Saturday, September 8, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Emergency Medics

Beside 911, there are emergency medics in your area always ready to respond to your emergency situations. They can be a unit from private hospitals in your locality or a unit from the health unit of your city. It is wise to have its phone number handy in any case.

Should they call you to verify some personal number of yours for their ready data, think twice. They need not do this to provide emergency care for you should you need one. The best thing to handle the call is to verify the number and report promptly to concerned agency and the police. Phone spammers will use any kind of excuse just to steal your identity and money. It is crucial that you be very careful in dealing with these calls.

Never entertain an unsolicited phone call no matter how urgent the reason may sound. There are many private citizens getting victimized each year. Always keep your guards up and be informed of what to do in these situations. Keep your personal numbers and money secured against spammers.

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