Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Emergency Calls

A state of panic is something that phone frauds also take advantage of. When a criminal caller sets the mood of the victim at a panic mode, it would be easier to persuade that person to jump into making reckless decisions like doling out money without thinking. It is so easy for these criminals to create “emergency” situations to generate panic rush.

My friend’s brother almost got victimized with this tactic. The caller introduced himself as their aunt and wailed at the phone. The “aunt” narrated, in between sobs, that they are in a vacation in another city and that his cousin was badly hurt. Because of the crying and wailing, his brother could not readily tell if the voice was really of his aunt or not. The “aunt” says their cousin was in a critical condition at the hospital and was needed to be operated on immediately. She said she needed some money for the operation. She asked him to send the money as soon as possible because his cousin’s condition could not wait. She told her brother to wire the money to a person whom she said was in charge of the hospital bills.

It was just fortunate that before the brother wired the money, their cousin (the one who was supposed to be in a critical condition at the hospital) paid them a visit. Just in the nick of time. They decided to find owner and location of the phone number that called his brother and found it was from a former neighbor who moved to another city. That was why she knows so much about their family because she had been a frequent visitor at their home before. They confronted her and she said that she was in dire need but was ashamed to borrow money from them. They lent her some money. But after a while, they learned that this neighbor was really into phone scamming and has already victimized too many people. So, in a sense, they still got victimized by her.

The lesson in this story, my friend said, is that you can never really know who can do such crimes to you. Even people you would not suspect doing these schemes can do it and you would be surprised if they do. One safety measure is to check phone numbers and related reviews/comments by others, especially if it is not familiar to you. Tell people about your experiences as well. There is no need to be ashamed. This is one way to try to stop these crimes from happening and from victimizing more people.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Talent Scout Frauds

Do you always dream of becoming a movie star? Or joining show business? Lots of people will do anything just to reach this dream. They will line up in all auditions and join all acting workshops just to grab the showbiz dream they have since childhood.

Now, here comes the fraudulent talent scout over the phone. From where they got the aspiring talent’s number, who knows? Criminals can really be so good at getting hold of someone’s details. It must have been that they really scrutinize their would-be victims before proceeding with implementing their crimes. Anyway, the “talent scout” calls the wannabe movie star and invites him or her to an audition for a huge film for a big movie production outfit. The talent scout would ask the victim to pay for a fee so he or she can be listed in the workshop and for the auditions. Sadly, of course, the victim agrees as long as he or she got the opportunity to snatch a chance for a big production. After paying though, reality sets in. There is no workshop, no audition, no huge movie casting actors and actresses, and definitely the talent scout vanishes as well with the victim’s money.

If you are one of these showbiz hopefuls, or you know one who is, better be careful and tell this story to concerned people. If ever you get the same call, verify the phone number of the “talent scout”. Do not get too excited. Make sure to judge wisely before paying anything. Get all the necessary information you need about the phone number’s owner. Report the incident promptly to proper authorities.

Times like these when nothing seemed real, especially in an industry which they say you cannot just trust anybody, do not be too trusting and stay safe. Pursue your dreams but make sure the steps you take are done cautiously and wisely.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Phone Pal Frauds

Not long ago, phone pals could really be great pals. I used to have a phone pal when I was a kid, and we did end up as very good friends until now. But today, phone pals can really pose dangers. Nevertheless, people, especially those who are lonely, bored, and alone still entertain these phone pals. Good if the phone pal is just really as it is, a phone pal. However, there are cases of frauds and crimes that are related to having phone pals. And it is becoming a serious and alarming crime.

If you get a phone call from somebody who offers to be your phone pal, be cautious. Know more about the person via reverse phone lookup. Although it is up to you if you will proceed with the phone pal relationship, it would still be wise to keep your guards up and make sure your family and friends know the details about your phone pal. You do not want to be sorry at the end.

Verifying phone numbers can be considered a safety measure these days. If you wish to verify a phone number, verifyphone.com is a service that gives you detailed information at the littlest time possible and all transactions with it is strictly confidential. Make use of this safety measure so you can be safe.
It would be nice if your phone pal ends up a really good friend. But it would be unfortunate if he or she would not. So before putting your hopes too high, protect yourself. Be safe always.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Immigration Frauds

So many people are wanting to migrate to a developed country. Many will do anything just to get the visa to enter a western country they wish to enter to work.Those who think that getting in is easier when they let agents or travel agencies do the jobs for them end up frustrated when they spent tons of money and yet, they still have not gotten any results for it. Problem is, lots of people are still diving into these easy-visa schemes.

