Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Think Green Project Scam

Now, even environmentalists are being used as an excuse to victimize private citizens. The noble intentions of saving the earth are also being used for personal and selfish gains. In this time when the world’s citizen should be more concerned with saving the earth from its destruction, here are criminals who are taking advantage of this concern.

As it with other telephone scams, the caller will call as a representative of an organization concerned with saving the environment. The person will introduce the organization and the projects they are doing and will ask for donations. Donations are asked to be wired or deposited in a bank account. As long as the poor victim is clueless on what is going on, the criminals will keep on getting money from him or her especially if the caller sees how generous the victim in causes for saving the earth.

Many had been victimized by this kind of scam. The elderly are mostly at risk. Tons of money had been gained by these criminals using this scam. It is time to put an end to this vicious act. When you receive this kind of call, be vigilant to investigate about the caller and the organization he or she represents before doling out your money. Verify the phone number of the caller and get all the necessary details about him or her via The site is easy to use and provides information confidentially so you need not be afraid of being identified by the criminals. FTC and the police are supportive in helping solve cases like these.

Keep spreading the word about such phone and internet scams. Be vigilant and keep your guards up. There is no other sure way of preventing scams form happening but by being safe and alert.

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