Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Veify Phone Numbers of Midnight Callers

Do you have problems with midnight callers who keep on bugging and disturbing your sound sleep? These callers might just be people who do not have anything to do or they might be people who have some concerns about you and uses the tactic of calling you at midnight to make you angry or to get even for whatever reason. These callers may have different motives why they call you at ungodly hours. But for sure, whatever their reasons are, you and your family's peace at home is being corrupted.

To deal with these callers, here are some helpful tips you can use to stop or prevent these midnight calls:

1. Have a caller I.D. installed at your phone or buy one that have this feature.
2.Change your phone number.
3. Have a private number that only close friends and family members know. Put the phone at a silent mode at night.
4. Do not answer the midnight calls.
5. Try to get the number of the caller and do phone number lookup to put a face to it. Check out the information about the number's owner and report to proper authorities.
6. Enlist your number at the National Do Not Call Registry of the Federal Communications Commission.
7. Be vigilant, safe, and keep your guards up.

Many people, especially criminals, or people who just do not have anything good to do will bother you, one time or another. Guard yourself by being aware of what is going on and be informed of what is best to do and do it. Spread the words to others so you can help more people also.

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