One modus operandi is telemarketers calling people and offering visa processing services and making the offers sound so promising and easy. It is so persuading anyone can juts get into the boat. Thus, many people are paying huge amount of money just to get the visa they long wanted to have.

If you get phone calls offering such kind of service, watch out. Keep your guards up and do not just get swayed by the sweet tongue of the telemarketers talking to you. Get the phone number of the caller and make sure you get all the pertinent details you need and more importantly, make sure you report this incident to the proper authorities such as the FTC and the police. Also report the phone number at verify phone for others to be alert about this scam. These kinds of crimes should be stopped immediately. Make a very wise decision to act vigilantly against such crimes. Spread the word and be safe always.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Employment Frauds

Due to the rampant and increasing unemployment in the globe today, more crimes are being committed not only by robbery and burglary but via spamming as well. Lots of people are being victimized of such felony. These poor people are already facing financial hurdles and yet, they still are the targets of criminals who squeeze the last ounce of money they have. They do this by calling them and promising to give them earning opportunities via telemarketing or online jobs and businesses. Since the victims just wanted to have something to earn from, they just accept the offers being made without even thinking if it is genuine or not.

The caller will ask for registration money or capital to start up an online business. The money, the caller will say is a requirement for the victim to start his online business or his job as a telemarketer. He will persuade the victim that the minimal amount paid is nothing compared to the profits and earning the victim will make in the business or job.

These calls are becoming so extensive and uncontrolled now a days. If you happen to get a call like this one, DO NOT BELIEVE. Do not just pay anything for any empty promises. Get the number of the caller to verify it and Guard yourself, your money, and your dignity. Report to the authorities and tell your friends. There is nothing better to do than make these incidents known to many people as possible to help them be informed and protected.

As much as you wish to earn a decent earning, it is still better to play it real safe. There is no such thing as easy money so be on your guard always.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scholarship Frauds

Most students today tried hard to pursue higher education but do not have the financial resources to do so. Some of them try their luck in applying for scholarships to help them get through college. However, there are students, who, out of desperation just get on anything that promises financial support for their education without checking first if the scholarships offered them are legal and genuine.

There are telemarketers out there who try to victimize these poor youngsters who wanted only to get to college and earn a degree. The telemarketer will call the victim, promise to grant a college scholarship to the poor fellow if that person is willing to pay “necessary” processing fees. Fees can be minimal but still, for a poor student, it can mean wealth. And if the telemarketer was able to fool many students, that small amount becomes big when put together.

If you are a student, or you know someone who wants to get a college scholarship, research very well on how you can actually get a genuine and legal one. If you receive this kind of offer from a telemarketer who just popped out from somewhere, do not trust him. Get the callback phone number, find out who it belongs to, notify proper authorities, and create awareness among your group. Be on guard and be vigilant.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tutorial Frauds

There are lots of phone and online tutorials being offered in the market recently. And because people are now too busy with so many things, they tend to choose such ways of learning to save them time and money. But what is ironic is that they do not really save money on these bargains especially if they get victimized by tutorial frauds.
Tutorial frauds offer fantastic promotions and packages that make people think they got the best bargain if they are not careful. Once the person purchase the offer, the tutorial company also disappears. The poor victim has lost his money, his time, and his opportunity to really enhance his knowledge and skills which was his purpose in the first place why he wanted to have a tutor.
If you get this kind of call, get all the details about the caller ID and make necessary report about it. Create awareness about the incident to your family and friends as well. Do not be blinded by too good to be true offers and promotions. Be on your guard and think many times before deciding to purchase any offer made via phone calls.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seminar Frauds

Professionals who wish to upgrade their credentials attend many seminars and trainings to make their profile shine. Seminars and trainings enhance their skills and scalability to employers. These make their make up better as well if they are practicing professionals because they gain more respect from their clients.

Professional groups offer lots of these trainings and seminars frequently. However, because of the high costs these events entail, especially if the company will not sponsor one for you, a professional tends to attend the seminar or training at his or her own expense. And because of this reason, some professionals get persuaded by offers that are friendly to the budget. A telemarketer will call a professional and offer too good to be true seminar and training packages and once the payment was made; the training and seminar disappear in thin air.

Do not be deceived by these offers. When you get a call like this, veriyfphone.com can help you identify the caller by providing necessary details about him or her and providing reports/comments on phone number shared by others. Get these details and report to proper authorities. Tell your colleagues as well that such frauds are going around so that they will be warned and be ready when they get the same call.

