Friday, August 12, 2011

Hot Check Phone Scam

The hot check scam is a phone scam that tries to get your bank account and checking account number. A scammer will call you and threaten you that you have violated a certain state's Penal Code for writing a hot check. Because of this offense, the victim is asked to give his bank account numbers to verify the balance of a thousand dollars or more.

If the victim is not alert, he might panic and just give his account numbers which might lead to more problems in the future. When you receive a call like this, be alert. Confirm with the Hot Check Department in your local area the status of your checks yourself. Do not be threatened right away. Inform the caller that you are not giving any information and that you and your lawyer will be the one to confirm your status.

Get the call back phone number of the caller to verify it. Find all details about him and make necessary report of the incident to authorities. Inform as many people as well so that they will be warned and be cautious as well.

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