Sunday, April 8, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Help Group Coaches

Criminals have their ways of knowing about you and your family. That's one scary truth that we should all be aware of and get ready for. One of the telephone call spams going around now is that of a caller pretending he is a self-help coach and that you are referred to him by the community health office. That he is starting a support group in your area that you can freely join and attend.

Wen you get such calls, make sure that you verify the phone number first. Remember that your health profile is confidential, therefore, never believe any alibi this caller gives you. If you really need to find a help group, here are some helpful tips where you can find one:

1. Check your local newspaper calendar.

2. Check out national or international organizations dealing with your specific problem.

3. Check with your doctor or professionals in your area.

The first best thing to do of course, is to identify what kind of group you need. Once you do, you can then start scouting for one. If you are at lost, the best way is to go to the trusted health service provider in your area code. Do not trust any caller.

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