Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ways to verify a phone number

If you want to trace a prank caller, here are the steps by using his phone number:

1. Go to Google. Enter the phone number in the search box. Google will find it for you if the person has posted the phone number anywhere on the web.
2. Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace to look for information on any number. Some people post their name and cellphone number on these sites.

3. Here is the most reliable way of finding information regarding any phone number, be it a cellular phone, land line, listed, unlisted, fax or business number - -  a reliable phone search directory. This directory contains almost all phone number data in the nation. The information is most reliable and latest. By typing in the phone number into the search box of the website, you can easily find out the phone number's owner, address and even their background history. You can also check out if somebody else has given any review or comment about the phone number you are looking for. For example you can find out the Phone Number Reviews in area code 551 221 for city Bayonne, New Jersey here. You just need to type their number and find out all you need to know.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Protecting Your Home

At this age of high technology, the security of our homes is one target of the disadvantages of having access to this so called "high technology". How do we make our homes secured as ever despite the access of "high technology"? Many times, you receive unwanted phone calls from telephone marketers bugging you with products you don't need at all. There are times also that you receive phone calls that talks to you in a manner so convincing you actually wants to fall into the scam that is obviously offered to you. is like a superhero that helps you deal with these kinds of calls. It is a high technology thing but with an advantageous feature. One is to help you verify the phone numbers of these scammers and telephone marketers that intrude into the security of your home. Being able to verify the phone numbers of these scammers and telemarketers, you are able to know the relevant details you need to take necessary actions to stop them from bugging and intruding into your peaceful home. Another one is know more about any new person seen around your home and community. You can search by the name and see if the person has any criminal background. VerifyPhone guarantees to bring you the vital information you need to make your decisions.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Verify and find information using a reverse phone check

Having a hard time looking for a friend's information? You just wrote in a piece of paper or a phone directory at home, and now that you need it, you just cannot find it. At this internet age, endless searching for an old phone directory is not a worry anymore. A reverse phone check to find details on someone is easy.You just enter the information into a huge database online and you will then receive the information back from owner details to Phone number reviews for area code 276 217. Public records are available to you at the end of your fingertips using this system.

VerifyPhone has a way of tracking more information about the person including properties, tax paid, relatives, and other non-public information that might help you, especially if your reason for tracking the person is for any unpaid credits.  If you are a company who wants to do a little background check like knowing the person's criminal records if any, VerifyPhone can help you do just that. VerifyPhone has ways and means at a reasonable price at the quickest time to serve to you the details you need.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beware of Pretenders

Lots of scams are happening online, on text messaging and phone calls. A text message would read something like the one sending you the message knows you and that you know him, and that he is need of a load to his phone and if you can send the load to his phone and that he will pay you as soon as he gets back to the neighborhood. Online, you will be sent a mail saying you have won in the lottery or that you inherited a fortune from a long lost relative from India when you don't even know even one soul from that country. Phone calls also has the same story. You win this fantastic price and that you have to pay the taxes and delivery charges at a certain bank account for you to claim the price. can help you solve this problem. First and foremost, what you really need to do with these scammers are to ignore them. However, it will be helpful to know who these scammers are and report them to proper authorities to stop altogether the scams that have cheated so many people and that have disturbed a lot, too. VerifyPhone provides you with all details necessary at a quickest time possible to know who these scammers are. For example you can check out the Phone Number Reviews for Winfield area code 620 229 here. is an innovative technology that saves you time in browsing phone numbers and verifying their legalities and details. You save time and effort to verify the phone numbers, which other websites promise to deliver but at the end proves futile on your part and costs you more money and time as well. It is easy and quick to use, and is more reliable than any service providers can guarantee. Thanks to, you can now be safer ad more secured when these scammers disturb you with their unwanted phone calls.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Lots of scammers sends messages or even calls different phone numbers randomly. How they get the numbers is the question. If one can not figure out how these scammers got the number, verifying the scammer's number is another thing. How to verify the number as quickly and as accurately as possible is vital to ensure one's safety. This technology is now made available via Just type in the number of the scammer at the site and you can now be able to identify the owner of the phone number, and with appropriate reporting, one can be able to have at least a move to fight what these scammers are doing.

