Monday, September 17, 2012

Verify Health Workers Employment

After being accepted in the UK scholarship program, my brother had to finish his course work for 1 and ½ years. This included the course work proper and the thesis. He arrived at the University of Manchester early August. He got there early because he had to attend to an additional tutorial in preparation for the coming academic year.

However, scoliosis got a hold of him. Whether it was the stress of schooling, being homesick, or the changing of the climate nearing winter, his back pain worsened. It came to a point that it brought an interruption in his studies. The university physician and therapist advised him to take a break for almost one semester. The scholarship body needed to reverse lookup the phone number of the physician and the therapist to know  if the case of my brother was valid for consideration with regards to their regulations of retaining the scholarship.

Phone verification has been widely used by such agencies or offices in ensuring the validity of transaction and requests made with them. We were delighted that the process of phone number verification has helped in processing the request of my brother to have a vacation while retaining his scholarship. It was a huge blessing to him.

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