Friday, March 30, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Beach Club Membership

Have you experienced doing some window shopping and a lady approached you offering a beach club membership? They are at the malls, right? But what if they gave you a call? Beach club memberships, indeed, do saves you a lot especially if you have the freedom of time and the convenience to frequent the beach. You save lots of money than if you go there as a regular customer paying fees every time. A beach club member can also enjoy other perks and benefits regular customers don not get.

Going back to that call, it is really exciting to be offered and avail of a beach club membership, however, never purchase a membership via phone calls. Ask the caller for their office address and tell him that you will just visit their office to avail of the membership. Do not purchase direct from the caller or give out any personal number of yours to him or her.

You can protect yourself from being spammed by being careful and keeping your mind alert to unsolicited calls. Be mindful of possible spams that you encounter to protect yourself. Do reverse address lookup to know more about the company offerring this memberships. Verify phone numbers of unsolicited calls and know the agencies that can help you in dealing with spam calls. FTC is the primary agency that can help you in these circumstances. Learn more and safeguard yourself from such criminal activities.

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