Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Veify Phone Numbers of Midnight Callers

Do you have problems with midnight callers who keep on bugging and disturbing your sound sleep? These callers might just be people who do not have anything to do or they might be people who have some concerns about you and uses the tactic of calling you at midnight to make you angry or to get even for whatever reason. These callers may have different motives why they call you at ungodly hours. But for sure, whatever their reasons are, you and your family's peace at home is being corrupted.

To deal with these callers, here are some helpful tips you can use to stop or prevent these midnight calls:

1. Have a caller I.D. installed at your phone or buy one that have this feature.
2.Change your phone number.
3. Have a private number that only close friends and family members know. Put the phone at a silent mode at night.
4. Do not answer the midnight calls.
5. Try to get the number of the caller and do phone number lookup to put a face to it. Check out the information about the number's owner and report to proper authorities.
6. Enlist your number at the National Do Not Call Registry of the Federal Communications Commission.
7. Be vigilant, safe, and keep your guards up.

Many people, especially criminals, or people who just do not have anything good to do will bother you, one time or another. Guard yourself by being aware of what is going on and be informed of what is best to do and do it. Spread the words to others so you can help more people also.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of Telemarketers that Keep on Bugging You

Due to the increasing competition in the marketing business today, selling products have gone wider than the usual physical store mode to web stores and telemarketing. With this growth, lots of bogus products and services also got sold more. The sad part is that many people are fooled.

Telemarketers call you and offer products with huge discounts and wonderful freebies. Because the offer is too good and too tempting, many people end up giving out their credit card numbers and get credited but never get the items or services they paid for. Millions and millions of dollars and pounds are getting into these scams. It is a painful truth.

Be aware of this telemarketing scams. Do not readily believe the offers made to you when you get calls like these. If possible, buy things personally and if you really need to buy online or via phone, purchase only to companies that you have tested and tried, those recommended by friends and families, those that really deliver the products and services.

When you get calls from these telemarketers, keep your guard up. Get the contact detail of the caller. Be vigilant and ask, ask, ask. Check reviews about the business phone number belongs to. If you find anything suspicious, report the call details to the police and FTC. Inform your families and friends as well. Keep your self safe and clear your minds whenever you get unsolicited calls like these so you won't get caught on the hook.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Verifying Phone Numbers of Consultants Offering Services

Today, more and more people are utilizing consultants for their businesses and personal matters. This might be due to the influence of movies about consultants, and the ongoing buzz that consultants really do make your business prosper and makes your self image grow and shine. This has opened doors of opportunities for people who are very good in marketing, promotion, career guidance, and business strategies.

And as positive outcomes came out from this sudden pour of business betterment, again, there will be criminals out there who will also see this opportunity to add money to their pockets for their own selfish motives and desires. These criminals will call you and offer free consultancy. Once you get in the hook, they will slowly or abruptly squeeze money from you. Since they are so good in doing these tactics, before you even know it, they are able to get money from you already.

When you receive calls like these, hang up at once. If it is late to hang up, say NO to the offer and stick to your no. Make sure you do not talk to the person longer lest you might get hooked in the process.

Try to get the phone number of the person who called you and check if somebody has reported this number  to be spammy. Report this incident to the police and the FTC at once. Inform your family and friends as well. Spreading out the word and making others know about it adds to your protection and can even protect others, too. Do not keep this to your self. Remember, there are so many people being victimized by these kinds of scams everyday. Do your share in stopping it by being safe, vigilant, and concerned.

Sometimes, other people who receive such calls begin to doubt themselves and their abilities to keep themselves protected They even feel outwitted and stupid. This should not be the case. You are the victim and not the criminal. You did not do anything to become a victim. You are just randomly chosen to be given the call. Keep your guard up. And even if the criminal was successful to victimize you, stand up again and be stronger. Join in spreading the words about such crimes to the world and be a guardian to others in your own little way.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Gifts

To thank the people who have been huge blessings to you in one way or another, giving them Thanksgiving gifts is showing that you appreciate them and their presence in your life. Choosing the best gift is never easy especially if the recepient is someone very special and important. The gift should be equally special and meaningful as well.

Fantastic gifts to give this holiday are:

1. A bouquet of golden roses. These are carefuly crafted and elegantly designed to make it more valuable and symbolic.

2. Colorful balloon bouquet. Beautiful and colorful baloons of different sizes and shapes made into a bouquet is another wonderful gift to give.

