Monday, November 28, 2011

Verify Phone Numbers of Telemarketers that Keep on Bugging You

Due to the increasing competition in the marketing business today, selling products have gone wider than the usual physical store mode to web stores and telemarketing. With this growth, lots of bogus products and services also got sold more. The sad part is that many people are fooled.

Telemarketers call you and offer products with huge discounts and wonderful freebies. Because the offer is too good and too tempting, many people end up giving out their credit card numbers and get credited but never get the items or services they paid for. Millions and millions of dollars and pounds are getting into these scams. It is a painful truth.

Be aware of this telemarketing scams. Do not readily believe the offers made to you when you get calls like these. If possible, buy things personally and if you really need to buy online or via phone, purchase only to companies that you have tested and tried, those recommended by friends and families, those that really deliver the products and services.

When you get calls from these telemarketers, keep your guard up. Get the contact detail of the caller. Be vigilant and ask, ask, ask. Check reviews about the business phone number belongs to. If you find anything suspicious, report the call details to the police and FTC. Inform your families and friends as well. Keep your self safe and clear your minds whenever you get unsolicited calls like these so you won't get caught on the hook.

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