Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Three Steps to Protect you from Telephone Scams this Thanksgiving

Consumers need to be prepared for upcoming telephone scams this Thanksgiving. On 2007, at Manitowoc county, 20,000 people got a telephone scam call informing them that their bank accounts are frozen. It all happened during Thanksgiving, the best time to distract consumers and get them off-guarded.

There are 3 simple ways to protect you from such telephone scams:
1. Stop. Either you drop the call or do not answer any questions immediately.
2. Think. Are the questions being asked from you relevant or non-sensical at all. Remember that banks have your account numbers, debit and credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and PIN numbers. They wont ask for them, moreso, over the phone.
3. Call. Directly contact your bank by calling the number on your bank statement. Verify also the phone number calling you via verifyphone.com. Report to proper authorities.

No bank or legitimate business will ask you to verify your identity by giving out your personal information numbers. Do not give them out. Be Safe and enjoy your holidays!

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