You might be spending more for training and seminar that is authentic, but think of the money you will lose by paying for seminars and trainings that do not really exist. The offers might sound too wonderful but be careful; you might lose more at the end.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Training Frauds

A former college friend told me this story. There was an ongoing job fair for a telemarketing company at their town. It has been going on every month. The office of the company is in the next city. Lots of fresh graduates and college level under graduates went to the job fair and applied. Those who got hired were happy and satisfied with the company and the salaries and benefits they receive.
A few months after, the company was not campaigning anymore for another hiring activity. What was strange though was that her daughter got a call from that company asking her if she wants to work for that company. The caller told her daughter that they got her name and number from the university where her daughter used to study. She just dropped out from her college because she wanted to shift to another course and was waiting for the next school term. The caller told her daughter that she should undergo training first before starting. She was asked to pay for a training fee before her daughter gets listed on the roll. She instructed her daughter to wire transfer the money to save the slot.
Fortunately, my friend knew someone from that telemarketing company and asked whether they are really calling up college drop outs and offering training and employment to them. That person said no. He said that their hiring process starts with an official hiring event or if an applicant walks in to their office and submits his resume personally. He said they never call persons to have training with them and get hired on the process.
Her daughter later learned that some of her friends were also called by this “hiring agent” and they were also asked to wire some money for the training. One of her friends falls to the trap and wired the training fee and never got any call anymore since then from the “hiring agent” of the company.
For such instances, it is better not to get excited readily by these kinds of offers. Do necessary research before paying for anything. Make sure also that you get the phone number of the person who called you. Check the phone number online and verify from respective company about the offer.  Report it to FTC and the proper authorities. Create awareness of the incident to your friends as well. Spread the word that frauds like this is happening to help other people prepared themselves when they get these calls in the future.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hot Check Phone Scam

The hot check scam is a phone scam that tries to get your bank account and checking account number. A scammer will call you and threaten you that you have violated a certain state's Penal Code for writing a hot check. Because of this offense, the victim is asked to give his bank account numbers to verify the balance of a thousand dollars or more.

If the victim is not alert, he might panic and just give his account numbers which might lead to more problems in the future. When you receive a call like this, be alert. Confirm with the Hot Check Department in your local area the status of your checks yourself. Do not be threatened right away. Inform the caller that you are not giving any information and that you and your lawyer will be the one to confirm your status.

Get the call back phone number of the caller to verify it. Find all details about him and make necessary report of the incident to authorities. Inform as many people as well so that they will be warned and be cautious as well.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Department of Treasury Phone Frauds

Phone scams are getting worse and lots of schemes have been continuously invented by scammers. Sadly, more people are also getting victimized. Keeping people informed of the many different kinds of scams is one way to somehow lessen the incidents of these crimes.

Scammers can use so many various reasons just to juice out money from poor victims. One reason is by calling the victim and introducing themselves as a representative from the Department of Treasury saying that the person is entitled to a huge tax rebate. The caller will tell the victim that to be able to get the money, he should first give his account number on which the Department can deposit his money. This is a danger to the identity of the victim and you should get alarmed immediately.

If you receive this call, hang up. Or if you got caught by the call, do not let your identity be caught as well. Do not give out your account information. Get the phone number of the caller instead and verify the phone number and check any scam reports on this number by others. Report the incident and share to many people via your social networks, emails, text messages, and other means of disseminating the information. This is only one way of helping others get warned and so we all can be cautious with these kinds of phone scams.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Classmate Scam

Another new scam has been hitting American homes lately and is becoming rampant each day. It is called “classmate scam”. There are two ways classmate scam is happening.

First is the classmate from far away. It may go like this:
Scammer: Hello. I am a close friend of your son/daughter in college. (The scammer is not really sure if the victim to be has a child in a college or university in another city or state.) I am sorry to say that he/she has some trouble in school. He/She asked me to call you for help. He/She needs this amount which you need to transfer as soon as possible. (Scammers talks in a hurry to prevent victim from asking too many questions.)
Victim: What happened to him/her?
Scammer: Sorry, Mam. But I cannot say that. Just please wire the money as soon as you can. This is the only help I can give to you and your child. (Scammer then proceeds to giving instructions on how and where to transfer the money. He will end up with a sentence of emergency and a bit of threatening kind of lines before he finally hung up.)
The poor victim, if got caught in the scam will be doling out his/her money at this instance.

