Friday, November 4, 2011

The Supplement MLM Scam

Supplement products are fast becoming huge in consumer industry. More and more people are into taking supplements. The industry has taken its own place in the consumers’ industry. Like the organics and living healthy lifestyle, food supplements are setting its own trend into the market.

MLM or multi-level marketing has found its niche into the business arena. It has become a good source of income for many, especially housewives, retirees, and the elderly. Even yuppies that are just starting to find their own place under the sun are into MLM. It has proved to be a sure way of earning money by selling products or services and by referring or recruiting distributors, into which sales, the multi-level marketer get his profit from the sales of his recruits. It is indeed a certain income booster.

Combining these two is one of the most common means of selling food supplements. Most supplement buyers start by convincing a relative or a friend to buy a product. The best way is to have a distributor sell the product to his or her relatives and friends. Now, to be able to convince the distributor, he will be offered the MLM strategy. Therefore, the product rolls and so is the income.

There are food supplement companies that sell their products and use the MLM strategy legally. Meaning, the product is approved by agencies that are concerned in approving it; the distributors do earn and get their earnings as well. This is good news. However, there are fly by night companies that profits a lot from selling supplements via MLM. This is a sad reality, too.

Usually, a telemarketer will call the prospect and introduce the product and the MLM business. If the recipient of the call is desperate to earn, this call would hit a jackpot. There are cases that the product itself is enough to get money from the victim. Since the product itself has already gained a stable market, selling it is easy.

The second offer is the MLM business. Beside the health offered by the supplement, the money that one can earn by distributing is another story. The promising profits this business gives is an easy sway to catch the victim. The stable and continuous flow of income brought by selling and commissioning from the product is something that a man desperate for income and business would definitely bite.

If you receive a call that sells food supplements and offers you a MLM business, think many times before buying and joining. Get the phone number of the person who called and make a thorough research about the product, the company, and the business using phone number.

Keep your guards up during these situations. Be safe and do not let false promises get the better of you. There are other means of earning money. Make sure you take the right path.

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