Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Car Financers

Banks offer car loans. Car companies offer car loans. But some of them can be a pain in the neck asking for so many requirements and even collateral before you get approved. Although it can prove safe to be required of so many things, it still would be better if the process is at least easier. Sometimes, the conditions they impose seem impossible, too.

In such cases, criminals take the opportunity to use this excuse to spam people. They use the tactic of offering car loans to unsuspecting victims. They promise easy and simple processing of car loans without collateral and without much requirements to pass by the applicant. They make the car loan processing sound so easy and promising.

They might ask for some processing fee, a little amount, they will say. They might ask for personal numbers, too. They will offer freebies and other wonderful packages that you will find hard to resist. That is the catch. If it is to good to be true, it probably is, remember?

So, do not readily give away any personal number. Do not pay for anything. First verify the phone number to make sure that the detail match up with what caller is saying. See the comments left by others about this phone number. If you find anything suspicious, get all the details you need to report the call to FTC and the police. Be careful in dealing with such callers.

There are so many people who gets victimized by schemes like this one. Keep your guards up. You might find applying for a car loan at a trusted agency better despite the sort of complicated processing protocol than lose your money and get your identity stolen with bogus car loan offers. Be safe.

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