3. Personalized Wine Box. Order a personalized box fit to your recepient's favorite wine and make your gift unforgetable. Give it with the wine, of course.

4. Handcrafted accessories. These gifts are lovely for your girlfriends. They will surely remember the grateful feelings you have for them when they receive these cuties. They will also be grateful as well.

5. Thanksgiving books of stories and poetry. A sure winner to get your gratefulness message across. Let your recepients feel their ageless importance to you. Only inspiring stories and poems can make them feel that.

For all the above items, you can find the Phone number & reviews of stores in your area code via It is easy to get the contact number you need to purchase these magnificent items.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Three Steps to Protect you from Telephone Scams this Thanksgiving

Consumers need to be prepared for upcoming telephone scams this Thanksgiving. On 2007, at Manitowoc county, 20,000 people got a telephone scam call informing them that their bank accounts are frozen. It all happened during Thanksgiving, the best time to distract consumers and get them off-guarded.

There are 3 simple ways to protect you from such telephone scams:
1. Stop. Either you drop the call or do not answer any questions immediately.
2. Think. Are the questions being asked from you relevant or non-sensical at all. Remember that banks have your account numbers, debit and credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and PIN numbers. They wont ask for them, moreso, over the phone.
3. Call. Directly contact your bank by calling the number on your bank statement. Verify also the phone number calling you via Report to proper authorities.

No bank or legitimate business will ask you to verify your identity by giving out your personal information numbers. Do not give them out. Be Safe and enjoy your holidays!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Scams

Every year, scams happen around the holidays. And every year, scams seem to get nastier as ever. Holidays bring people's guards down. This may be due to their busyness and light spirits connected with the holidays. Scammers take advantage of this opportunity. So, yearly, there is increasing number of holiday-related scam victims in the U.S.

The most common holiday scams reported were:
1. Approved holiday loans. Everyone would love to have extra dollars to spend during the holidays. So most falls prey to this invitation. They readily give out personal information thus making the criminals access their personal accounts.

2. IRS calls. The caller would pretend that he is from the IRS and threat the victim that they will repossess his money.

3. Free Grant Money. A promise of something from nothing which can easily victimize people especially those who believes so much in luck.

4. Holiday lottery winners. The criminal will call the victim and announce to him that he won in a lottery, that his winning number is from the grocery number receipt he got when he shopped for the holiday goodies.

Rule of thumb! Anything that is too good to be true is nothing else but that. And threats from government intervention is also a big lie. This holiday, be mindful of these scams and do not let the holiday rush rush you to shelving out your information as well. Use phone directory online to know more about the phone number from where you get such offers from.

Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Identify Phone Frauds and Scams

There are certain obvious elements that are present in a phone call for you to detect that it is a scam. Here are those things:

1. The company name cannot be located on the net.
2. The caller asks for personal numbers.
3. The promoter asks for upfront processing fees or charges to be paid before your get your prize or products offered to you.
4. You are asked to travel at your own costs and risks to avail the free trips promised to you.
5. The freebies given along with the offer costs more than the actual price of the product or service being offered to you.
6. The caller rattles off and does not allow time for you to ask or clarify.
7. The standardized phone greetings sound so bogus.

When receiving unsolicited calls like these, presence of mind is very important. Never let your guards down. You can do a phone number lookup and know more about the caller via The site provide accurate, current, and confidential details that you can use to report the calls to proper authorities. You can also check the reviews/comments with the caller's phone number.

At this age of spams and scams, being safe and secured is very vital. Keep your self safe. Spread the words as well to help protect others especially those who are most vulnerable to these kinds of crimes like the elderly and the jobless.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Phone Number Scams

Contacting toll-free numbers are also sources of scams these days. This happens when a caller asks you to call a premium rate number. (This happened particularly in 2008 and is still rampant until now.) The number usually starts at 900 toll number. The caller will tell you that the number is free to call and you will win a fabulous prizes. This is not true. The recorded message is lengthy and will incur tremendous charges on your account. The charges, of course, will go to the pockets of the criminals. And the prize does not exist. You wont win anything at all.

Track the caller by using phone directory online. The site can provide up to date and accurate details about the caller. The verification is confidential as well. Report as necessary to the proper authorities about the incident.

