Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tutorial Frauds

There are lots of phone and online tutorials being offered in the market recently. And because people are now too busy with so many things, they tend to choose such ways of learning to save them time and money. But what is ironic is that they do not really save money on these bargains especially if they get victimized by tutorial frauds.
Tutorial frauds offer fantastic promotions and packages that make people think they got the best bargain if they are not careful. Once the person purchase the offer, the tutorial company also disappears. The poor victim has lost his money, his time, and his opportunity to really enhance his knowledge and skills which was his purpose in the first place why he wanted to have a tutor.
If you get this kind of call, get all the details about the caller ID and make necessary report about it. Create awareness about the incident to your family and friends as well. Do not be blinded by too good to be true offers and promotions. Be on your guard and think many times before deciding to purchase any offer made via phone calls.

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