Harrasments caused by these scammers should be put to an end. Verify the phone number for city Lima with are code 419 204 for instance, that appears on your mobile, act quickly, and report as needed.

Sunday, April 17, 2011 Exposes Scammers Posing as FTC Employees, Promising Phony Sweepstakes Prizes warns consumers to take precaution to avoid falling victim to FTC Sweepstakes Scam

In a recent surge of phone scams, a scam that involves fraudsters impersonating FTC employees has surfaced. helps identify con artists who claim to work for the Federal Trade Commission and are making calls to innocent Americans informing them that they have won a lottery or sweepstakes. The imposter goes on to tell their victim in order to claim the prize money; all they have to do is wire the money or send a check to pay the taxes and insurance associated with the winning sum.

Some callers posing as sweepstakes officials might try and convince consumers that the FTC is supervising or is somehow affiliated with the giveaway. He or she might even use the name of a real FTC employee, or your caller ID might display the FTC’s name or a Washington, DC area code, but don’t be fooled.

No matter how convincing the caller may be, no FTC employee will ever call to solicit citizens to send money. Unfortunately, many consumers and their families have already fallen for this scam, sent money and lost it before realizing it was fraudulent. urges consumers not to send money or personal or financial information, and to immediately report the incidents to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

Here’s a few precautions that can help individuals avoid financially destructive sweepstakes scams:-

1. Don’t pay upfront to collect sweepstakes or lottery winnings - Genuine sweepstakes or lotteries don’t require payment for “insurance,” “taxes,” or “shipping and handling charges” upfront to collect a prize.

2. Keep an eye out for imposters - It’s illegal to lie about an affiliation or an endorsement as it relates to a government agency or business. Fraudulent companies sometimes use a variant of a nationally recognized agency, organization or business to try to confuse consumers into falling for their scams.

3. Verify the phone number - Ask for a phone number, address and any other contact information, then use that information to look them up on  If there is a discrepancy, look up the real number for the entity and cross-reference by calling and asking them about the call. For instance the phone number lookup results for Delaware can be found at VerifyPhone – Delaware.

4. File a formal complaint with the FTC - If a consumer receives a call from someone claiming to be a government representative with instructions to assist in the process of collecting supposed sweepstakes winnings, immediately file a complaint at or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

About :- is the perfect combination of an online public directory and a highly specialized service, offering its users access to all the information they need. From reviews of local businesses and reports of abusive callers to area code lookups & detailed lookups of landlines and cellphones, provides the entire range of services. Our goal is to provide high quality services with new & significant content every day. Visit our company blog to know more.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Find out who keeps on calling your spouse

Harassing phone calls in the middle of the night, phone number continuously appearing on your phone bill, and suspicious calls answered by your spouse. The innovation of the telephone technology has kept with the times. It is now easy to trace these mysterious calls through phone calls lookup. Putting in the data at the system and checking out Phone number details for your area code 330 204 for city Dover, at a very reasonable price, the mystery of the harassing and suspicious calls will be cleared and clarified. This also woks for land line numbers and is 100% confidential. You can trace the calls but you can not be traced back. Save yourself the trouble of using free sites that offer this feature without getting any data at all. At, the data you need is just at your fingertips, without you being traced back. Now, that's telephone technology.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Verifying phone numbers

There are many reasons why you will need to trace or verify your phone calls. Some of these reasons are: to stop
- harassing and obscene calls you might be receiving, calls from a person who does not speak or just hangs up when you answer the call,
- unsolicited telemarketing phone calls, scammers, and
- many unwanted and annoying calls.
There is no need to upset the flow of your day by answering these phone calls. First time it could be by chance that you respond to these, but be prepared for the second time. Find out more about the Phone Number either by area-code or by writing the complete phone number and know more about the caller. For example the phone numbers lookup results for Covington can be found here. You can easily trace the harassing calls that keep on bothering you. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unwanted telemarketer's call

Consumers nowadays have a growing concern for continuously increasing numbers of unsolicited telephone marketing calls and even automated and prerecorded messages. Unsolicited telephone marketing calls take up one's precious time. Verify the phone number of the telemarketer by simply typing in the Phone number for Alhambra and you can get all the details you need about the unsolicited call. Reporting any unsolicited call that you think violates do-not-call citations to a concerned agency can help stop these unwanted telemarketing calls. Appropriate fines and penalties imposed on these telemarketing calls will altogether stop these calls that bother you.