Phone number scams like this still happen. Make sure you are always aware and that you keep your guards up. Keep safe and do not get blinded by promises of goodies that are just too good to be true.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Get Rich Frauds

The economy has gone so bad that people, when offered money and getting rich, does not readily think if the offer was a fraud or not. Once they hear the words getting rich and earning money fast, they tend to forget to investigate first and just jump into the offer without using their common sense.

The usual content of this get rich scam calls are:
1. Exaggerated offers and promises.
2. Hidden charges. These are done when you are offered freebies but is asked to pay for deliveries and shipping. They ask for your credit card number and you are charged for nothing, really.
3. There is no detailed explanation on how you will get rich. It is like you are offered magic formulas to becoming rich quickly, which they will tell you you will learn only once you purchase their magic formula.
4. They do not give you time to ask for details about the company or how they operate.
5. You are at all times offered the same words of getting rich easily with not sweat.

Again, receiving these calls often comes in unexpected events. Be vigilant and always be aware that such frauds and scams do exist and that you need to be on guard. To verify the phone numbers of persons calling you and offering you these get rich scams, use The site has had many helpful things to offer in stopping these scams by providing accurate information about the phone number's owner. FTC, the police, as well as the Financial Crimes Division of the US Secret Service can help you fight these crimes. Contact them and report your incidents.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Telephone Banking Scam

During holidays, most people's guards are low because of the happy ambiance surrounding them. Telephone scammers take advantage of this. They call people during Thanksgiving informing them that the person's account was frozen. They will tell the victim to call a toll-free number to verify their information process reinstatement.

Some reports the call to the police while others get victimized. The call were well-timed. The scammers make sure that the banks are closed when they call the victims or when the victims call the banks. When the victim calls the toll-number given to verify their identity, they were asked to give out their bank account numbers, debit or credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and PIN numbers. These information should not be given out immediately by consumers. Just think what the bank needs these infomation for when it already have them in their data.

When you get calls like this, keep your guards up and do not be distracted by the hustle and bustle brought about by the holidays. Check the phone number you got the call from against the phone number of the bank on your statement and verify directly. And to prevent such calls from happening again, verify the phone number of the scammer via Get their information and report to FTC and the police. Share your reviews about the phone number so that nobody's holiday spirit gets hurt by such calls.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finding Phone Numbers of Image Consultants

One's image is of utmost importance if you want to succeed in your career and social relationships. How you deal with people and how people look at you depends on your projection. But projection alone is not enough to create and keep a very good impression. Building your image starts from inside out. The complete persona and aura of the person is developed and made shining.

Image consultants are being utilized by celebrities and company tycoons. However, today, more and more people are beginning to see the importance of having a good image, whether for personal relations or business affiliations. Looking for an effective image consultant is not an easy task. But their contact numbers can well be found with ease. can help you search for one. If you know the name, you can search for the phone number in online phone directory and if you have the phone number, you can do a reverse lookup to find address and more.  The site is easy to access, free, and observes confidentiality when utilized. Look for an image consultant at this site to start building your success image.

The site can also be used to look for phone numbers of other professional consultants you might be needing of in the future. Having a list of their contact numbers might come in handy for you. This will save you time and effort when the need arises. See the difference in managing your time and effort in inquiries and making contacts.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Robo Calls

Robocalls are now widely used. There are companies using this feature to promote and/or inform clients. Robo calls has been proved helpful when utilized properly. However, there are robocalls that are intended to harm than help.

Incidents happen when robocalls become sources of scams and fraud. Identity theft is rampant and acquiring personal numbers have become easy by using robocalls. Once a robocall is received, a voice recording will ask you to enter your credit card number or personal number like Social Security or PIN number which is automatically detected by the system. This will result to identity theft and amounts credited to your credit cards.

FTC has been doing massive information dissemination about this matter. This robocall scam has victimized so many private citizens already and tons of dollars to boot. It will help to read more information about this scam to help you get equipped and ready not to be victimized. Awareness of such events is a big help to stop this crime. is helping to create awareness  about different phone scams going around today, especially in the U.S. and U.K, to more people by sharing blogs and articles. Although the scams are happening worldwide, with incidents unreported especially in developing countries, blogs like these are being written to help, one way or another to inform people.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Direct Selling Scam

The rising number of unemployed persons has been catching attention from criminals who wants to take advantage of these unfortunate unemployed people. Instead of helping them get a good job or start a business, they are baited to desperate measures that promises them income but leaves them more bankrupt than before.

