Friday, March 30, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Beach Club Membership

Have you experienced doing some window shopping and a lady approached you offering a beach club membership? They are at the malls, right? But what if they gave you a call? Beach club memberships, indeed, do saves you a lot especially if you have the freedom of time and the convenience to frequent the beach. You save lots of money than if you go there as a regular customer paying fees every time. A beach club member can also enjoy other perks and benefits regular customers don not get.

Going back to that call, it is really exciting to be offered and avail of a beach club membership, however, never purchase a membership via phone calls. Ask the caller for their office address and tell him that you will just visit their office to avail of the membership. Do not purchase direct from the caller or give out any personal number of yours to him or her.

You can protect yourself from being spammed by being careful and keeping your mind alert to unsolicited calls. Be mindful of possible spams that you encounter to protect yourself. Do reverse address lookup to know more about the company offerring this memberships. Verify phone numbers of unsolicited calls and know the agencies that can help you in dealing with spam calls. FTC is the primary agency that can help you in these circumstances. Learn more and safeguard yourself from such criminal activities.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Vacation Hotels

For tourists and vacationists, one important and essential issue is having a convenient place to stay in. Hotels top the options. Hotels should be comfortable, accessible to many other tourist spots, not so pricey especially for those on budget, offers basic services that a vacationist needs at value prices, good and palatable food, and great service.

Any vacationist has these features in mind. And whichever hotel can give that to them would be the top choice. Since hotels know the stiff competition especially at peak seasons, they often create hotel treats and packages that can allure customers. They also do massive marketing of their promotions. One is telemarketing. If you got a call, first do number lookup to verify the phone number and offers from the hotels before making reservations, and worse, paying the caller. Do not give out any personal number to the caller. Although you find making early reservations wise, it is wise only if you are sure that you are dealing and talking with the legitimate hotel reservation officers and not just any telemarketer who called you from no where and out of the blue.

Keep your guards up with any unsolicited calls you might get. Make sure you protect yourself from travel scam by being alert and having presence of mind. Keep yourself safe at all times.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Tour Agencies

Summer is almost here. The season is the best time for vacations and tours. Beaches, resorts, hotels, and other tourist spots have different vacation packages they offer for customers. Its the best time of the year for a grand vacation. So, these tourist businesses also create the grandest tour packages they can make to satisfy their customers'wants and needs.

When you receive calls, especially unsolicited calls offering tours and vacation packages, never buy anything or give out your personal numbers to them. No matter how tempting the offer is, keep your guards up while talking with the caller. Ask the caller about their agency's name, phone number and address. Next you can do is to reverse lookup the phone number and verify the details shared by the caller. And if appropriate, report promptly to FTC and the police. This way, you are able to prevent any spam happening to you or anyone.

I am sure you have heard so many stories of spams going around the net and through phone calls today. Despite the efforts of concerned agencies and private citizens, there are still people who gets victimized by these spam calls. Keep yourself updated with these news and learn how you can protect yourself, your family, and your friends from these spams.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Verify Phone Number of Gym Telemarketers

Gyms have different promos and membership packages they usually offer to customers. These membership packages are usually intended to have secure number of paying customers through out the year. The membership fee covers the use of the gym and its equipment. If the gym has many members, it is sure to have steady income flowing within the year.

Gyms can have telemarketers calling you to offer such membership. But how would you know if the offer is not bogus. Do the number lookup to verify the details about the caller. Never give out any personal number or pay for anything to that caller.

There are many instances that some people, just because the name of the gym is familiar to them get swayed easily when promos offered via phone calls. They do not think twice if the caller is really from the gym or is it juts someone using the name of the gym to spam people.

Do not be deceived. It is always better to check and verify first before deciding on anything. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Government Nutrition Agencies

There are government programs concerned with the nutritional status of children in a community. They usually do the nutritional assessments in schools or some public health nurse visiting homes and checking out the nutritional status of children. This is done to know how to help children gain the best health while they are still young. This is done especially in depressed areas.