Second style is the class reunion organizer. A scammer will call and talks in a bubbly and “miss you and can’t wait to see you again” voice. The scammer, having done his homework have already researched on the batch’s names so when he calls the victim, he would sound so convincing because he will mention names from the batch. He will tell the victim that a reunion Is being organized and that he is the one of the organizers of the event. He will update the victim on what has been accomplished with the organizing and what are the things that still need to be done. He will say that batch mates have already given their contribution for the big day and would ask the victim if he would like to donate some money too for the expenses. If the victim falls, he will then be asked to transfer the money to a person and address the scammer will provide. The victim will be giving out the money but there will not be any reunion in the weeks to follow.

If you receive such calls, do not immediately dish out the money. Confirm first from your children if you receive the first type of call or from a classmate if you receive the second. Another important action is to verify the phone number, get the details about the caller and report to proper authorities that can help you like the FTC and the police. Warn your classmates and batch mates as well. Confirm the status of your child in college and warn him/her also of what has happened. Create awareness to as many people that you know as possible. Fighting these scams is tough but one helpful ball is by informing people of what is going on because awareness somehow helps in stopping these phone scam crimes.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Boarding House/Dormitory Scams

Getting your kids to college does not stop when you enroll them and get them a place to stay while they are in the university. If your kid is staying at a boarding house or a dormitory, meeting people from all walks of life is part of the deal. This however can mean that you will also be vulnerable to dangers, tricks and deceit. This is true not only to the students but to their parents as well.

One scam has been happening now related to being a resident in a dormitory. One parent received a called from a scammer who introduced herself as a dorm mate of her daughter and told her that her daughter is in big trouble. She said they needed money to help her get out of trouble as soon as possible. She said that the girl has troubles with a sorority. The mother said that she will go to the university as fast as she can. The caller insisted that she might be late and that she needed to send the money immediately. The panicking mother did as she was told and sent the money only to find out later that her daughter is perfectly okay and is not in any kind of trouble.

There have been quite a number of incidents like this. If you happen to get this call, keep your guards up. Be alert. Do not act out of panic. Get the phone number of the caller and check if it belongs to dormitory's number. Even better call back and try to talk to your child.  Inform other parents and your child's dorm mates. Check on your child regularly and have a secret code between you that you can use in cases like these. It pays to be prepared to any unexpected circumstance.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Personal Phone Scams

There are phone scams that attacks personal lives and emotions of the victims. And these scams indeed work because a soft spot of a person is being attacked. One of these scams is the "I am in trouble, Grandma, and you need to help me." Since most families in the U.S.A. lives far apart from one another because of their work locations or other reasons, there are instances that the old folks are not so familiar with the voices of the young ones or the teeners. This is one fact that scammers use to cheat the old victims.

One case shows that a supposed grandson was caught for a misdemeanor. The "grandson" calls the grandma and asks for bail money. He will give a phone number that the grandma should call. The number is supposedly a phone number of the police station or a lawyer who is handling the case of the minor. This "police officer" or "lawyer" would then ask grandma to wire transfer the money needed so that the grandson would be lifted from the case. Since grandma so much wanted to help the grandson out of love and pity, she sends the money.

Another case is a woman scandalizing a housewife. She will introduce herself as the other woman. When the scammer sees that the wife is vulnerable, she will make up stories and eventually blackmail the woman for money. Some of her blackmailing propaganda would be that she will scandalize the family if the woman wont give money. She will threaten the poor wife with many bad things until the wife gives in and just give the money.

When you receive calls like these, communication with your husband and your relatives living far from you is the key not to be victimized. Know first the facts and details. Do not instantly jump into conclusions or decide right away to give those precious dollars. Investigate first before doing any action.

Then, verify the number of the scammer calling you. Do not just let the incident pass without doing anything vigilant. Report to the authorities and create awareness among your group. Do your share in stopping these scams.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Work at Home Telephone Scams

Today, people are looking at the possibilities of working from home. Some of them are full time Moms wanting to help with the living expenses of the family. Some are jobless because of the recession. Some are students who need additional money for their schooling. Some are retired person who wish to have extra income beside their pensions.

Whatever the reason is, criminals find this work at home set up as another means of cheating these individuals. One common scheme is that the criminal will call the victim and offer a work at home job, specifically as a marketing agent selling products from home. The scammer would promise great pay and wonderful benefits. He will persuade the victim by telling him that the best work is working at the comforts of your home. When he feels that the victim is falling into the trap, he will ask for registration or membership fee with the company before the victim can start selling the products. When the victim pays, the company will disappear.

Do not be easily persuaded by this scam. Drop the call if you get one. Or if you have started to talk with the scammer already, get their contact number & address. Verify the phone number, company name & address provided. Get all the information about the number and report to he proper authorities. Spread the word to friends to create awareness.