Friday, September 14, 2012

Suspicious Text Messages

If I remember it right, at an average of  times a month, I received text messages from a number which I do not know. It’s either the message content is a loan offer with no collateral, a free insurance or just a simple, “hi, how are you”,  then stating his roaming number and asking for a pre-paid load.  At times there is almost everyday call of unknown cellular phone number.  I have no idea how they got my number. It is so annoying especially, when the call is being placed at midnight when I was almost asleep.  I always ignored the call and just delete the messages.  But once I want to know whose number is bothering me, I try one thing. This is phone number lookup

If you happened to experience the above mentioned scenarios, do not hesitate to use to validate the number that texted or called you. These can give you the necessary data about the number. And if the case is getting worse, you can use the information to report them to authority. The evidence can be of help in solving the crime. 

Text messages or SMS can fool anyone especially those unsuspecting.  I have had some friends who were cheated by these text messages loading the phone of the messenger or worse, sending money. it is really crucial to be on your guard and not to believe these text messages. Be safe at all times.

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