Another scam scheme is the direct selling business. Telemarketers also use this scheme to persuade people to start a direct selling business. The promise of starting a business with a very small investment but big returns sounds so good that desperate jobless people grab it without even thinking what the business is really about or if it does really exist.

Be aware when you receive calls offering businesses that promises huge profits with only a few dollars investment. The caller will say that your investment is small compared to the profits you will gain. Promises of benefits and bonuses also come into the package.

The best thing to do once you receive this call is to reject it. If you happen to have answered it already, keep your guards up and be sure to get the phone number and basic detail about the caller. Then, you can verify the phone numbers via From this site, you can access important information about the caller. When you get hold of these data, report it to FTC and the police. Create awareness as well by informing family and friends.

We are undergoing huge worldwide economic problems. But keep in mind that there is no such thing as easy money or overnight success. Always be safe and do not jump into haste decisions about investing and starting a business especially if you have not researched and thought about it many, many times.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Supplement MLM Scam

Supplement products are fast becoming huge in consumer industry. More and more people are into taking supplements. The industry has taken its own place in the consumers’ industry. Like the organics and living healthy lifestyle, food supplements are setting its own trend into the market.

MLM or multi-level marketing has found its niche into the business arena. It has become a good source of income for many, especially housewives, retirees, and the elderly. Even yuppies that are just starting to find their own place under the sun are into MLM. It has proved to be a sure way of earning money by selling products or services and by referring or recruiting distributors, into which sales, the multi-level marketer get his profit from the sales of his recruits. It is indeed a certain income booster.

Combining these two is one of the most common means of selling food supplements. Most supplement buyers start by convincing a relative or a friend to buy a product. The best way is to have a distributor sell the product to his or her relatives and friends. Now, to be able to convince the distributor, he will be offered the MLM strategy. Therefore, the product rolls and so is the income.

There are food supplement companies that sell their products and use the MLM strategy legally. Meaning, the product is approved by agencies that are concerned in approving it; the distributors do earn and get their earnings as well. This is good news. However, there are fly by night companies that profits a lot from selling supplements via MLM. This is a sad reality, too.

Usually, a telemarketer will call the prospect and introduce the product and the MLM business. If the recipient of the call is desperate to earn, this call would hit a jackpot. There are cases that the product itself is enough to get money from the victim. Since the product itself has already gained a stable market, selling it is easy.

The second offer is the MLM business. Beside the health offered by the supplement, the money that one can earn by distributing is another story. The promising profits this business gives is an easy sway to catch the victim. The stable and continuous flow of income brought by selling and commissioning from the product is something that a man desperate for income and business would definitely bite.

If you receive a call that sells food supplements and offers you a MLM business, think many times before buying and joining. Get the phone number of the person who called and make a thorough research about the product, the company, and the business using phone number.

Keep your guards up during these situations. Be safe and do not let false promises get the better of you. There are other means of earning money. Make sure you take the right path.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Think Green Project Scam

Now, even environmentalists are being used as an excuse to victimize private citizens. The noble intentions of saving the earth are also being used for personal and selfish gains. In this time when the world’s citizen should be more concerned with saving the earth from its destruction, here are criminals who are taking advantage of this concern.

As it with other telephone scams, the caller will call as a representative of an organization concerned with saving the environment. The person will introduce the organization and the projects they are doing and will ask for donations. Donations are asked to be wired or deposited in a bank account. As long as the poor victim is clueless on what is going on, the criminals will keep on getting money from him or her especially if the caller sees how generous the victim in causes for saving the earth.

Many had been victimized by this kind of scam. The elderly are mostly at risk. Tons of money had been gained by these criminals using this scam. It is time to put an end to this vicious act. When you receive this kind of call, be vigilant to investigate about the caller and the organization he or she represents before doling out your money. Verify the phone number of the caller and get all the necessary details about him or her via The site is easy to use and provides information confidentially so you need not be afraid of being identified by the criminals. FTC and the police are supportive in helping solve cases like these.

Keep spreading the word about such phone and internet scams. Be vigilant and keep your guards up. There is no other sure way of preventing scams form happening but by being safe and alert.