Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seminar Frauds

Professionals who wish to upgrade their credentials attend many seminars and trainings to make their profile shine. Seminars and trainings enhance their skills and scalability to employers. These make their make up better as well if they are practicing professionals because they gain more respect from their clients.

Professional groups offer lots of these trainings and seminars frequently. However, because of the high costs these events entail, especially if the company will not sponsor one for you, a professional tends to attend the seminar or training at his or her own expense. And because of this reason, some professionals get persuaded by offers that are friendly to the budget. A telemarketer will call a professional and offer too good to be true seminar and training packages and once the payment was made; the training and seminar disappear in thin air.

Do not be deceived by these offers. When you get a call like this, veriyfphone.com can help you identify the caller by providing necessary details about him or her and providing reports/comments on phone number shared by others. Get these details and report to proper authorities. Tell your colleagues as well that such frauds are going around so that they will be warned and be ready when they get the same call.

You might be spending more for training and seminar that is authentic, but think of the money you will lose by paying for seminars and trainings that do not really exist. The offers might sound too wonderful but be careful; you might lose more at the end.

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