Sunday, August 28, 2011

Talent Scout Frauds

Do you always dream of becoming a movie star? Or joining show business? Lots of people will do anything just to reach this dream. They will line up in all auditions and join all acting workshops just to grab the showbiz dream they have since childhood.

Now, here comes the fraudulent talent scout over the phone. From where they got the aspiring talent’s number, who knows? Criminals can really be so good at getting hold of someone’s details. It must have been that they really scrutinize their would-be victims before proceeding with implementing their crimes. Anyway, the “talent scout” calls the wannabe movie star and invites him or her to an audition for a huge film for a big movie production outfit. The talent scout would ask the victim to pay for a fee so he or she can be listed in the workshop and for the auditions. Sadly, of course, the victim agrees as long as he or she got the opportunity to snatch a chance for a big production. After paying though, reality sets in. There is no workshop, no audition, no huge movie casting actors and actresses, and definitely the talent scout vanishes as well with the victim’s money.

If you are one of these showbiz hopefuls, or you know one who is, better be careful and tell this story to concerned people. If ever you get the same call, verify the phone number of the “talent scout”. Do not get too excited. Make sure to judge wisely before paying anything. Get all the necessary information you need about the phone number’s owner. Report the incident promptly to proper authorities.

Times like these when nothing seemed real, especially in an industry which they say you cannot just trust anybody, do not be too trusting and stay safe. Pursue your dreams but make sure the steps you take are done cautiously and wisely.

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