This can also be used as an excuse to steal identity of the private citizens in the community, especially when the person called is not aware of how nutritional assessments are regularly done. When you receive a call trying to trick you into giving your personal data using nutritional assessments as excuse. Do phone number lookup to verify the number that called you. You need this data to report the incident to proper authorities.

Because having our children's nutritional status assessed is very important and might cause excitement on our part, sometimes, we tend to forget the standard operating procedures on how these things are done. We should make ourselves aware of such government projects and programs by keeping ourselves properly informed and aware of these community events. It is also best to go and ask to concerned government agencies when you want to really understand what are offered to the citizens particularly for their health and wellness.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Natural Food Supplement Suppliers

Just like any other product or service, offering natural food supplements together with a natural wellness program seminar or training like ayurvedic or the like is becoming a household talk today. Many people are now open to the many natural remedies available in the market to enhance their health and well-being. Unlike before, natural is more accepted now to be effective like any medications or modern treatment. Of course, the effects of these two different approaches to health are within the say of those who understand them better. But common people or private citizens are more open-minded now to see which might work best for their individual needs and requirements.

However, when an unsolicited calls offering such natural products or services come to your phone, better do reverse phone lookup and verify the phone number before purchasing anything or signing up for any natural health groups. You would not want your identity stolen or your precious monies taken from you without any product or service coming to your door.

With all the many spams going around, you can only be so careful in dealing with unsolicited calls and offers knocking at your door. No matter how tempting the offer is and no matter how much you want something offered to you, do not just dive in.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Fund Managers

There are financial advisers, insurance agents, and fund managers. Financial advisers are usually working for insurance companies handling investment accounts. Insurance agents usually handles insurance accounts. Although both can handle the same accounts, the positions are more into the said meanings.

A fund manager is one who works independently, like a stock broker, or with a company, usually a fund management institution. This company deals with mutual funds, trust funds, bond funds, and others related to these funds. They are professionals who are very keen in managing funds and knowing the ups and downs of the market. In short, when it comes to managing your funds well, they are the ones to go to.

But in case you get unsolicited calls from a person claiming that he is a fund manager, be very careful to deal with him. Better yet, do not make any deal with him. For sure, this person is just trying to cheat you and get money from you. Do not be fooled.

What you need to do is to get the number that called you and verify that phone number via owner's name, address and reviews/comments. You should be very vigilant during these moments. Do not keep the matter to yourself. Seek your family and friend's help and support. Get the data and report it promptly to the police and the FTC.

These criminals can be stopped if we all help one another in spreading the words about what they are doing. Keep our guards up and be safe. Do not make hasty decisions and don't let yourself be fooled. Remember that you worked hard your money so you better protect it the best you could.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Financial Advisers

You know already that wise investments maximize your money's potentials.You have already understood how it can multiply the way your money can earn over time. You have familiarized yourself with the many types of investment plans and how each can help you. You have seen how others who have made good investments were able to earn more than those who have just put their monies on banks or unstable financial institutions.

Now, since you already know these things, your mind is open to listen to financial advisers knocking at your door or giving you unsolicited calls. And because you are open to these things now, you listen to the too-good-to-be-true offers and worse, you believe it. Because you think these are financial advisers, they must be talking legal.

Come on, you know better than that. These people are just professional phone spammers they are so good at what they are doing. Do not invest on any offers these people are persuading you to invest on. Never give out your personal numbers and do not pay for anything. Get the phone number that called you. Either find the phone number of the institution the caller said to belong to make sure about the offer or do a reverse phone lookup to know more about the number that called you.

Never put your guards down to any unsolicited calls or visitors that just pop in front of you. Be careful in dealing with these people. Keep your safety and your money's safety in mind.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Insurance Agents

It is common for insurance agents to visit you and give you a call. What is not usual is when someone calls you to say that he is the new insurance agent assigned to you. But I do not really understand why people buy this. I think it is because these people are professional criminals who have smooth tongue and strong convincing powers. They are able to persuade people to believe what they are saying, without any real effort on their part at all.