Keeping your child safe from phone scams

For a parent, keeping his child safe is of utmost priority. Whether at school or with friends, a parent is concerned if his child is safe or not. With the help of innovative technology, knowing a child's whereabouts is easier. Having a phone is basically a safety precaution by parents to help them know where the child is. To be able to ensure that the phone is used as intended, here are some tips to ensure your child's safety with the use of the phone.

1. Choose an appropriate phone that the child can use. Carefully pick a phone that provides what the child needs at his age and what you think he needs at his age. If you do not want him to have access on the internet due to safety reasons also, get a phone that does not have this feature. Basically, the phone is intended for emergency calls so a phone with the basic feature of calling and text messaging will do.

2. Get the phone insured. A child can be clumsy at his age so insuring the phone might prove very helpful.

3. Make clear rules on the use of the phone and stick to it. Communicate with your child what the phone is for, that it is for both of you to have constant communication wherever each of you maybe. Tell the child your expectations on how he is to use the phone. Ask for his expectations as well and meet halfway, emphasizing and making clear what the purpose of the phone is for in the first place. Give clear instructions also on how to take care of the phone and what are the possible consequences when the phone gets broken.

Open communication is very important to ensure keeping in touch with your child is ensured at all times. and After all this also if you find any unknown phone number on you phone, check out the details about the same here for area code 229 215 and many more.

Trace the numbers of those suspicious callers

Sick and tired of nasty callers who kept on bugging you with unwanted and indecent calls? Unlisted callers and cheaters on the phone can really cause problems at home and to yourself. What's worse, doubts and suspicions caused by these callers may affect your health as well. End all these today. Reverse lookup can help you stop all these suspicious calls. With a very reasonable price, you can trace these calls, report them accordingly, and stop your worry.

All you need to do is type in the number, or if you do not have the number you can use the trace system to find out who is calling your spouse and your home. Most of the services provide you with accurate data to help you put an end to those nasty phone calls. One recommended provider is The databases are updated and maintained on a regular basis at a straightforward process. You need not worry about sifting through lost data to get what you need. Just type in the number and check out the Phone number results for your area Crossville, Tennessee, for instance.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When you mean business

People you make business with, whether your business partners or your valued clients would appreciate making clear and concise business with you. That may mean protecting their phone numbers in store at your business associates and customers phone book. This also means that you are protecting your number as well. So begin typing in the phone number you received and check out who owns that number. For instance here you can find the phone number results for area code 415 216 for Oakland. You can share this site info with your customers and business associates so that they can also maximize the potentials of to help you allow to report unwanted telemarketers, annoying callers, scammers and even debt collectors.

There is no better way to show to your business partners and to your clients that you mean business when you share information that can help them protect their businesses and interests. Verifying a phone a number is one way to protect them. Finding a phone number that is relevant to their businesses and interests is another important thing also.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Setting up a new business, get to know about local help around

Running a business is not easy but setting it up can be made easier if we get to the right people at the right time. From renting an office to getting the interiors done, there are numerous number of tasks required to done with each needing its own attention at team. Now its easy to get to know about the local businesses around your area using VerifyPhone's Phone directory online. Say you want to find out about the furniture shops in your area, search in VerifyPhone for your area code e.g. Address Finder and Phone Finder for area code 909 201 and check out the results it give. You can not only find out mored details from the busniess phone number but you can also see if somebody else has worked with some particular team and recommended it for the your kind of job. This makes your finding the right team. So just decide what you are looking for and find out more at VerifyPhone.