numbers. Do not just give out your credit card number. Do not just give out any information/details about your online store. Have presence of mind and better yer, do not entertain such calls at all.

If you happen to have answered the call already, make sure you get the phone number that called you and do a reverse phone lookup to get basic data about the phone number. All the details you can get about it are what you need to report the call incident to FTC and the police. Be vigilant about such kinds of calls and share your experience to your family and friends. Be a source of information about these kinds of incidents to other people because you will never know how your information can help prevent others from being victimized in the future.

Run your online store with safety in mind. There will always be criminals anywhere from the business world to the privacy of citizens who will do anything to cheat and trick you, be vigilant and never ever let your guards down.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Latest News About Telephone Scams

I have been a reading a lot of news lately about scams going around the globe today. It is not just telephone or internet scams. I am surprised and frustrated that there are scams happening in the world today even at close and personal encounters. Some are even what they call reverse scams. I read it happened in China when an old lady hurt herself while riding a bus and a good man helped her, took her to the hospital, and even gave her money. The old lady later claimed that the man was the one who caused her to fall while riding up the bus. Is it not frustrating that there are still people who cares for others yet they become victimized by those who never care at all?

So, scams, frauds, and spams are around for a long while now. Many people got themselves tricked into it and got their wallets burned and hurt their fingers. One thing that we can still do to help fight it is to continuously spreed the word about it. It does exist. It really victimized people. It really hurts identities and finances. It really hurts people's confidence in themselves because they got tricked and felt they were dumb and idiots. Spread the word. People should know. People should be warned. People should be updated and informed on what is happening and what they can do to prevent it.

For telephone scams, one site that can help to provide caller's identity is VerifyPhone.com. It can help you get the details about the caller and these details are the things you can use to report the call to the FTC and the police. From reporting, you can seek their help in pursuing the caller. They are guarding such criminals and they are giving every help they can give to support the victims fight the crimes.

It is not a helpless case, or even if it looks like, we can do something to fight it. Keep your guards up and keep yourself safe. Get informed and inform. There are agencies who can help you. Seek help and do not keep the incident to yourself. You are the victim here and not the criminal so there is nothing to be ashamed of. You have all the right to fight and get justice for what has happened to you. You did not like that to happen and no one would like that to happen to himself. The guilty ones are the criminals so they are the ones who are supposed to be ashamed of what they did. Get out there and stand for your right.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Mobile Phone Sim Distributors

It is not enough to say that mobile phones has invaded the public for it has done more than that. I don't know any person who does not have a mobile phone. Everyone has one, it seems. And the use of it which has gone way in popularity has also made way to new scams and frauds around the internet and unsolicited calls. One vital tool to use a mobile phone is the sim card inserted to it. This sin card has been one famous vehicle to starting up a business. By reselling it and by loading its credits when it is a preload sim. This supposed to be clean business is now tainted by fraudulent scams.

The caller will call and offer a home-based business selling a one sim card loading station for all service providers. The catch is that it is like a MLM that when the person recruits another dealer, he ears commissions from that dealer and so on until he got more earnings than by just selling loads to the sim card. It sounds so promising financially that many has been victimized by it. What do you need to do when you receive this call? Do a phone number lookup and check out phone reviews.  Get all the details about the caller and report to FTC. Make sure that you do not register or pay for anything. Be aware of what the caller is offering you and ask for company details and otehr information about his company and the product he is offering. If he sounds hesitant, more so that you guard yourself. If he has a ready answer for everything, ask him to mail to you company registrations and other pertinent company permits that you need. Be vigilant and do not let your self get swayed by sweet talking.

Keep in mind that no matter how much you would start to have a home-based business, do not get easily tempted by offers made by unsolicited callers and unsolicited mails that just pops out into your inbox. Always be safe and update your self with happenings like this so that you will know what to do when you get into this situation. Always keep your guards up at all times and in all circumstances.