Monday, November 14, 2011

Get Rich Frauds

The economy has gone so bad that people, when offered money and getting rich, does not readily think if the offer was a fraud or not. Once they hear the words getting rich and earning money fast, they tend to forget to investigate first and just jump into the offer without using their common sense.

The usual content of this get rich scam calls are:
1. Exaggerated offers and promises.
2. Hidden charges. These are done when you are offered freebies but is asked to pay for deliveries and shipping. They ask for your credit card number and you are charged for nothing, really.
3. There is no detailed explanation on how you will get rich. It is like you are offered magic formulas to becoming rich quickly, which they will tell you you will learn only once you purchase their magic formula.
4. They do not give you time to ask for details about the company or how they operate.
5. You are at all times offered the same words of getting rich easily with not sweat.

Again, receiving these calls often comes in unexpected events. Be vigilant and always be aware that such frauds and scams do exist and that you need to be on guard. To verify the phone numbers of persons calling you and offering you these get rich scams, use The site has had many helpful things to offer in stopping these scams by providing accurate information about the phone number's owner. FTC, the police, as well as the Financial Crimes Division of the US Secret Service can help you fight these crimes. Contact them and report your incidents.

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