Friday, February 17, 2012

Are you really called for a jury duty?

The call for jury duty scam is still on going up to this writing. This has caused many private citizens to be on alert for such calls since more than hundred thousands of dollars many identity theft has been robbed from numbers of people already. This should b every alarming to the Department of Justice, FBI, and all related government agencies and private firms who have, in one way or another, relation to the justice system.

If you get calls informing you are a called for jury duty, be cautious. Never ever give out any personal details and numbers before doing reverse phone lookup on the phone number that called you.  Sensitive things like this one should be taken care with your guards up and presence of mind.

Becoming a jury is a highly sensitive issue so it should be common sense that being invited for such duty will entail much more than just a phone call. You will be receiving mail and most probably will be receiving authorized visitors with proper and authenticated identification to invite you for jury duty. Please bear that in mind.

For any phone calls that seem so huge, intriguing, or intimidating, make sure that you keep your guards up. Do not just believe what is being said to you, be it a huge offer or a frightful threat. Do not be distracted and never get into panic. Be safe and involve your family and trusted friends if you get such calls.

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