That may sound scary. But it does happen. And it has victimized too many private citizens already. It has pocketed millions of dollars from these people as well. Here is a guiding principle: when an insurance agent resigned from the insurance company or that he is in a state when he is not connected to the company anymore, the company will surely inform you via a formal notice that your agent is not connected with them anymore. You will also be informed about the new agent assigned to your account.

But what you need to do when you still receive such calls is to get the phone number of the caller and do  number lookup to verify the details about the caller. Do not give out any personal number or pay anything through that caller.

Make it a habit to update yourself with the things going on at your respective insurance company, your bank, and your investment institution. This can help you guard your money and investments better. Always be safe.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Pet Goodies Suppliers

Since pet goods are somewhat expensive, buying from direct suppliers might save you lots of cash when you shop from them. For those who are in a tight budget, the promotions and offers given by direct suppliers of pet clothes, accessories, and others can really be inviting and tempting. Imagine being able to shop without putting your budget to the edge. Also, some have the connotation that buying from direct sellers means that they have access to the newest and latest goodies they have for sale. This can be true if the suppliers and dealers are really who they claim they are. The problem is what if they are not?

Because dressing and grooming of pets have become a fad, criminals have added to their strategies the excuse of pretending to be pet good suppliers. They offer the best deals and packages of pet goodies in very affordable prices. Of course, since they are very good in tricking unsuspecting citizens, they are able to cheat them of money by asking them to pay for the goodies via their credit cards or wire transfer so that the goodies will be "delivered" to their doors in no time at all, free of shipping. The poor victims pay excitedly and later realize they paid for something that do not exist at all.

Remember that purchasing from telemarketers, especially if the call is unsolicited and you do not know and trust the telemarketer calling you, never purchase anything, never give out your credit card number, and never give any personal numbers at all. Be safe and guard yourself against spams and identity theft. Do not entertain the call. If you happen to have had answered it already, have presence of mind while talking to the caller. Get the number that called you. Verify the caller's identity and get pertinent data about the number's owner.

Help yourself by being vigilant with these types of phone call spams. Be brave and courageous to fight them. There are agencies willing to help and support you. Do your part by keeping yourself informed, protected, and updated. Give your share as well by telling the story to others and informing them of such spams.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Pet Dealers/Sellers

Since having pets now is common, many people are looking for the best store where they can buy a pet. Sometimes, there are people who breed a pet and resell it to end users. People buy from them because, most of the time, they sell the pet at cheaper prices.

One time soon, you might receive a call from a someone claiming to be a pet seller or dealer and offering you a pet of your desire. before you get excited, it good to know more about the offer and the dealer. Make sure if he sells pets legally or not. Nevertheless, you have to be careful in dealing with this caller. Besides the fact that they are not really pet sellers or dealers, they are identity thieves and spammers. They are just after your personal numbers and your credit cards or bank accounts.

When they steal your identity and use your bank account and credit card credentials, what they will do is make loans with your name until you realize that you have had bad credit records, credits you are not even aware of. They will drain your credit limits and use your accounts to make purchases. Lots have been victimized by this kind of spamming. Millions of dollars have been stolen from these unsuspecting private citizens. Do not become one of them.

When you receive the call, drop it altogether. If the caller was able to sway you into a conversation, get the number of the caller and do a reverse phone lookup of the phone number you got the call from and know about the caller, location and reviews about their work.  Once you have the information, you can make the right information. if you find anything suspicious, report it. Never keep the incident to your self. You need the help and support of your family and friends in this fight. There is nothing to be ashamed of what had happened. You are the victim and not the criminal.

