Friday, March 9, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Pet Dealers/Sellers

Since having pets now is common, many people are looking for the best store where they can buy a pet. Sometimes, there are people who breed a pet and resell it to end users. People buy from them because, most of the time, they sell the pet at cheaper prices.

One time soon, you might receive a call from a someone claiming to be a pet seller or dealer and offering you a pet of your desire. before you get excited, it good to know more about the offer and the dealer. Make sure if he sells pets legally or not. Nevertheless, you have to be careful in dealing with this caller. Besides the fact that they are not really pet sellers or dealers, they are identity thieves and spammers. They are just after your personal numbers and your credit cards or bank accounts.

When they steal your identity and use your bank account and credit card credentials, what they will do is make loans with your name until you realize that you have had bad credit records, credits you are not even aware of. They will drain your credit limits and use your accounts to make purchases. Lots have been victimized by this kind of spamming. Millions of dollars have been stolen from these unsuspecting private citizens. Do not become one of them.

When you receive the call, drop it altogether. If the caller was able to sway you into a conversation, get the number of the caller and do a reverse phone lookup of the phone number you got the call from and know about the caller, location and reviews about their work.  Once you have the information, you can make the right information. if you find anything suspicious, report it. Never keep the incident to your self. You need the help and support of your family and friends in this fight. There is nothing to be ashamed of what had happened. You are the victim and not the criminal.

Keep yourself informed about spams like this one. I always happen every time and the only way you will be able to guard yourself is to become vigilant in knowing what you are supposed to do to fight it. Be an information warrior as well. Share what's going on to your circle. Proper information when disseminated widely can help more people not to get victimized by these criminals. Always be on guard and keep yourself and your family and friends safe.

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