Sunday, February 19, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Legal Understudies

There are people who are concerned citizens especially if peace and order in the community is concerned. These people are easy to give out information needed from them when asked regarding resolving cases. This is good for a community. However, there are disadvantages to this attitude. These people can be victimized by criminals as well.

A telemarketer will call up this person and introduce himself as a legal understudy. The caller proceeds on telling stories that will touch the person's too-concerned-for-peace-and-order attitude. Once he is at the hook, the caller will ask for personal information saying that such is needed for the documentation of the information the person gave. This is identity theft already, but the poor victim is unaware of it thinking that he is just being a superhero to the community he belongs to.

Later on, the person now is hit by the fact that he was cheated, seeing credits left and right on his name, and his credit card depleted. He cannot comprehend how it happened until he remembers the phone call with the "understudy"".

In this case, if you are the person who got the call, no matter how much you feel the urge to help and become a hero just for once, think again. Understudies never just call you, he sets up an appointment in person, because he knows that a phone call is not enough in complicated and sensitive situations like legal cases and investigations. Keep this information in mind.

When you get this kind of call, verify the phone number via and immediately report to the police the incident. This is the right time to show and bring out your concerned attitude towards helping the neighborhood fight crimes. This is indeed a crime and you must be vigilant to fight it and put a stop to it.

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