Sunday, November 6, 2011

Direct Selling Scam

The rising number of unemployed persons has been catching attention from criminals who wants to take advantage of these unfortunate unemployed people. Instead of helping them get a good job or start a business, they are baited to desperate measures that promises them income but leaves them more bankrupt than before.

Another scam scheme is the direct selling business. Telemarketers also use this scheme to persuade people to start a direct selling business. The promise of starting a business with a very small investment but big returns sounds so good that desperate jobless people grab it without even thinking what the business is really about or if it does really exist.

Be aware when you receive calls offering businesses that promises huge profits with only a few dollars investment. The caller will say that your investment is small compared to the profits you will gain. Promises of benefits and bonuses also come into the package.

The best thing to do once you receive this call is to reject it. If you happen to have answered it already, keep your guards up and be sure to get the phone number and basic detail about the caller. Then, you can verify the phone numbers via From this site, you can access important information about the caller. When you get hold of these data, report it to FTC and the police. Create awareness as well by informing family and friends.

We are undergoing huge worldwide economic problems. But keep in mind that there is no such thing as easy money or overnight success. Always be safe and do not jump into haste decisions about investing and starting a business especially if you have not researched and thought about it many, many times.

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