Monday, September 17, 2012

Verify Health Workers Employment

After being accepted in the UK scholarship program, my brother had to finish his course work for 1 and ½ years. This included the course work proper and the thesis. He arrived at the University of Manchester early August. He got there early because he had to attend to an additional tutorial in preparation for the coming academic year.

However, scoliosis got a hold of him. Whether it was the stress of schooling, being homesick, or the changing of the climate nearing winter, his back pain worsened. It came to a point that it brought an interruption in his studies. The university physician and therapist advised him to take a break for almost one semester. The scholarship body needed to reverse lookup the phone number of the physician and the therapist to know  if the case of my brother was valid for consideration with regards to their regulations of retaining the scholarship.

Phone verification has been widely used by such agencies or offices in ensuring the validity of transaction and requests made with them. We were delighted that the process of phone number verification has helped in processing the request of my brother to have a vacation while retaining his scholarship. It was a huge blessing to him.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Suspicious Text Messages

If I remember it right, at an average of  times a month, I received text messages from a number which I do not know. It’s either the message content is a loan offer with no collateral, a free insurance or just a simple, “hi, how are you”,  then stating his roaming number and asking for a pre-paid load.  At times there is almost everyday call of unknown cellular phone number.  I have no idea how they got my number. It is so annoying especially, when the call is being placed at midnight when I was almost asleep.  I always ignored the call and just delete the messages.  But once I want to know whose number is bothering me, I try one thing. This is phone number lookup

If you happened to experience the above mentioned scenarios, do not hesitate to use to validate the number that texted or called you. These can give you the necessary data about the number. And if the case is getting worse, you can use the information to report them to authority. The evidence can be of help in solving the crime. 

Text messages or SMS can fool anyone especially those unsuspecting.  I have had some friends who were cheated by these text messages loading the phone of the messenger or worse, sending money. it is really crucial to be on your guard and not to believe these text messages. Be safe at all times.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Callers - Solicited or Not

Most of the time, we are advised to verify phone numbers that are unsolicited. This is a wise thing to do  of course. This helps us keep safe and protected from possible identity theft and spamming. We know that there are many cases of spam today caused by telephone calls. The reason why FTC and other concerned agencies are deliberately disseminating information to as many people as possible is to prevent and control telephone calls crimes.

Since we are mostly advised to check on numbers of unsolicited phone calls, maybe, we should also consider verifying even the solicited ones if we feel there is some doubts behind the calls. I hope this does not sound paranoid. What I mean here is when you think you know who's calling you or the reason behind the call. Sometimes, criminals have their way of cheating you into making calls look like you expect those calls or you know those calls. Again, maybe intuition and keeping your guards up can help in these situations. Anyway, double checking is not really hard to do and if it can protect you, why not just do it?

Finally, as we always advise here, reverse lookup for phone numbers should be part of your safety and security measures. Keeping yourself and your family safe is something you need not overlook and take for granted.. Even though it may sound a bit paranoid for others.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Emergency Medics

Beside 911, there are emergency medics in your area always ready to respond to your emergency situations. They can be a unit from private hospitals in your locality or a unit from the health unit of your city. It is wise to have its phone number handy in any case.

Should they call you to verify some personal number of yours for their ready data, think twice. They need not do this to provide emergency care for you should you need one. The best thing to handle the call is to verify the number and report promptly to concerned agency and the police. Phone spammers will use any kind of excuse just to steal your identity and money. It is crucial that you be very careful in dealing with these calls.

Never entertain an unsolicited phone call no matter how urgent the reason may sound. There are many private citizens getting victimized each year. Always keep your guards up and be informed of what to do in these situations. Keep your personal numbers and money secured against spammers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Police Stations

At times of calamities and disasters in an area, one best way to be updated is listen to the local news or watch the news. Another thing is to be informed of what is going on in your community. For those who live near coordinating centers this can be advantageous. For those who live farther might have some difficulty being informed on time. Police officers help a lot in disseminating information, warnings, and alert. They are reliable sources of information.

However, panic can cause one to get confused and vulnerable for misinformation. Some get deceived by phone calls. Spammers even use the police as their identity to cheat people out of their money and personal numbers. Check phone number reviews directory to find more on the unwanted calls you receive. Keep your guards up at all times despite the chaos the calamity brings.

During natural disasters, no matter how hard, it is always best and safe to keep yourself intact and your mind alert at all conditions. It is a fact that there are people who use these bad situations to victimize others. Be safe always.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Disaster Coordinating Offices

During natural calamities, there are people who will seek help from you, for volunteer works and donations. It is a sad fact that despite the bad situations like these, there are some who will still take advantage of it and victimize private citizens who are willing to help and support the victims of the calamity.

If you receive calls asking for donations and even asking you to volunteer, do not readily give away your money and your identity. Check the identity of the caller first by doing reverse lookup of the phone number that is calling you. Be careful in dealing with these criminals. Do not readily give out any money or your personal numbers or volunteer yourself. If you want to volunteer, personally go to the legitimate volunteering centers of reputable organizations.

Verifying first does not mean you are being unhelpful. Surely, the groups who are the legitimate ones doing disaster coordinating will not mind if you verify first. After all, these people will also have your best interest in mind.