Keep yourself informed about spams like this one. I always happen every time and the only way you will be able to guard yourself is to become vigilant in knowing what you are supposed to do to fight it. Be an information warrior as well. Share what's going on to your circle. Proper information when disseminated widely can help more people not to get victimized by these criminals. Always be on guard and keep yourself and your family and friends safe.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Verifying Phone Numbers of State Regulators in Keeping Exotic Animals as Pets

Different states might have different rules and regulations in keeping exotic animals as pets. Some states may not even have specific regulations about it. The best way to know and understand about this is to contact your local government for guidance. If you are someone who is so interested with exotic animals and would like to keep one at home, you should be aware of the laws regarding keeping them so that you wont get to any trouble in the future.

However, if you get identified as somebody who is keeping an exotic animal at your place, and you have not equipped yourself with the proper and sufficient information, you might be a good target to blackmailing and threats by phone call from criminals and the like. They will call and threaten you, that for keeping an exotic animal, you might pay penalties and go to jail. They will be asking for your personal numbers for verification purposes. They will do anything to squeeze information from you which they can use to steal your identity. Their purpose is to use your numbers in making purchases and applying for a loan. Things that you will only realize when you learned that your credit cards have been used for purchases you know nothing about. You will be surprised when loaning agencies begin to contact you to pay for amortizations and penalties. Then, you will suddenly might remember this phone call.

To keep yourself safe about these matters, it will be wise to know laws beforehand. And when you receive such calls, verify the phone number that called you via phone number lookup. Get owner details and crowd-sourced reviews about the phone number. You should also know that this kind of matters are handled by concerned agencies in formal means. This could be through a physical mail inviting you to their office to discuss your situation, and case if there is one. The agency wont do necessary investigations of these matters via phone calls only. If ever they will call you, it would probably just to invite you to come to their office to clarify matters.

Be safe and share your story to others that more people get informed about spamming activities.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Car Maintenance Shops

If you get so busy and your car conked out, and you don't have a regular mechanic fixing it for you, what do you usually do? Isn't it you just call a mechanic to fix your car while you are at the office? Or you just leave it at any shop along the way? Because you do not have time to see it gets fixed personally, you just opt to leave the matter to a mechanic and hope that everything will work out well.

This situation is also being masterminded by professional criminal callers. They offer mechanic services to your convenience and offer the service at irresistible terms. Watch out! These are merely bogus offers. They will just try to steal your identity when you are asked of your personal numbers or steal some money from you when you are asked to pay for fees when in fact, you have not used any of their services yet.

In such case, try to get the phone number that called you and find the details like name and address of the owner phone number. Inform your family and friends about the incident and involve them because their support can help you a lot in dealing with this scam. This will also serve as a warning to others that such scam is happening so that more people gets very careful in dealing with unsolicited calls like this.

Millions have already been victimized by the many scams and spam going around the internet and phone calls today. Be aware and keep yourself updated. Research and learn how to deal effectively with such calls. Be careful and vigilant. Spread the word to give your share in trying to put a stop to all these bogus offers made via phone calls.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Verifying Phone Numbers of Car Dealers

There are instances when buying a car is indeed cheaper when bought form a car dealer than buying from a car company's showroom. A car dealer can even offer freebies with your purchase. You also get your hands to offers that are not usually seen or offered in regular showrooms. Those are just some of the perks of checking out car offers by a car dealer. There are actually lots more.

When you receive calls from supposed car dealers, be very careful. Especially if the call was unsolicited, never entertain such callers. They might trick you into buying cars that you wont ever get your hands on even when you pay for them. Never give any personal number either. These callers are professional criminals who are trying to steal your identity and make loans using your name.

What you need to do when you get a call like this is to drop the call altogether. If you got stuck with the conversation, have presence of mind, and instead of letting the caller asking you lots of questions, be alert and be the one to ask him endless questions until he wont be able to give any sensible answer to you. Get the number that called you and get sufficient details so you can make the decision. Report the incident promptly.

You should also involve your family by informing them about the call. Share the word to others so that more people are aware that such scams are happening and that everyone should be warned about it so necessary precautionary measures may be taken. Be careful with unsolicited calls. They are rampant today victimizing many private persons and pocketing millions of dollars. Never let your guards down.